(D) WNL - Stoke Park and Pur Down Start List

Saturday 19 December 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=38, Online=100%) PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU CARRY A SPARE TORCH AND WHISTLE AT ALL TIMES DURING THE EVENT See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
1 Hour Score (38)
137945Mark Blackstone M70 BOKGBR 17:20
232859Brian Laycock M70 HOCGBR 17:10
38645239David Faulkner M55 BOKGBR 17:00
48668921Richard Mawer M45 BAOCGBR 17:30
58680934David Pilling M50 BOKGBR 17:40
68210876Tommi Grover M40 BOKGBR 18:00
78270681Sara Currie W35 BOKGBR 18:01
88091172Scott Bailey M45 BOKGBR 17:04
92145567John Parfitt M75 BOKGBR 17:15
102120480Phil Warry M65 BOKGBR 17:02
118100260Rob Hick M60 WSXGBR 17:36
128140962Carolyn Dent W55 BOKGBR 17:35
138030940Jim Mallinson M70 SLOWENG 17:17
148657440David Palmer M70 BOKGBR 17:05
158121927Colin Welch M60 BOKGBR 17:03
168637611 (H)Margaret Warlow W35 BOKGBR 17:19
178637608 (H)Paul Craddy M35 BOKGBR 17:18
189200539Nick Gracie M45 BOKGBR 17:21
198637592 (H)Alec Linton M45 NGOCENG 18:19
207909197Chris Atkins M40 BOKGBR 17:25
218667384Amy Lee-Jones W16 BOKGBR 17:06
222079021Theresa Wheatcroft W55 BOKGBR 17:22
238637591 (H)Daniel Wareing M10 BOKGBR 17:14
248637605 (H)Megan Wareing W12 BOKGBR 17:13
258628560Paul Gebbett M50 BOKGBR 17:32
261150655Alison Simmons W65 BOKGBR 17:24
271041229Christian Saxtoft M55 BOKENG 18:05 (h)
288201162Susanne Andersen W55 BOKENG 17:01 (h)
298004314Sandy Burgon M60 BOKSCO 17:31
30221539Nerissa Lee W21 UBOCGBR 17:07
31221532Vincent Wong M21 UBOCGBR 17:08
328432155Duncan Taylor M21 DEVONGBR 18:20
338074174Karen Crawford W50 BOKGBR 17:16
348632901Gwen Tanner W60 BOKGBR 17:28
35202102Judith Taylor W55 NGOCGBR 18:15
36202117Rob Taylor M50 NGOCGBR 18:17
372089679Rose Taylor W14 NGOCGBR 18:16
388637593 (H)Sylvain Fabre M50 BOKENG 17:12

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