Caplor Hill Race Start List

Sunday 18 July 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=133, Online=100%) The race will be started in waves of 10 runners at one minute intervals, in order to maintain social distancing and minimise overtaking. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
6 miles (133)
55Clare Mallender W40 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:05
32Dai Harris MSEN Builth & District RCGBR 11:03
148John Noonan M60 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:14
14Richard Cronin MSEN Forest of Dean ACCYM 11:01
126Paul Stacker Martin M40 Hereford Ghost RunnerGBR 11:12
73Jane Hayde WSEN Wye valley runnersGBR 11:07
128Michael Powell M50 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:12
9Joseph Williams MSEN GBR 11:00
68Jonathan Sanderson M50 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:06
64Neil Grinnell M45 Ledbury & District HarriersGBR 11:06
80Jacqui Wynds W65 Forest of Dean ACGBR 11:07
42Martin Carter M55 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:04
142Tom Davies M70 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:14
146Bryan Markham M80 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:14
110Guy Whitmarsh M75 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:10
70Kit Williams MSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:06
3Sam Butler MSEN Presteigne PacersGBR 11:00
4Matt James MSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:00
56Paul Mason M60 Tewkesbury ACGBR 11:05
67Martins Ricardo M40 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:06
2Darren Broady MSEN Western TempoGBR 11:00
19William Morris MSEN GBR 11:01
37Keith Williams M60 Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR 11:03
21David Baxter MSEN Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:02
124Nicola Kelly W50 Builth & District RCGBR 11:12
78James Vidler M60 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:07
114Hollie Francis WSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:11
75Jo Marriott W50 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:07
8Nicholls Rob MSEN GBR 11:00
91Liza Austin W55 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:09
92Lucy Austin WU19 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:09
100Huw Williams M60 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:09
10Matthew Yapp MSEN Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:00
113Victoria Dickinson W55 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:11
86Roland Preece M55 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:08
120Clare Preece W50 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:11
118Theresa Jones W50 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:11
125Tina Lavelle W60 Hay HotfootersGBR 11:12
115Lisa Gray W50 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:11
96Samantha Harper W45 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:09
95Mark Dempsey M65 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:09
149Cliff Rose M70 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:14
87Andy Sworn M55 Running Somewhere ElseGBR 11:08
88Carol Sworn W50 Running Somewhere ElseGBR 11:08
66Susie Hay WSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:06
7Richie Richards M55 GBR 11:00
69Mike Skilton M50 GBR 11:06
62Clare Evans WSEN GBR 11:06
150Ady Watts M45 GBR 11:14
147Ellie Morgan WSEN GBR 11:14
133Andrea Fairbrother W45 GBR 11:13
132James Dickson MSEN GBR 11:13
33Paul Kemp M45 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:03
59Nigel Taylor M55 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:05
6Dan Phillips M40 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:00
36Ben Skinner MSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:03
105Charlotte Hyde W45 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:10
60Gunvor Troelsen W55 Builth & District RCGBR 11:05
27Matthew Wilson MSEN Ady WattsGBR 11:02
112Neil Bausor M65 Hart Road RunnersGBR 11:11
145Leah Lowe WSEN GBR 11:14
25Steffan Knight MSEN GBR 11:02
26Conor Osborne MSEN GBR 11:02
141Delmore Britton M60 GBR 11:14
24Ed James MSEN GBR 11:02
83John Bilbao M65 Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR 11:08
31Edward Collins M55 Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR 11:03
71Julie Caseley W60 Malvern Buzzards Running ClubGBR 11:07
63Daniela Gormley W50 Pontypool & DistrictGBR 11:06
143Liz Fishpool WSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:14
106Fran James-Hill W55 GBR 11:10
51Jonathan Davey M55 GBR 11:05
94Bryony Dean W45 Hereford CouriersGBR 11:09
72Tim Farndon M40 GBR 11:07
77Tom Turner MSEN GBR 11:07
47Lucy Nash WSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR 11:04
44Stephen Dallow M65 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR 11:04
119Brent Lowson M60 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:11
22Paul Davies M50 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:02
74Mark Lawrence M55 GBR 11:07
108Mike Shaw M70 Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR 11:10
82Naomi Bevan W40 GBR 11:08
34Ryan Lawrence MSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:03
48Russell Williams M45 GBR 11:04
107Christian Mason MSEN Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR 11:10
35Daniel Merifield MSEN GBR 11:03
85Nicola Goodwin W45 Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR 11:08
41Peter Bowen M60 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:04
101Mandy Berry W55 Forest of Dean CanicrossGBR 11:10
93Claire Carden W45 GBR 11:09
99Andrew Watkins M55 GBR 11:09
81David Barrett M50 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:08
84Ben Glinos MU18 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:08
16Paul Hayward MSEN Islwyn RCGBR 11:01
17Ross Matthews MSEN Islwyn RCGBR 11:01
65Ian Harrhy M60 Lliswerry runnersGBR 11:06
13Justin Crocker M40 GBR 11:01
57David Millichap M50 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:05
127Hayley Millichap W50 GBR 11:12
76Jon Morgan M55 Les CroupiersGBR 11:07
134Richard Murray M45 GBR 11:13
43Mick Collins M55 Hay HotfootersGBR 11:04
12Ned Collins MU16 Hay HotfootersGBR 11:01
11Joe Collins MU18 Hay HotfootersGBR 11:01
61Sharon Collins W55 Hay HotfootersGBR 11:06
15Eleanor Griffiths WSEN Hay HotfootersGBR 11:01
104John Edwards M70 Lliswerry RunnersGBR 11:10
23Kelsham Hanna M50 Southampton ACGBR 11:02
123Nigel Jones M60 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:12
111Angela Austin W45 Hart Road RunnersGBR 11:11
131Sophia Day WSEN GBR 11:13
1Eric Apperley MSEN Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:00
46Monika Gorska WSEN GBR 11:04
5Dean Jones MSEN Western TempoGBR 11:00
58Darren Ould MSEN Mynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)GBR 11:05
109Andrew Wathen M40 Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR 11:10
122Alan Harrhy M75 Hay HotfootersGBR 11:12
121Christine Farr W45 Mynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)GBR 11:12
116Flora Gunner W55 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:11
117Gary Gunner M75 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:11
45Yvonne Gajny W45 GBR 11:04
103Owen Cooper M70 Builth & District RCGBR 11:10
18Kristan McKenna M40 AAEGBR 11:01
144Laura Jenkins WSEN Hereford CouriersGBR 11:14
53Peter Flynn M45 Wye Valley RunnersGBR 11:05
102Lucy Boseley W40 Forest of Dean canicrossGBR 11:10
97Steph Main W45 Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:09
54Sam Juson MSEN Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:05
52James Fletcher M55 Monross TrailblazersGBR 11:05
20Luke Moseley M40 GBR 11:01
98Bronwyn Preece WSEN Croft Ambrey RCGBR 11:09
129Damian Rogers M45 GBR 11:12
79Rachael Wheeler W60 Forest of Dean ACGBR 11:07

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