Black Dragon 26 mile April Challenge Start List

Thursday 01 April 2021 - Friday 30 April 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=67, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
26 miles (67)
36Sue Ashton GBR
10Victoria Bailey GBR
32Julie Bell GBR
67Martin Bevan Brecon MRTGBR
48Elin Blake GBR
66Nigel Bolter Newport outdoor GroupGBR
61Benjamin Bowen BMRTGBR
51Jane Bradbury GBR
14Henrietta Clare GBR
49Fiona Coombs GBR
23Kathy Counsell GBR
22Neil Counsell GBR
25Roy Counsell GBR
24Wendy Counsell GBR
28Kerry Crosfield GBR
4Bee Dale The Peaky BimblersGBR
65Peter Davies Gwent Mountaineering ClubGBR
60Lloyd Edwards GBR
40Tracy Edwards GBR
46Gareth Evans GBR
18Duncan Forbes GBR
3Nick Freeman GBR
9Martin Gregory Brecon MRTGBR
6Nick Gregory GBR
37Sian Harris GBR
5Natasha Harrison The Peaky BimblersGBR
31Dai Hazelden GBR
20Ruth Holgate GBR
45Kayrene James GBR
42Scott James GBR
54Lee Jones GBR
29Linda Kelly GBR
8Claire Key GBR
21David Kinge GBR
19Tracey Knight GBR
34Barbara Ludlam GBR
35Dave Ludlam GBR
44Manon Ludlam GBR
11Lisa Mack GBR
58Deserie Mansfield GBR
7Jessica Moon Bowen Brecon Mountain RescueGBR
47Suzanne Morgan GBR
2Rhiannon Needham Serpentine RCGBR
33Richard Newhouse SARAGBR
50Jane Nicholls WYWSGBR
63Carole Paish GBR
1Steve Panter GBR
15Jenny Phillips GBR
41Dave Pickthall GBR
16David Potts GBR
17Freddy Potts GBR
13David Price Newport outdoor groupGBR
27Deborah Price GBR
12Brendan Randerson GBR
64Ian Reese NOGGBR
38Margaret Renshaw NOGSGBR
30Norman Roberts Newport Outdoor GroupGBR
57Elizabeth Ryllo GBR
56Jozef Ryllo GBR
55Rachel Ryllo GBR
53Muriel Seal GBR
52Rick Seal GBR
26Tanya Spiers GBR
43Robert Umney GBR
39Jeremy Williams NOGSGBR
59Rob Williams Brecon MRTGBR
62Sian Williams GBR

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