Brean Down Santa Scramble 5K / 10K Start List

Sunday 12 December 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=87, Online=97%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 07 December 2021 Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
10K (48)
13Andy Ashby M40 GBR
4Sonia Beaty W50 GBR
39Danny Bomford-Glaysher M40 GBR
14Jonnie Bridges MSEN Something’s in the WaterGBR
55Ruth Brown W50 Woolavington runnersGBR
54Toby Brown M55 Woolavington runnersGBR
40Dermot Coombs M50 GBR
28Ruth Cornish W55 Southville RCGBR
16Lesley Cottle W60 Almost AthletesGBR
30Simon Dunk M70 GBR
60Josh Eyers MSEN Weston Whippets GBR
37Sandra Harlow W45 GBR
66Kelly Hemmens W45 Weston ACGBR
88Chris Hewett M40 Vegan Runners UKGBR
59Maisie Hilton WSEN Weston Whippets GBR
26Sarah Holloway WSEN Running Forever RCGBR
38Sharon Hooper W45 GBR
29John Hyde M65 Red Rose Road RunnersGBR
89Helen Jacks-Hewett W40 Vegan Runners UKGBR
58Matt King MSEN Flo factory team GBR
77Dawn Kinghorn W40 Weston ACGBR
12Dan Lambourne MSEN GBR
50Nathaniel Meadows MSEN GBR
48*Emma Meredith W45 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
23*Ben Moss M40 GBR
6Jo Nicholson W50 Badrats Running GBR
43Charlotte Norman WSEN Defra ACGBR
44Sheila Norman W55 GBR
10George Nye MSEN GBR
78Rob Osment M40 Weston ACGBR
90Harry Petheram MSEN Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR
17Daryl Phillips MSEN North Bristol Running GroupGBR
25Asbie Potter W45 Running Forever RCGBR
65Kate Rossiter W50 Weston ACGBR
49Aimee Savage WSEN GBR
18Patricia Seabrook W80 Finch CoastersGBR
87Mary Seager W50 GBR
70Russ Shayler M45 Weston Whippets GBR
5Chris Silvester M40 Vegan Runners UKGBR
42Kim Sims W40 GBR
53Mel Smith M70 GBR
52Rosie Smith W70 GBR
20James Steinhardt MU16 Whinskermbe Whifflers (A.G.)GBR
9Helene Vandenberghe WSEN GBR
86Karen Watson W55 Vegan Runners UKGBR
36Nick Westwood M60 GBR
27Lisa Windsor W40 Running Forever RCGBR
80*John Wright M50 Army Triathlon AssociationGBR

5K (39)
3Amy Badman WSEN Weston Athletic ClubGBR
74Caroline Bazell W45 Weston Athletic ClubGBR
75Matt Bazell M45 GBR
46Adam Bendall M40 GBR
47Cameron Bendall MU13 GBR
45Emma Bendall WSEN GBR
84Mark Benton M55 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR
83Tracey Benton W45 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR
1Tina Burrows W60 Weston Athletic ClubGBR
2Tom Burrows MSEN GBR
85Paul Campbell M50 GBR
32Sharon Case W55 GBR
62Zodwa Chasokela W65 GBR
73Lisa Chichester W50 Cardiff Canicross GBR
41Julie Churchyard W60 GBR
8Mary Clothier W40 Lonely Goat RCGBR
7Mat Clothier M40 Lonely Goat RCGBR
51Paul Croft MSEN GBR
72Louise Daniels W40 GBR
69Roxanne Faulks W40 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR
63John Ho M40 GBR
64Zachary Ho MU13 GBR
68Billie-Jo Hopley WU19 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR
67Paula Hopley W60 Burnham On Sea HarriersGBR
34Denise Leach W65 GBR
82Daniel Morgan MSEN GBR
81Fay Morgan WSEN GBR
71Alan Parkinson M60 GBR
79Rob Robertson MSEN Weston athletic club GBR
22John Sampson M60 GBR
76Stephen Smith M55 Cardiff canicrossGBR
19John Steinhardt M60 Whinskermbe Whifflers (A.G.)GBR
35Steven Stone M65 GBR
24Jackie Thomas W60 Sole Sisters North BristolGBR
61Ross Wayne M45 GBR
57Diane Whittaker W60 GBR
56James Whittaker M70 GBR
15Alison Wilson W55 GBR
33Sara Wilson W45 GBR

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