Scrumpy Scurry 2022 Start List

Saturday 09 July 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=42, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Scrumpy Scurry (42)
30Graham Baker M75 GBR
26Clifford Berry M55 Ledbury & District HarriersGBR
16Verity Brain WSEN FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
2Jo Browne WSEN Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
36Jack Cammidge MSEN GBR
22Lisa Chapman W45 Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
8Mark Christopher M55 GBR
43Karla Cleverley W50 Almost AthletesGBR
15Spencer Davies M50 Northbrook ACGBR
27Jacy Dickerson W55 GBR
28Zara Dickerson W50 GBR
23Paul Donnelly M50 GBR
1James Erskine M40 GBR
31Lynda Gardiner W45 Tewkesbury running clubGBR
25Becky Holland WSEN FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
24Jeremy Holland M45 FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
14Karen Jukes W40 GBR
32Jackie Layton W60 GBR
10Frazer Montague MSEN FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
3Deborah O’Kane W45 Rather be CanicrossingGBR
35Laura Overton WSEN GBR
41Coralie Pearson W40 Almost AthletesGBR
34Chris Phillips MSEN GBR
12Dave Preece M40 FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
11Erin Preece W40 FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
33Elaine Presdee W50 FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
6Natalie Ray W40 GBR
5Fern Reid WSEN GBR
29Anthony Rickards M60 GBR
7Anton Schwarz MSEN GBR
18Anthony Scott MSEN GBR
17Kimberley Scott WSEN GBR
39Danny Seale M50 GBR
38Emma Tattersall W40 Frazer Montague FitnessGBR
9Claire Taylor W45 GBR
37Dan Thomas MSEN FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
21Adam Trigg M45 FrazerMontigueFitnessGBR
20Hazel Wall W55 GBR
19Richard Wall M60 GBR
13Kai Weaver MSEN FrazerMontagueFitnessGBR
4Jasmin Westcarr WSEN GBR
40Carl Woodroffe M45 Frazer Montague FitnessGBR

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