(D) ESOC Ultrasprint 2021 - Inch Park Start List

Sunday 22 August 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=80, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Ultrasprint (78)
18050360Fiona Hendrie W60 FVOGBR open
28080595Laura Hendrie W21 FVOGBR open
31962218David Robertson M55 ESOCSCO open
41970321Hanne Robertson W50 ESOCSCO open
58003056Calum Robertson M12 ESOCSCO open
68003055Maja Robertson W16 ESOCSCO open
78628553Fiona Johnston W60 RRGBR open
88076543Walter Clark M45 ESOCGBR open
97771228Zoe Clark W12 ESOCGBR open
102142021 (H)Eve-Marie Josse W45 ESOCGBR open
112142022 (H)Errol Shave M10 ESOCGBR open
122142023 (H)Steven Shave M35 INDGBR open
132142024 (H)Flora Shave W10 INDGBR open
141009688Ross Lyall M21 ELOGBR open
151191070Alistair Black M21 ESOCGBR open
161191071Claire Black W21 ESOCGBR open
17889230James Fathers M21 ESOCGBR open
1850042Robert Findlay M70 ESOCGBR open
1950022Fiona Findlay W70 ESOCGBR open
208515038Mark Kassyk M60 ESOCSCO open
212142025 (H)Geoff Lee M35 ESOCGBR open
222142026 (H)Aster Lee M10 ESOCGBR open
23220986Rachel Fawthrop W55 ESOCGBR open
249151049Bill Stevenson M70 ESOCGBR open
258101248Anne Stevenson W70 ESOCGBR open
268042076George Lupton M45 ESOCGBR open
278072608Fraser Lupton M14 ESOCGBR open
288071610Robyn Lupton W12 ESOCGBR open
291451059Sibhe Fahey W12 ESOCGBR open
302085350Alex Stuart M50 ESOCGBR open
318050653Alan MacGregor M65 ESOCGBR open
322117687Jamie Wilson M60 ELOGBR open
331051177Michael Atkinson M40 ELOGBR open
341081208Emily Atkinson W14 ELOGBR open
351280579Jennifer Atkinson W40 ELOGBR open
361170606Joel Atkinson M16 ELOGBR open
371110106Peter Atkinson M10 ELOGBR open
382022739Samantha Baker W45 ESOCSCO open
392142027 (H)Nicola Radley W50 ESOCSCO open
402105319Catherine MacColl W45 ESOCGBR open
412130556Ursula MacColl W12 ESOCGBR open
428382818Alistair Hindle M45 ESOCGBR open
432142028 (H)Jane Petty W45 ESOCGBR open
467207800Mark Rowe M45 ESOCGBR open
47780017Jeni Rowe W45 ESOCGBR open
481791617Bridget Khursheed W55 RRSCO open
498670630Ken Horne M55 RRSCO open
508640465Martin Caldwell M65 ESOCGBR open
518150603Leah Bartlett W18 INTGBR open
528301105Samuel Bartlett M16 INTGBR open
538240167Patrick Bartlett M50 INTGBR open
5437198Susan Twissell W50 INTGBR open
558150901Joseph Bartlett M20 INTGBR open
561554442Crawford Lindsay M65 ESOCSCO open
57560825Sally Lindsay W65 ESOCSCO open
582142029 (H)Yen Peng Chew W21 INDGBR open
592142030 (H)Wu Huang W21 INDGBR open
602142031 (H)Diane Adjavon W21 INDGBR open
618670608Sharon Parkin W50 ESOCGBR open
622036791Pat Squire M70 INTGBR open
637300222Alistair Duguid M45 TAYGBR open
648145307Finn Selmer Duguid M14 TAYGBR open
651404082Alison O'Neil W35 ESOCENG open
662142032 (H)Maria Ohara W10 ESOCGBR open
672142033 (H)Jeanne Ohara W45 ESOCGBR open
688240971Peter Ohara M50 ESOCGBR open
69235507Katharine Melville W75 TAYGBR open
708655910Bill Melville M80 TAYGBR open
712142034 (H)Nick Hepworth M45 ESOCGBR open
722142035 (H)Sam Ross W50 ESOCGBR open
732142036 (H)Tilly Hepworth W10 ESOCGBR open
748220372Mary Ross W45 INTGBR open
758139005Thomas Ross M16 INTGBR open
768172008Ben Ross M14 INTGBR open
77550194Rona Lindsay W21 ESOCSCO open
78962801Philip Vokes M21 ODGBR open
79220105Mike Vokes M55 DEEGBR open
809005127Terry Johnstone M55 ESOCGBR open

Maze Only (2)
4450197Adam Rowe M12 ESOCGBR open
4550189Catherine Rowe W10 ESOCGBR open

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