(C) Bradenham Regional and SCOL 2 Start List

Sunday 10 January 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=39, Online=0%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (9)
12*8411148Robin Bishop M50 TVOCCYM 12:00 (h)
19*8083011Ben Green M40 TVOCGBR 12:02 (h)
22*8090561Chris Poole M60 TVOCENG 10:05 (h)
23*8628708Adam Poole M21 TVOCENG 10:07 (h)
58*8655916Nigel Bunn M55 TVOCGBR 12:06 (h)
72*8660365Jan Travnicek M45 TVOCGBR 12:04 (h)
98*8110571Jon Bones M50 TVOCGBR 11:00 (h)
173*8233215Simon Kippin M50 TVOCGBR 11:02 (h)
521*7514272Andreas Frisk M35 TVOCENG 11:52 (h)

Blue (9)
8*8657681Roger Cliffe M50 TVOCGBR 12:00 (h)
38*8145416Charlotte Coles W35 TVOCGBR 11:50 (h)
40*8233221Marie-Anne Fischer W60 TVOCENG 11:45 (h)
42*8100555Roger Thetford M55 TVOCGBR 12:05 (h)
46*203370Ali Kempson W55 TVOCGBR 11:52 (h)
47*203355Gary Mills M65 TVOCGBR 11:44 (h)
59*8150151Alison Smith W55 TVOCGBR 11:41 (h)
79*8645267Dawn Figg W50 HHGBR 10:03 (h)
224*8645281Jeremy Hill M65 TVOCGBR 11:47 (h)

Green (9)
2*8281111Richard Steptoe M70 TVOCGBR 11:27 (h)
3*260390Paul Kilpin M70 TVOCGBR 11:22 (h)
6*8233219Bob Beresford M70 TVOCGBR 10:01 (h)
24*8515044Nik Windle M55 TVOCGBR 10:02 (h)
32*203301Rachel Banham W21 TVOCGBR 12:15 (h)
33*37289Keith Banham M60 TVOCGBR 12:12 (h)
77*8264969Greg Birdseye M75 TVOCGBR 10:06 (h)
108*8645240Jim Prowting M75 TVOCGBR 11:51 (h)
423*8109431Colin Duckworth M60 TVOCGBR 12:08 (h)

Short Green (8)
1*8640443Jon Wheatcroft M65 TVOCGBR 10:00 (h)
7*8233220Pattie Beresford W70 TVOCGBR 10:01 (h)
11*217834Heather Walton W55 SLOWGBR 12:15 (h)
60*32852Roger Baker M85 TVOCGBR 10:30 (h)
103*8680948Jenny Thompson W80 TVOCENG 12:05 (h)
104*8233218John Thompson M85 TVOCENG 12:10 (h)
223*8120655Mark Thompson M65 TVOCGBR 10:45 (h)
523*8446446Dave Kingham M65 TVOCGBR 12:07 (h)

Light Green (2)
80*1721956David Bliss M65 TVOCGBR 10:08 (h)
225*8645282Katharine Hill W60 TVOCGBR 11:57 (h)

Orange (2)
25*8515045Jane Coutanche W70 TVOCGBR 10:02 (h)
293*260400Clive Wrench M80 TVOCGBR 11:32 (h)

Yellow (0)

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