Wyedean Relay Start List

Saturday 14 August 2021 Team Statistics (Total=19, Online=100%, Declared=95%) Relay team declaration is open.  Please declare your team as soon as possible using the competitor Amend Entry function. Each team must have a minimum of 2 ladies. Each member of a vets team must be over 40.

Team declarations close at midnight on Wednesday 11th August - undeclared teams will be cancelled with no refund.
See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Team / Bib
Team Name Club IOF Declared
Mixed (9)
1 1 Pooler Red Team Pont-y-pwl and district CYM Declared
2 2 Pooler White Team Pont-y-pwl and district CYM Declared
3 3 Pooler Black Team Pont-y-pwl and district CYM Declared
4 4 Not participating Pont-y-pwl and district CYM
5 5 Niki's gnarlies Chepstow Harriers GBR Declared
8 6 Chepstow mixed B Chepstow Harriers GBR Declared
11 7 Isca Mixeda Caerleon RC CYM Declared
17 8 Forest Sheep Forest of Dean AC ENG Declared
19 9 Torfaen Rhedeg Hapus Torfaen Runners CYM Declared

Mixed Vets (10)
6 26 Chepstow mixed VetsA Chepstow Harriers GBR Declared
7 27 Chepstow mixed VetsB Chepstow Harriers GBR Declared
9 28 Chepstow mixed VetsC Chepstow Harriers GBR Declared
10 29 UHHH Undy and Redwick Roadrunners CYM Declared
12 30 Vintage Caerleon Caerleon RC CYM Declared
13 31 Almost Over The Hill Almost Athletes GBR Declared
14 32 Almost There Almost Athletes GBR Declared
15 33 Forest Boar Forest of Dean AC ENG Declared
16 34 Forest Deer Forest of Dean AC ENG Declared
18 35 Torfaen Runners Torfaen Runners CYM Declared

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