Wild Wye Swim 2021 - Saturday Start List

Saturday 18 September 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=199, Online=96%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 24 March 2021 Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Please note that this event is not a race, and no finish times will be published. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Wild Wye Standard 7 km (199)
141tbaBeverley Allingham Helebay MerbabesGBR
152tbaHenry Anderson Crazy Tri Club GBR
107tbaCass Andy GBR
159tbaMelita Armitage GBR
112tbaJo Ashman GBR
84tbaRoger Auster GBR
148tbaDanny Baker GBR
19tbaFenn Banks GBR
185tbaKaren Barton Southport SCGBR
59tbaClaire Bayston GBR
111tbaJan Beaumont MALLOWSGBR
17tbaSophie Beckley GBR
116tbaKate Beirne GBR
123tbaGemma Bengey GBR
62tbaMairi Benton Crazy Tri ClubGBR
27tbaKieran Bermingham Tewkesbury triathlon clubGBR
164tbaCarole Billington-Wood GBR
50tbaKimberley Bills GBR
32tbaDavid Boakes GBR
207tbaNell Boase GBR
130tbaAndy Bowen GBR
191tbaCath Boyce GBR
162tbaKieren Bradley GBR
60tbaSarah Branton GBR
73tbaKath Broomfield GBR
33tbaTheresa Browne Crystal Palace TriathletesGBR
20tbaGemma Bruce GBR
49tbaMatthew Bryant GBR
156tbaHadassah Buechner GBR
166tbaKeziah Burt GBR
51tbaLisa Burton GBR
117tbaSarah Butler Worcester wallowers GBR
108tbaAnthony Carey GBR
97tbaHelen Carter GBR
149tbaMiranda Carter GBR
105tbaSuzanne Cass GBR
175*tbaTasha Chandler SE FitnessGBR
65tbaFrancis Clark GBR
64tbaNat Clark GBR
124tbaCarolyn Clegg Netherton GBR
9tbaWilliam Clive GBR
89tbaNikki Coleman Stroud & District ACGBR
92tbaAntony Collins GBR
187tbaElaine Cooke Southport Swimming Club MastersGBR
173tbaDebbie Cranmer Bluetits GBR
193tbaHannah Crofton GBR
192tbaAnna Dadd GBR
85tbaKarin Daelemans Chester FrostiesGBR
198tbaJulie Davies Abergavenny TriGBR
77tbaOonagh Davies NoneGBR
7tbaSamuel Davis GBR
36tbaClare Dawe GBR
35tbaJenny-Anne Dexter GBR
41tbaMary Doel GBR
1*tbaNaomi Donaldson Coventry TriathletesGBR
121tbaEly DuBois GBR
63tbaCarolyn Dunn Crazy tri club bath uni GBR
15tbaCharlotte Elliott GBR
127*tbaVicky Elson Smith HOWSCGBR
136tbaNeil Endley GBR
71tbaMartha Evans Netherton OW Swimming GBR
196tbaDiane Fawcett GBR
208tbaCharlotte Fleming GBR
189tbaWendy Flynn GBR
30tbaKaren French GBR
113tbaNicola Friedrich GBR
95tbaFiona Frise GBR
67tbaAndrew Fry GBR
66tbaCharlie Gallagher Justine’s therapy swim clubGBR
125tbaJo Gladston GBR
99tbaAndrew Gore Newbury MastersGBR
144tbaTina Gosden Couzens GBR
58tbaKate Gradwell GBR
177tbaIan Grant GBR
137tbaLaurence Gray GBR
140tbaCarys Green GBR
165tbaRhian Griggs GBR
40tbaTracy Hager GBR
34tbaAlexandra Hajok ENG
167*tbaJames Hamilton GBR
87tbaKay Harris GBR
80tbaSally Margaret Harris GBR
210tbaHelen Harrison GBR
132tbaJoanne Hazell GBR
157tbaChrista Henrichs GBR
31tbaGemma Hewison GBR
42tbaRachel Hewitt GBR
206tbaMatthew Hudson GBR
146tbaDavid Hunt GBR
142tbaDavid Hunter Worcestershire WallowersGBR
119tbaTerri Ingram GBR
182tbaKate Ironside GBR
4tbaFiona Irwin GBR
