(D) NWO 4 Colour Hens Wood Start List

Sunday 17 October 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=68, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Emit Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Blue (17)
7HireMartyn Joyce M50 NWOGBR tba
13HireRichard Hudson M55 BOKGBR tba
17407306Paul Oldfield M65 BAOCENG tba
19502684Nick Nourse M55 NWOGBR tba
28400532Richard Sharp M55 TVOCGBR tba
33412276Mark Saunders M40 TVOCGBR tba
35HireJan Travnicek M45 TVOCGBR tba
37210999Paul Lane M60 BAOCGBR tba
38484189David Mullins M70 SARUMGBR tba
40HireJohn Methven M50 BKOENG tba
41HireAdam Methven M16 BKOENG tba
43500037John Orton M65 NWOGBR tba
52518020Mark Thompson M65 TVOCGBR tba
53HireCharlie Manning M55 TVOCENG tba
54233441Doug Stimson M35 NWOGBR tba (h)
55413208Ian Ditchfield M65 MVENG tba
61502206Jeremy Tonge M50 BOKGBR tba

Green (37)
1483170Jenny Thompson W80 TVOCENG tba
2483070John Thompson M85 TVOCENG tba
3505236Stephen Jackson M65 NWOGBR tba (h)
4227191Yvonne Hodson W70 TVOCGBR tba
5HireAndrew Law M65 NWOGBR tba (h)
9511179Neil Fraser M60 NWOGBR tba (h)
10187631Nigel Britton M70 JOKGBR tba
11413160Andy MacGregor M80 BAOCGBR tba
14512948Abi Pack W45 NWOGBR tba
16507543Greg Birdseye M75 TVOCGBR tba
18HireIan Trussler M60 NWOENG tba
20HireMartin Selby M70 NWOGBR tba
21513553Glyn Thomas M60 BKOCYM tba
24HireKevin Beale M60 NWOENG tba (h)
25HireRobert Jones M35 INDGBR tba
29400545Helen Sharp W55 SWOCGBR tba
30HireCarys Sharp W16 TVOCGBR tba
31239989Ken Stimson M75 NWOGBR tba (h)
32239877Nina Stimson W75 NWOGBR tba (h)
34505332Anne Saunders W70 NWOGBR tba (h)
39485422Denise Mullins W70 SARUMGBR tba
45484049Tony Ludford M75 BADOGBR tba
46484050Serena Ludford W55 BADOGBR tba
47412294Chic Young M60 SARUMGBR tba
48502348Eddie Whittle M50 BKOGBR tba
49412084Toni Whittle W50 BKOGBR tba
50HireJenny Jones W50 NWOGBR tba
51HireChris Jones M55 NWOGBR tba
56513545Ruth Rhodes W75 SOENG tba
57HireBecky Carlyle W35 JOKGBR tba
59HireSteve Beverley M65 NATOGBR tba
62HireLouise Tonge W50 BOKGBR tba
63159369Tim Hughes M65 TVOCGBR tba
64507735Marissa Hughes W50 TVOCGBR tba
65HireAlexey Dnestrovskii M55 BOFRUS tba
67511074Ian Tait M70 SARUMGBR tba
69507306David Faulkner M55 BOKENG tba

Orange (7)
8HireClaire Joyce W45 NWOGBR tba
12HireVictoria Holbrook W35 INDGBR tba
36HireAlan Stringer M55 NGOCENG tba
42HireLouisa Lloyd W12 TVOCGBR tba
58HireRobert Kitchen M35 INDGBR tba
60HireIsabelle Tonge W12 BOKGBR tba
66HireMatvei Dnestrovskii M10 BOFRUS tba

Yellow (7)
15HireBertie Pack M10 NWOGBR tba
22HireAilsa McCarthy W12 NWOGBR tba
23HireMagnus McCarthy M10 NWOGBR tba
26HireCharlotte Jones W10 INDGBR tba
27HireSam Jones M10 INDGBR tba
44HireDylan Orton M10 NWOENG tba
68HireKatharine Hill W35 TVOCENG tba

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