MKFM Tour de Vale Bike Ride 2021 Start List

Sunday 19 September 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=60, Online=100%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 16 March 2021 Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Start Times :-

25K10.30 – 10.45 single cyclists or those without children under 1610.45 - 11.15 family cyclists with children under 16
70K10:00 club cyclists10:15 leisure cyclists
115K09:00 club cyclists09:15 leisure cyclists
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Name Age
Club Co.
115K (16)
41Chris Castle GBR
39Craig Gale GBR
12Michael Gould ARCCGBR
60Adam Gregory GBR
44Martin Griffin Winslow Wheelers GBR
15Daniel Hall Swan Wheelers/Winslow WheelersGBR
42Gregor Jus GBR
11Dave Kittle GBR
2Simon Mitchell GBR
10Brian Rowles GBR
40Chris Stapley GBR
51Gregor Tramsak GBR
25Jess Underwood GBR
26Rob Underwood GBR
1Alan Ward GBR
49Doug Webb Aylesbury CTC/Winslow WheelersGBR

70K (28)
24Jenny Chapman GBR
9Lesley Cutler GBR
59Paul Davis GBR
58Gary Draycott GBR
56Chloe Fane GBR
54Hannah Fane GBR
57Neil Gann GBR
38David Jackson GBR
27Carol Kendall GBR
6Elizabeth Maxey BCGGBR
19George McEntee GBR
18James McEntee GBR
50Peter McHenry GBR
17Jennifer Mitchell GBR
5Gregory Neal GBR
14Corinne Price Winslow WheelersGBR
43Scott Ridgley Winslow wheelers GBR
13Katie Robson Winslow wheelersGBR
52Terri Simon GBR
53Tim Simon GBR
55Adam Smith GBR
45Wynford Thomas GBR
22Graham Thornton GBR
23Richard Thornton GBR
7Francine Vanleeuwen Winslow WheelersGBR
16Nigel Ward GBR
8Anthony Wilkins GBR
28Kevin Witty GBR

25K (16)
33Pranay Aryal GBR
37Adina Caraba GBR
36Alesia Caraba GBR
35Eric Caraba GBR
34Stefan Caraba GBR
46Claire Chapman GBR
48Joey Chapman GBR
47Paul Chapman GBR
4Evie Harper GBR
3Ryan Harper GBR
30Jamie Hartwell TeamMKGBR
29Leah Hartwell TeamMK GBR
32Max Hockley GBR
31Phillip Hockley GBR
21Lucy McEntee GBR
20Sarah McEntee GBR

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