Canicross Anglesey Membership to 31/08/2022 Member List

Wednesday 31 August 2022 Member Statistics (Total=64, Online=97%) Postal members (nnn*) were last uploaded on 18 December 2021 See the Club Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Name Age
Junior (U18) (5)
tbaJay Wymer GBR
tbaTasmyn Green GBR
tbaOllie Warland GBR
tbaWill Warland GBR
tbaMabli Baines GBR

Senior (18+) (53)
tbaRhian Evans-Hill GBR
tbaIan Snailham GBR
tbaJames Harwood GBR
tbaMichelle Rigby GBR
tbaChristine Yearsley GBR
tbaJasmine Sharp GBR
tbaAngharad Rhisiart GBR
tbaSophie Lucas GBR
tbaEmily Hampton GBR
tbaLara Watson GBR
tbaCeri Stewart GBR
tbaLowri Gwynne GBR
tbaAlice Fitch GBR
tbaHilary Ford GBR
tbaRachel Williams GBR
tbaEinir Randall GBR
tbaHilary Megoran GBR
tbaJane Ford-Jones GBR
tbaJacky Roberts GBR
tbaTina Usherwood GBR
tbaMelanie Wymer GBR
tbaClaire Liversage GBR
tbaNicola Austin GBR
tbaSabina Dunkling GBR
tbaNia Hughes GBR
tbaPhilippa Roberts GBR
tbaSally Green GBR
tbaVickie Warland GBR
tbaSimon Thomas GBR
tbaSteve Mullan GBR
tbaLucy Moores GBR
tbaCatrin Macey GBR
tbaFiona Sellar GBR
tbaJennifer Williamson GBR
tbaKate Jones GBR
tbaLaura Sutton GBR
tbaJudy Jennings GBR
tbaLouise Owen GBR
tbaMatt Osmont GBR
tbaKatie Clements GBR
tbaAlison Barrett GBR
tbaMike Rust GBR
tbaRebecca Roberts GBR
tbaClaire Williams GBR
tbaTracey Cooper GBR
tbaJohn Kennedy GBR
tbaIestyn Tyne Hughes GBR
tbaRachel Clarke GBR
tbaVicki Barlow GBR
tbaCatrin Roberts GBR
tbaSarah Parry GBR
tbaJudith Pike GBR
tbaHilary Jaques GBR

2nd member in the same household (6)
tbaSarah Harwood GBR
tbaRob Eadon GBR
tbaEmily Wymer GBR
tbaChip Green GBR
tbaAaron Comeault GBR
tbaSarah Aubrey GBR

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