(D) SELOC Saturday Series - Worsley Woods Start List

Saturday 12 December 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=60, Online=90%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 08 December 2020 See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Light Green (45)
12030853Wendy Olsen W60 SELOCENG 10:38
2444852Eric Burton M60 SELOCGBR 11:00 (h)
38202810David Gray M40 MDOCGBR 11:10
750282James Mitchell M75 PFOGBR 10:36
98011261Edwin Paul Van-Calster M55 MDOCGBR 10:46
108657609Jean Lochhead W70 EPOCCYM 10:48
118060209Paul Turnock M40 MDOCGBR 11:04
12HireMary White W70 SELOCGBR 11:50
131880610Emma Taylor W21 PFOGBR 10:42
141001705Kay Hawke W35 PFOGBR 10:50
158195196John Britton M65 MDOCGBR 12:00
168519833Peter Brooke M35 SELOCGBR 10:44 (h)
188040680Nick Barnes M40 PFOENG 10:58
192127436Robert Verity M75 DEEGBR 11:18
202072487Barbara Verity W70 DEEGBR 11:14
221091247Tony Varley M70 SELOCGBR 10:54
232064249Paul Booth M55 SELOCENG 11:12
241420619Matt Driver M35 SELOCGBR 12:30 (h)
26719799Edward Mellor M50 SELOCGBR 12:16
2732539Eddie Speak M65 MDOCGBR 11:08
2832963Kath Speak W60 MDOCGBR 11:06
29590999Melody Thompson W55 SELOCGBR 11:02
312029072Peter Hayes M60 MDOCGBR 11:20
329193030Alison Fryer W21 MDOCGBR 11:22
33220429Martin Green M65 MDOCGBR 11:26
34722247Chris Rostron M70 MDOCGBR 11:32
391317538Joanna Treasure W55 SELOCGBR 11:24
408288061Stephen Bingham M60 MDOCENG 12:04
419739661Elizabeth Hamer-Davies W55 MDOCGBR 11:30
428471994Michele Dawson W21 MDOCGBR 11:28
435278Tom Disney M35 DEEGBR 11:34
448181041David Mawdsley M75 MDOCGBR 11:36
45HireMick Hyde M55 PFOENG 11:38
46HireHelen Hyde W50 PFOENG 11:42
477150558John Embrey M60 SROCGBR 11:44
48543215Jacqueline Embrey W60 SROCGBR 11:40
498657396Michael Wharton M45 MDOCENG 11:58
528041274Steve Wilson M45 SELOCGBR 12:12
538191078Catherine Wilson W40 SELOCGBR 12:14
54910701Stephen Horrocks M21 PFOENG 12:18
5001*8241148Tony Davies M70 INDGBR 11:16
5002*8630882Judith Wood M55 PFOGBR 10:52
5003*HireBelinda Hammond W40 INDGBR 11:52
5005*HireJoel Thetford M21 INDGBR 11:54
5006*HireDean Thetford M60 SELOCGBR 12:02

Orange (12)
62127434Mary Barton-Marshall W75 PFOGBR 10:32
8HireWard Lee M45 SELOCGBR 10:40
17HireThea Brooke W10 SELOCGBR 12:10
21HireFlynn White M10 SELOCGBR 11:48
25HireFlorence Taylor W10 SELOCGBR 10:56
35HireGary Daniels M40 MDOCENG 12:26
36HireSarah Daniels W40 MDOCENG 12:22
37HireMarcus Daniels M12 MDOCENG 12:28
38HireJacob Daniels M12 MDOCENG 12:24
501399433Daniel Wilson M12 SELOCENG 12:06
511405883Anna Wilson W10 SELOCENG 12:08
5004*HireAdam Thetford M14 SELOCGBR 11:56

Yellow (3)
42139349Sophie Gray W10 MDOCGBR 10:30
5HireCameron Gray M10 MDOCGBR 10:34
30HireHallie White W10 SELOCGBR 11:46

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