The Dick Whittington 5K Start List

Thursday 19 May 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=92, Online=95%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
5K - runner (49)
88*David Ashworth MSEN GBR
15Janine Bennett W55 Almost AthletesGBR
22Cathy Booth W70 Almost AthletesGBR
3Richard Boseley M55 Severn AthleticsGBR
73Roy Bottomley M55 GBR
72Lu Bubb W50 Tewkesbury AllrunnersGBR
30Francis Bull MSEN Almost AthletesGBR
8Shaun Carr M45 Almost AthletesGBR
35Portia Clapham WSEN Almost AthletesGBR
13Katie Cook W40 Kilcot FlyersGBR
6Adrian Courtenay M65 Almost AthletesGBR
57Jamie Courtenay MSEN Almost AthletesGBR
66Andy Creber M60 Chepstow HarriersGBR
77Kiya Dee WU18 Cheltenham harriersGBR
74Louise Deer WSEN GBR
39Kevin Dendy M45 Almost AthletesGBR
38Patricia Dendy W40 Almost AthletesGBR
10*Jane Edwards W50 GBR
91Matthew Farrer M40 GBR
36David Garnett M60 Almost AthletesGBR
29Allan Green M65 Almost AthletesGBR
82*Ingrid Harris W55 Almost AthletesGBR
71Karen Hudson W50 GBR
50Jason Hulance M50 Almost AthletesGBR
49Alison Hume W55 Almost AthletesGBR
81Jakia Hussain WSEN Almost AthletesGBR
41Mike Kennedy M50 Almost AthletesGBR
42Victoria Kennedy W40 Almost AthletesGBR
40Mike Line M50 Almost AthletesGBR
5Sue Monaghan W65 Almost AthletesGBR
86Andy Monro M50 Severn ACGBR
69Duncan Mounsor M50 Almost AthletesGBR
34Edward Munro M65 Almost AthletesGBR
51David Nelson M40 Almost AthletesGBR
31Sue Pearce W45 GBR
89Helen Pemberton W55 Angels RCGBR
1Kim Price W55 Forest of Dean ACGBR
2Martin Price M55 Forest of Dean ACGBR
87Jay Russell M45 GBR
48Rebecca Smith WSEN GBR
9Bob Spawton M60 Almost AthletesGBR
33Graeme Stopp M45 Almost AthletesGBR
21Lorraine Taylor W50 Almost AthletesGBR
84Neil Taylor M50 Severn ACGBR
70Sally Taylor W60 Newent RunnersGBR
20Neil Tring M60 Almost AthletesGBR
64Jim Trowbridge M60 Almost AthletesGBR
79Sarah Wilkins WSEN GBR
54Angela Wixey W55 Angels rcGBR

5K - canicross (43)
83Liselette Adams W40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
44*Ashleigh Bailey WSEN GBR
37Rachael Banfield W50 Rather be CanicrossingGBR
67James Bond-Smith MSEN GBR
43*Lucy Boseley W40 GBR
68Caz Brown WSEN Kilcot FlyersGBR
53James Brown MSEN Hucclecote HarriersGBR
16Jo Browne WSEN Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
7Sarah Bucknall W40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
75Lisa Chichester W50 Cardiff CanicrossGBR
60Howard Clark M50 Royal Navy Athletics ClubGBR
11Sarah Coates WSEN Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
24Katie Corlett WSEN GBR
4Charlotte Cox W50 GBR
80Sarah Craig W45 GBR
45Andy Crawshaw M55 Ledbury & District HarriersGBR
90Andy Dalley M50 GBR
59Ceandice Davison WSEN Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
62Marcie Day W50 Cheltenham Running & Walking ClubGBR
78Diana Dee W55 Highworth rcGBR
32Ellie Evans WU23 GBR
55Jordan Evans MSEN Hucclecote HarriersGBR
26Jacqueline Fowler W55 Rather be canicrossingGBR
25Hannah Gwilliam W45 Rather be CanicrossingGBR
47Andrew Kennedy M55 GBR
46Liz Lawrie-Meddins W45 GBR
85Tessa Lewis WSEN Rather be CanicrossingGBR
12Paula MacDonald W45 Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
56Jason Mather M50 GBR
19Emma Medway W45 GBR
18Hannah Melia W40 GBR
17Susan Mercati W50 Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
52Jo Minter WSEN Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
76Thant Phway W40 GBR
23Hannah Reynolds WSEN Rather be canicrossingGBR
14Dyer Russell M50 Kilcot FlyersGBR
28Emilie Sclater W40 Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
58Carole Stacey W60 CWRCGBR
63Izzy Stochmal WSEN Cheltenham Running ClubGBR
65Hayley Storey W45 GBR
61Louise Tarling W50 Cheltenham Running ClubGBR
27Emma Travis W40 Rather be canicrossingGBR
92Elizabeth Wife W40 Rather be CanicrossingGBR

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