76tbaTracy Jeffries GBR
200tbaHilary Jenkins-Spangler Snow MonkiesGBR
61tbaChristine Jones GBR
172tbaJacqueline Jones The Bluetits Chill SwimmersGBR
171tbaMakala Jones The bluetits chill swimmersGBR
211tbaNatalie Jordon GBR
120tbaAlexandra Kaufman GBR
8tbaCliodhna Kennedy GBR
47tbaAlan Kington GBR
48tbaCharlotte Kington GBR
138tbaVicky Kitchen GBR
88tbaJennifer Koenig GBR
103tbaHelen Kohlhardt GBR
104tbaStan Kohlhardt GBR
37tbaJustine Ledwith GBR
82tbaDenise Lee Chester Frosties GBR
134tbaSuzannah Lloyd GBR
178tbaJo Lucas GBR
201tbaMichelle Lucking GBR
75tbaSheena MacDonald TRI WoodmancoteGBR
183tbaNina MacInnes GBR
43tbaKaren Maher GBR
5tbaNicole Mehta GBR
52tbaLisa Milner GBR
174tbaSamantha Minas The Bluetits Chill SwimmersGBR
53tbaAndrew Mitchard GBR
70tbaTracey Moore Northgate swimming clubGBR
74tbaJuliette Morton GBR
145tbaJeffrey Mosforth Triathlon RedditchGBR
139tbaLuke Neal Northgate MastersGBR
44tbaAnna Newman Netherton open waterGBR
122tbaTim Nichols GBR
16tbaViv Norris GBR
155tbaSimon Norwood Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR
204tbaMaarten Odding GBR
153tbaHannah Payne GBR
160tbaJudy Pearsall GBR
176*tbaRia Perkins GBR
109tbaRachael Phillips GBR
143tbaKieran Phipps GBR
28tbaKirstie Phipps GBR
128tbaDavid Power GBR
199tbaMartins Ricardo GBR
169tbaSian Richardson The Bluetits GBR
54tbaVicky Robinson GBR
46tbaLinda Robson GBR
10tbaMatt Roebuck GBR
126tbaMadeleine Rumble GBR
118tbaVicky Rutter GBR
102tbaFran Salisbury GBR
24tbaAndrew Samuel Torfaen Ttiathlon ClubGBR
11tbaChloe SavageDeakin GBR
151tbaDanielle Sellwood Crazy Tri Club Bath uniGBR
72tbaMartin Sloan GBR
179*tbaUnity Speakman WBOWSGBR
81tbaSadie Spikes GBR
13tbaAnnabel Stacey Shrewsbury MastersGBR
12tbaDavid Stacey Shrewsbury MastersGBR
131tbaHannah Stentiford GBR
86tbaKim Stephens GBR
56tbaKaren Stephenson GBR
202tbaLauren Stewart GBR
209tbaVicki Stewart GBR
39tbaAlison Tatem GBR
194tbaCharlie Taylor GBR
21tbaGail Taylor GBR
186tbaPam Taylor GBR
205tbaPhilip Taylor GBR
170tbaSelina Taylor Bluetits chill swimmersGBR
22tbaHogsbjerg Teresa GBR
45tbaClive Thorley GBR
18tbaChris Tock GBR
114tbaRachel Toft GBR
133tbaJessica Trahar GBR
197tbaLiz Turton GBR
38tbaKatie Underhill GBR
135tbaFederica Venturini GBR
3tbaSophie Waight GBR
158tbaKristie Waller GBR
57tbaTamzin Walton GBR
96tbaSimon Watson GBR
203tbaHannah Welch GBR
83*tbaRosie Wellesley GBR
115tbaSophie Wetherall GBR
14tbaBen While GBR
93tbaAsa Whitfield GBR
91tbaBilly Wigzell GBR
90tbaLucy Wigzell GBR
154tbaShira Wilkins GBR
101tbaChristine Wilkinson GBR
2tbaLucy Williams GBR
6tbaMorris Williams GBR
78tbaAlison Willoughby GBR
79tbaEmma Willoughby GBR
100tbaJohanna Wilman GBR
29tbaDiana Wilson GBR
129tbaTara Wolfe GBR
150tbaSarah Wolferstan GBR
163tbaSimon Wood GBR
94tbaLaura Wright GBR
110tbaZoe Yeomans ?part of Wiltshire wild swimmersGBR
184tbaRebecca Youl GBR
195tbaCara Zoglowek Dursley tri teamGBR
68tbaStefan Zurakowski GBR

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