(D) Rawcliffe Country Park Evening Event Start List

Tuesday 13 April 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=40, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Long (24)
57210134Nicola Gover W35 EBORGBR 19:00
7221043John Smales M65 EBORGBR 19:15
8HireLucy Knight W21 INDGBR 19:01
98680542Jeff Harris M65 EBORGBR 19:02
108669958David Riches M55 CLOKGBR 19:03
118300488Oli Read M21 EBORGBR 19:16
121191062Mike Ridealgh M70 EBORENG 19:04
138081302Jill Smith W65 EBORGBR 19:05
148081302Jill Smith W65 EBORGBR 19:06
15345527Stuart Fraser M21 EBORENG 19:20
16261090Laura Bennett W35 EBORGBR 19:07
17400451Dennis Hooton M60 CLOKENG 19:12
18423581Elspeth Hooton W60 CLOKSCO 19:10
2137960Suzanne Relton W60 EBORGBR 19:08
268240958Steve Corrigan M60 EBORGBR 19:09
289121219Richard Ollerenshaw M40 EBORENG 19:19
298645261Barrie Speake M80 EBORGBR 19:11
308220332Daniel Figg M21 EBORENG 19:13
331410807James Meredith M40 EBORGBR 19:14
341403081Helene Lecomte W40 EBORGBR 19:26
351407010Bryan Greener M45 EBORGBR 19:25
36414072Fionn O'Toole M12 EBORGBR 19:17
391095537John Purkis M65 SYOGBR 19:18
408170563Timothy Evans M55 CLAROGBR 19:21

Score (16)
1347667Philip Puckrin M75 EBORGBR 19:00
28461709Sheila Smith W70 EBORENG 19:05
3HirePeter Massey M50 INDGBR 19:04
4HireDeborah Sharpe W21 EBORGBR 19:07
67210138Richard Gover M40 EBORENG 19:01
197050395Helen Chan W45 EBORGBR 19:02
2037946David Relton M65 EBORGBR 19:08
228388201Brendan Anglim M50 CLOKGBR 19:11
231944753Erin Anglim W20 CLOKGBR 19:09
248135210Oscar Anglim M21 CLOKENG 19:10
258657606Liz Drew W70 EBORGBR 19:03
27HireAndrew Johnson M60 INDENG 19:15
318100126Amanda Cooper W55 EBORGBR 19:12
32620026Emily Cooper W21 RAFOGBR 19:13
372049895Arthur O'Toole M10 EBORGBR 19:06
38261086Chris Gregory M40 EBORGBR 19:17

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