Great Orme Fell Race Start List

Tuesday 22 June 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=90, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
6.6km / 398m (90)
64tbaJeff Adams M65 Pensby RunnersGBR
30tbaPaul Aird M60 Deestriders RCGBR
51tbaFelicity Aries W55 Eryri HarriersGBR
11tbaNeil Ashcroft M50 Ambleside ACGBR
43tbaChris Barnes M45 Wirral ACGBR
42tbaSarah Barnwell W55 Eryri HarriersGBR
80tbaDavid Baugh M60 Denbigh HarriersGBR
85tbaKaty Baugh WSEN Denbigh HarriersGBR
81tbaMenai Baugh W60 Denbigh HarriersGBR
91tbaChris Beardmore MSEN GOGGBR
59tbaStephen Bellis M65 Buckley Runners GBR
45tbaIeuan Belshaw MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
57tbaVictor Belshaw M60 Denbigh HarriersGBR
63tbaChris Bennett M55 GOG TriathlonGBR
65tbaMiklos Biro M40 GOG TriathlonGBR
10tbaRichard Bolton M45 Pennine Fell RunnersGBR
34tbaMark Brett MSEN Run Free Fell RunnersGBR
54tbaNic Brook M45 Eryri HarriersCYM
12tbaJez Brown M45 Buckley RunnersGBR
32tbaSteven Brown M50 Prestatyn RCGBR
58tbaCaroline Caffery W45 GBR
72tbaJoseph Clark M45 GBR
89tbaEmma Collins W55 Denbigh HarriersGBR
83tbaOwen Conry M50 Denbigh HarriersGBR
55tbaGerald Cooper M60 Meirionnydd RCGBR
13tbaMatt Corkish MSEN GBR
1tbaMichael Corrales MSEN Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
14tbaMartin Cortvriend M65 Prestatyn RCGBR
71tbaMichael Coyne M45 Eryri HarriersGBR
49tbaEmyr Davies M75 Rhedwyr HebogGBR
52tbaShaun De Clancy M55 Eryri HarriersGBR
68tbaStephen Dutton M40 GOG triathlonGBR
75tbaLawrence Eccles MSEN Penny Lane StridersGBR
17tbaSimon Edwards M50 Buckley RunnersGBR
67tbaAron Evans MSEN Denbigh HarriersGBR
94tbaRachael Evans WSEN Denbigh HarriersGBR
47tbaGeoff Fielding M75 Eryri HarriersGBR
8tbaAlexandra Fletcher W40 Eryri HarriersGBR
18tbaAmanda Garner WSEN Buckley RunnersGBR
41tbaJohanna Gasson WSEN Run Free Fell RunnersGBR
92tbaJoel Gomes M40 Wrexham Amateur ACGBR
90tbaNeil Gooding M50 Pensby RunnersGBR
5tbaNeil Harris M50 GOG TriathlonGBR
88tbaJesal Hirani WSEN GBR
46tbaOwen Humphreys M50 Eryri HarriersGBR
86tbaCraig Jones M50 Eryri HarriersGBR
2tbaPeter M W Jones M60 GBR
44tbaJosh Keogh MSEN North Wales Road Runners GBR
77tbaJackie Lee W45 Eryri HarriersGBR
66tbaNick Leeming M55 Meirionnydd RCGBR
70tbaKieran Lewis MSEN GBR
48tbaMatthew Lewis MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
87tbaCraig Lowe MSEN GBR
73tbaJosh Matthews MSEN GBR
31tbaCathal McCosker MSEN Lymm RunnersGBR
29tbaSeghir Messamah M60 GBR
56tbaStephen Mills M45 GBR
3tbaAdrian Moir M55 Mynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)GBR
16tbaBernie Morris M45 Buckley RunnersGBR
61tbaKarl Morris M40 North Wales Road RunnersGBR
82tbaMel Morris W45 Denbigh HarriersGBR
39tbaEmlyn Owen M45 Eryri HarriersGBR
20tbaRhodri Owen MSEN GBR
9tbaRussell Owen M60 Eryri HarriersGBR
7tbaRichard Peevor M40 Eryri HarriersGBR
33tbaRebecca Pound WSEN Run Free Fell RunnersGBR
26tbaLawrence Ramsay MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
40tbaWarren Renkel M40 Run Free Fell RunnersGBR
25tbaIfan Richards M40 GBR
6tbaMatthew Roberts M40 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
19tbaSimon Roberts M50 Buckley RunnersGBR
15tbaTracy Rogers WSEN Buckley RunnersGBR
35tbaKean Rowlands M60 Eryri HarriersGBR
21tbaEwan Russell MSEN GBR
4tbaEllie Salisbury W60 Eryri HarriersGBR
28tbaDakotah Shirfield WSEN Chorlton RunnersGBR
84tbaJoe Steward MSEN GBR
76tbaLloyd Taggart M50 Manx Fell RunnersGBR
78tbaAndrew Thomas MSEN GBR
74tbaStuart Thomas M40 Buckley RunnersGBR
69tbaSteve Toogood M55 Buckley RunnersGBR
27tbaCatherine Whitfield WSEN GBR
50tbaManon Wilkinson WSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
93tbaHuw Williams MSEN Denbigh HarriersGBR
23tbaOwain Williams MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
38tbaJenny Williamson WSEN GBR
79tbaLucy Williamson WSEN Ilkley Harriers ACGBR
24tbaCharlotte Wilton-Jones WSEN North Wales Road RunnersGBR
22tbaJames Worthington MSEN GBR
53tbaToni Wright W45 Eryri HarriersGBR

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