Run Free Fell Runners Membership to 31/12/2021 Member List

Friday 31 December 2021 Member Statistics (Total=81, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Club Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Name Age
Junior (U18) (2)
tbaLouis Lermite MU17 GBR
tbaGeorge Winter MU16 GBR

Senior (18-64) (68)
tbaSam Bannon MSEN GBR
tbaKatie Barnes WSEN GBR
tbaJuliette Baron WSEN GBR
tbaLivvy Beckett W40 GBR
tbaJacqueline Bland-Roberts W45 GBR
tbaMark Brett MSEN GBR
tbaHannah Briggs WSEN GBR
tbaMarianne Burrell W45 GBR
tbaPhilippa Capstick W45 GBR
tbaTony Capstick M50 GBR
tbaPeter Carol M55 GBR
tbaAlex Carpenter W55 GBR
tbaJames Chamberlain MSEN GBR
tbaGer Collins M50 GBR
tbaAidan Cooke MSEN GBR
tbaKay Cottrell W60 GBR
tbaJeanette Croft W40 GBR
tbaSian Culshaw W50 GBR
tbaLouise Decourt W50 GBR
tbaNico Decourt M50 GBR
tbaSian Dunne W40 GBR
tbaLlewelyn Edwards MSEN GBR
tbaHeath Emma W40 GBR
tbaKimberley Farrall WSEN GBR
tbaYricka Gardner W50 GBR
tbaJohanna Gasson WSEN GBR
tbaDave Gittins MSEN GBR
tbaRebecca Good W40 GBR
tbaFiona Gordon W45 GBR
tbaRachel Harding WSEN GBR
tbaDaniel Hickey M45 GBR
tbaJamie Hughes M45 GBR
tbaRoger Hughes M50 GBR
tbaRuth Jefferis Jefferis WU23 GBR
tbaSal Jefford W40 GBR
tbaTomos Jenkins MSEN GBR
tbaColin Jones M55 GBR
tbaEleanor Jones W50 GBR
tbaHoward Jones M60 GBR
tbaNick Jones MSEN GBR
tbaRichard Jones MSEN GBR
tbaHiren Joshi M40 GBR
tbaOwen Lovelock M40 GBR
tbaRobyn Lovelock W40 GBR
tbaNeil McAndrew M50 GBR
tbaAllan Mckeown M40 GBR
tbaSimon Moralee M45 GBR
tbaCiara Murphy W45 GBR
tbaKaren Niels WSEN GBR
tbaTim Nolan M50 GBR
tbaChris Palmer MSEN GBR
tbaThomas Pennington MSEN GBR
tbaRebecca Pound WSEN GBR
tbaHeather Pritchard-Jones W45 GBR
tbaWarren Renkel M40 GBR
tbaDaniel Robb MSEN GBR
tbaMarie Rogers WSEN GBR
tbaJohn Rostron M45 GBR
tbaEmma Runciman WSEN GBR
tbaElaine Sargent W50 GBR
tbaCathy Shaw W40 GBR
tbaMartin Sherwen M60 GBR
tbaRachel Sherwen W55 GBR
tbaPaul Sidwells M45 GBR
tbaLee Taylor M40 GBR
tbaNick Venables M50 GBR
tbaSusan Wallace W45 GBR
tbaMichael Zeidan M45 GBR

Over 65 (3)
tbaAlan French M65 GBR
tbaAlan Johnstone M70 GBR
tbaNeil Owen M65 GBR

First Claim Other (1)
tbaDave Clarke MSEN GBR

Second Claim (7)
tbaCharles Ashley M60 GBR
tbaMike Davies M55 GBR
tbaAndrea Jones W40 GBR
tbaLinda Jones W55 GBR
tbaRow O'Neill W45 GBR
tbaDeryn Poppitt M50 GBR
tbaAlistair Potter M50 GBR

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