(D) Knavesmire Start List

Tuesday 30 March 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=54, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Long (27)
18220614Simon Brook M65 EBORGBR 19:30
4HireLucy Knight W21 INDGBR 19:00
6HirePeter Massey M50 INDGBR 19:10
7261101Oli Read M21 EBORGBR 19:15
101410807James Meredith M40 EBORGBR 19:02
121191062Mike Ridealgh M70 EBORENG 19:03
138114156Donald Purves M60 EBORENG 19:04
148040363Amanda Ward W55 HALOGBR 19:05
158250362Brian Ward M55 HALOGBR 19:06
168461709Sheila Smith W70 EBORENG 19:12
188712019Tony Udris M50 SYOGBR 19:07
197571120Dave Brown M60 EBORGBR 19:08
242800491Keith MacDermott M70 EBORGBR 19:09
288067676Ruth Ker W50 CLAROGBR 19:11
298150103Tamsin Ker W18 CLAROGBR 19:01
30221043John Smales M65 EBORGBR 19:13
317412147Richard Ollerenshaw M40 EBORGBR 19:16
3233348Margaret Fountain W75 EBORENG 19:14
35400006Chris Cooper M50 INDGBR 19:29
37400451Dennis Hooton M60 CLOKENG 19:20
388680542Jeff Harris M65 EBORGBR 19:17
421407010Bryan Greener M45 EBORGBR 19:24
431403081Helene Lecomte W40 EBORGBR 19:25
468220332Daniel Figg M21 EBORGBR 19:18
478363971Roy Bradley M70 CLOKGBR 19:19
508669958David Riches M55 CLOKGBR 19:21
528240958Steve Corrigan M60 EBORGBR 19:22

Score (27)
27210138Richard Gover M40 EBORENG 19:00
37210134Nicola Gover W35 EBORGBR 19:01
57050395Helen Chan W45 EBORGBR 19:02
8HireSophie Gibson W18 EBORGBR 19:03
98657606Liz Drew W70 EBORGBR 19:13
118412821Penny Bickle W40 EBORGBR 19:05
178657421Christine Roberts W70 EBORGBR 19:08
201291059Pam Brown W60 EBORGBR 19:04
21347667Philip Puckrin M75 EBORGBR 19:06
228388201Brendan Anglim M50 CLOKGBR 19:10
231944753Erin Anglim W20 CLOKGBR 19:09
252049895Arthur O'Toole M10 EBORGBR 19:07
26414072Fionn O'Toole M12 EBORGBR 19:11
27HireRhiannon Jones W21 INDGBR 19:12
338100126Amanda Cooper W55 EBORGBR 19:26
34220220Emily Cooper W21 RAFOGBR 19:29
36620026Will Davies M21 INDGBR 19:25
39HireDeborah Sharpe W21 EBORGBR 19:14
40HireAndrew Johnson M60 IndGBR 19:15
412022559Michael Leadbetter M35 INDENG 19:16
448667397Maria Mackenzie W45 EborGBR 19:17
45221006Sasha Mackenzie W21 EborGBR 19:18
482105312Lochlan Beer M10 INDENG 19:19
49HireAmy-Jane Beer W50 INDENG 19:20
518081302Jill Smith W65 EBORGBR 19:21
538083027Karen Ransley W40 SAXENG 19:22
54HireUrsula Moore W21 INDENG 19:23

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