Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk 2021 Start List

Saturday 26 June 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=160, Online=86%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Kit Declaration Form - All entrants must bring a signed Kit Declaration Form (opens new window) and the following kit:

Map* - 1:25,000 or 1:50,000, Compass*, Torch, Whistle, Emergency Rations, simple First Aid Kit - including plasters and a blister kit, Waterproofs - including overtrousers, Sensible footwear - boots with ankle support and good tread; experienced runners should have appropriate footwear.

For contact in an emergency it would also be useful if walkers carried a mobile phone.

* For entrants walking as groups for the entire route, one map and compass for each three entrants is acceptable.

Registration Times - The (start) times indicated below are registration (check-in) times. This enables us to ensure a 2m separation of entrants during the registration process. Registration times for the '3PT Great Challenge only' can be ignored.
See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Gold + 3PT Great Challenge (optional) (112)
83Jackie Allen GBR
13Joe Bailey GBR
59David Bailyes Caerphilly RunnersGBR
35Melanie Baker SWLDWAGBR
106Kevin Barker GBR
71Stephen Barnes GBR
72Tim Barnes GBR
25Julian Bashir GBR
1Alex Bateman GBR
2Anna Batten GBR
94Mark Berry GBR
73Phil Bevan GBR
47Ileana Bianchi GBR
26Alan Blake GBR
27Robert Blake GBR
28Stephen Blake GBR
38Mark Body GBR
107Kate Browning Dursley & District ACGBR
3James Carlick GBR
4Peter Carlick GBR
5Mark Carver GBR
29Charlotte Cockburn GBR
95Andrew Davies GBR
74David Davies GBR
14Howard Davies GBR
119Malcolm Devenport GBR
143Peter Devenport GBR
96Hannah Dolman GBR
97Mark Dolman GBR
6Thomas Dyer GBR
40Daniel Everitt GBR
84Alastair Flew GBR
7Nick Freeman GBR
108Viv Gelder GBR
48Rebecca Gilchrist GBR
75Alexis Girardet GBR
76Hallam Girardet GBR
77Joanne Girardet GBR
85Gareth Harris GBR
41Carly Haywood GBR
78James Hepburn GBR
109George Hewitt GBR
86Jenny Hill GBR
110Brian Hogg GBR
87Julie Hulse GBR
42Nicola Hurst GBR
49Alex James GBR
98Gareth Jones GBR
88Ian Kirkpatrick GBR
111Laura Lawrence GBR
112Mark Lawrence GBR
99Michelle Laws GBR
89Claudia Lenza GBR
8David Lloyd GBR
9Peter Maloney North Gloucestershire Orienteering ClubGBR
61Adelise McDowell GBR
15Luke Michell GBR
100Jane Miller GBR
51Anushka Mirando GBR
62Chloe Monks GBR
113Clive Morton GBR
52Hannah Neil GBR
63Laura Nicholson GBR
64William Nicholson GBR
53Ria O'Reilly GBR
79John Owen TRAGBR
101Karl Page GBR
102Kirk Painting GBR
65Ben Pearson GBR
90Russell Pope GBR
80Richard Powell GBR
16Christine Price GBR
17Jason Price GBR
81Jolyon Price GBR
91Dai Prosser GBR
105Matthew Purcell GBR
114Corry Ravenscroft GBR
18Dai Rees Run With Us AbergavennyGBR
19Andrew Roberts GBR
92Georgia Roberts GBR
30Jane Rodrick GBR
31Lillian Rodrick GBR
32Matthew Rodrick GBR
115Mark Roe GBR
54Vicky Seed GBR
93Rhiannon Sevenoaks GBR
66David Seymour GBR
116Andrew Shaw GBR
55Helen Shaw GBR
67Jenny Shaw GBR
56Ben Shooter GBR
57Joanna Shooter GBR
10Andrew Smart GBR
82Alex Snaith GBR
68Sarah Snarr GBR
43Liam Snell GBR
20Mike Swain GBR
21Stephanie Swain GBR
11Arron Thomas GBR
69Caroline Thomas GBR
70Huw Thomas GBR
117Peter Thomas GBR
22Lisa Turner GBR
23Andrew Walbyoff GBR
33Claire Williams GBR
58Helen Williams GBR
45Huw Williams GBR
44Kate Williams GBR
12Terry Williams GBR
24Phil Wilson GBR
34Jon Wilton GBR
46Rebecca Worwood GBR

Silver + 3PT Great Challenge (optional) (35)
148Brenda Avery GBR
125Tracey Batt GBR
118Jeff Bird GBR
129Steve Boote GBR
137Ben Brown GBR
138Mark Chiplin GBR
130Andrew Cruwys GBR
144Philip Dart GBR
145William Dart GBR
131Matt Gillard GBR
126Clare Johnson GBR
120Randy Johnson GBR
121Thomas Jones GBR
139Mark Ketteringham GBR
140Stephen Ketteringham GBR
132Karl Luton GBR
133Charlotte Mead GBR
149Howard Melling GBR
150Melissa Melling GBR
151Virginia Melling GBR
134Stuart Mollard GBR
122Ianto Morris GBR
146Christine Muler GBR
147Christine2 Muler2 GBR
123Tom Oconnell GBR
141Ben Parham GBR
142Jo Parham GBR
124Mark Picton GBR
103Lucy Powell-Tuck GBR
104Sarah Price GBR
135Craig Radford GBR
136Jim Roberts GBR
127Kate Sheppard GBR
128Rebecca Ward GBR
152Gabrielle Yates GBR

Bronze + 3PT Great Challenge (optional) (12)
159Sue Baldwin GBR
153Lorraine Berry GBR
160Robert Bowyer GBR
154Susan Feughtwanger GBR
161Jill Hogg GBR
155David Jenkins GBR
156Suzanne Jenkins GBR
162Johanne Morgan-Rolfe GBR
163Cara Nodwell GBR
157Monica Portway GBR
158Julie White GBR
164Julia Young GBR

3PT Great Challenge only (1)
tbaRobert Parsons GBR

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