The Reverse Half Tour of Bradwell Start List

Saturday 22 May 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=59, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Half Tour (59)
1Helen Young W45 Totley ACGBR tba
2Tom Bassindale M45 Steel City Striders RCGBR tba
3Richard Smith MSEN GBR tba
4Gary Newham M45 Erewash Valley RCGBR tba
5Susan Ward W55 Totley ACGBR tba
6Vicki Beckitt WSEN Kimberworth StridersGBR tba
7Sarah Walch W40 Penistone footpath runnersGBR tba
8Mark Elwis M55 Matlock ACGBR tba
9Jayne Lawton W50 Stockport Harriers & ACGBR tba
10Jacob Ratcliffe MSEN GBR tba
11Julia Carter W45 Goyt Valley StridersGBR tba
12Yvonne Twelvetree W70 Totley ACGBR tba
13Chris Tetley M60 Goyt Valley StridersGBR tba
14Chris Westwood M40 GBR tba
15Anne Hegarty W55 Totley ACGBR tba
16Emily Dart WSEN Buxton and District Athletic ClubGBR tba
17Brent Carlin MSEN Kingstone Runners BarnsleyGBR tba
18Steve Terry M70 Totley ACGBR tba
19Geoff Cooper M50 Matlock ACGBR tba
20Jane Adlard W50 Goyt Valley StridersGBR tba
21Dave Lodwick M60 Roadhoggs Leicester ACGBR tba
22Karen Weir W45 GBR tba
23Peter Weir M55 GBR tba
24Kurt Fitch M50 GBR tba
25Pat Goodall W65 Totley ACGBR tba
26Ben Clithero M40 Dronfield RCGBR tba
28Thomas Hawkins MSEN GBR tba
29Deborah Lodge W50 Totley ACGBR tba
30Simon Roberts M50 Buckley RunnersGBR tba
31Jez Brown M45 Buckley RunnersGBR tba
32Matt Williams M45 Steel City Striders RCGBR tba
33Colin Geenes MSEN Erewash Valley RCGBR tba
34Ali Thomas W55 GBR tba
35Rupert Holden M50 GBR tba
36Ivan Causer M50 GBR tba
37Darren Bristow M50 Hallamshire Harriers SheffieldGBR tba
38Daniel Janes M45 Dronfield Running ClubGBR tba
39Paul Charlesworth M50 Sheffield Triathlon ClubGBR tba
40Chris Platts M50 GBR tba
41Mark Halsey M45 Buxton ACGBR tba
42Andrew Ellwood MSEN Dronfield running clubGBR tba
43Jennifer Walker W40 GBR tba
44Edward Cieslik M45 GBR tba
45Bob Foreman M60 GBR tba
46Sarah Pritchard WSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR tba
47Luke Richardson MSEN GBR tba
48Chris Jones MSEN Hillsborough & Rivelin RCGBR tba
49Johnathan Cooper-Knock MSEN Totley ACGBR tba
50Matthew Nichols MSEN Matlock ACGBR tba
51Daniel Bent M40 Dark PeakGBR tba
52Phil Burns M40 Stockport Harriers & ACGBR tba
53Mick Fowler M65 GBR tba
54Jason Brunnock MSEN Buxton ACGBR tba
55Abbie Pearse WSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR tba
56Rachel Biggin W45 Totley ACGBR tba
57James Biggin M45 Totley ACGBR tba
58Adrian Baker M60 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR tba
59Darren Burns M55 GBR tba
60Adam Bird M40 Bramhall RunnersGBR tba

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