(D) Cambus O'May Start List

Sunday 27 September 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=139, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Blue (83)
18657399Nick Hale M60 MAROCGBR 12:21
28130379David Esson M40 GRAMPGBR 11:34
38651784Keith Roberts M60 MAROCGBR 11:01
41399099Callum Roberts M21 MAROCGBR 12:23
68121936Adam Barrie M16 MAROCSCO 11:14
71240766Donald Barrie M50 MAROCSCO 11:16
88371371Rob Parkinson M60 MORGBR 12:24
9221364Ian Hamilton M60 GRAMPGBR 11:11
108260165Steve Wilson M55 CLYDEGBR 12:13
111240666Rachel Wilson W50 CLYDEGBR 12:14
128206883Thomas Wilson M21 CLYDEGBR 12:12
157204685Sam Gomersall M55 GRAMPGBR 11:22
167204686Lesley Gomersall W55 GRAMPGBR 11:23
188004018Jonas Newey M16 MAROCSCO 11:08
228632157Finlay Raynor M16 INVOCGBR 11:56
238636121Alison Matheson W50 INVOCGBR 11:57
248011060Alexander Campbell M60 MAROCSCO 11:13
268630963James Laird M50 INVOCGBR 12:02
278630923Jacquie Laird W45 INVOCGBR 12:03
317207794Daniel Gooch M45 MAROCGBR 12:25
328632166Matthew Gooch M18 MAROCSCO 12:19
338657480Joel Gooch M16 MAROCGBR 11:05
358251205Catriona Chapman W16 MAROCGBR 11:03
378250171Paul Chapman M45 MAROCGBR 12:07
39701390Jon Musgrave M55 MAROCSCO 11:07
40HireEwan Musgrave M16 MAROCSCO 11:10
418310584Graham Gristwood M35 FVOSCO 12:09
448130560Chris Low M60 MAROCSCO 12:26
45440676Trevor Ricketts M60 MAROCGBR 11:29
46407306Paul Duley M65 GRAMPGBR 11:25
478667901Sam Fielding M21 INDGBR 12:35
488110557Roger Coombs M60 MAROCGBR 11:00
498471957Trish Coombs W60 MAROCGBR 11:17
508030479Will Hensman M40 FVOGBR 11:46
541425757Peter McLuckie M50 MORSCO 11:51
558318318Morag McLuckie W45 MORSCO 11:52
598656103Isobel Howard W16 MORGBR 11:54
668669946Jason Inman M50 FVOGBR 12:10
67HireAlan Bennett M50 MAROCSCO 12:22
68HireEwan Bennett M16 MAROCSCO 11:28
707460469Ali Robertson M40 INDSCO 11:38
77Denise Wright W55 MAROCGBR 11:20
788009032Joseph Wright M20 MAROCGBR 11:19
798190848Geoffrey Hensman M70 FVOGBR 12:27
818311164Eilidh Campbell W20 EUOCSCO 12:52
828228448Jon Shepherd M50 INVOCGBR 11:59
838657670Oscar Shepherd M16 INVOCGBR 12:00
847210135Ida Oikkonen W16 MORGBR 11:45
852117684Kaisa Oikkonen W35 MORGBR 11:48
868657382Eddie Harwood M65 MORGBR 11:49
888120204Sam Griffin M16 GRAMPGBR 12:28
898140866Tim Griffin M50 GRAMPGBR 12:29
90434171Robert Daly M60 GRAMPSCO 11:26
928657411Hugh Nicholson M50 GRAMPSCO 11:36
948020958Richard Oxlade M60 ESOCGBR 12:18
962096692Matthew Clark M50 KFOGBR 12:17
97HireClare Kemsley W55 BASOCGBR 11:40
98HireAlice Kemsley W16 BASOCGBR 11:41
99236207Ian McIntyre M55 INTGBR 12:16
100221869Grant Carstairs M65 TAYSCO 12:05
101HireFran Loots W60 TAYSCO 12:06
1068080576Paul Hammond M40 FVOGBR 11:32
1078270606James Hammond M14 FVOGBR 11:31
1128003008Alastair Thomas M20 EUOCGBR 12:59
1138150698Michael Stanwix M21 EUOCSCO 12:40
1148657418Mark Nixon M35 FVOGBR 12:54
1158133337Matthew Leitch M21 EUOCGBR 12:49
1168220298Matthew Fellbaum M21 EUOCGBR 12:37
1178121098Louise Adams W21 EUOCGBR 12:47
1188310914Mairi Eades W20 EUOCGBR 12:38
1191991015Lindsay Robertson W21 EUOCGBR 12:41
1208150899Alasdair Pedley M21 EUOCGBR 13:00
1218144422Freya Shepherd W21 EUOCGBR 12:57
1238011000Niamh Hunter W20 EUOCGBR 12:42
1248020816Peter Hodkinson M21 INTGBR 12:51
1268170400Daniel Spencer M20 EUOCGBR 12:45
1278011200Thomas Laraia M20 EUOCGBR 12:46
1288300197Helen Ockenden W21 EUOCGBR 12:55
1318655924Ellie Bales W20 EUOCGBR 12:43
1338655939Ben Breeze M20 EUOCGBR 12:48
1358080006Madara Brice W21 INTGBR 12:36
1368654206Katrina McGougan W20 EUOCGBR 12:53
137HireDennis McDonald M55 GRAMPGBR 11:43

Light Green (31)
51140666Susan Barrie W50 MAROCSCO 11:00
131401142Genevieve Jones W70 MAROCGBR 11:12
14HireCarol Jackson W60 GrampGBR 11:32
17HireScott Newey M50 MAROCSCO 11:08
198008307Yann Newey M14 MAROCSCO 11:10
20HireKatja Neumann W50 MAROCSCO 11:58
258630844Angus Laird M14 INVOCGBR 12:01
2950087Peter Craig M75 MAROCGBR 11:15
3050244Margaret Fraser W70 MAROCGBR 11:21
341401146Ruth Gooch W14 MAROCGBR 11:05
521261005Lucy Hensman W16 FVOGBR 11:44
539102265Katie Hensman W14 FVOGBR 11:46
568111008Finlay McLuckie M12 MORSCO 11:50
578667902Kate McLuckie W14 MORSCO 11:52
588667920Nikki Howard W45 MORGBR 11:06
608657661Sophie Howard W12 MORGBR 11:54
69HireAileen Salway W50 MAROCGBR 11:27
738150906Michael Bishenden M14 MORSCO 12:03
762136398Scarlett Britain W14 MORGBR 11:56
808021148Lindsey Hensman W70 FVOGBR 12:27
87HireSuzanne Dolan W45 INDGBR 11:29
912096959Fergus Kenyon M14 MORGBR 11:48
938222008Rosslyn Nicholson W50 GRAMPSCO 11:36
1028515036Vernon Gayle M50 FVOGBR 12:07
105HireChris Redmond M35 MAROCGBR 11:24
1088161008Rebecca Hammond W12 FVOGBR 11:31
1108467078Karen Fraser W40 MORGBR 11:03
111HireLynn Collins W50 MAROCGBR 11:17
125HireAlex Boloux W21 EUOCGBR 12:57
129HireNeil Macintyre M20 EUOCGBR 12:36
130HireKora Holschbach W20 EUOCGBR 12:38

Orange (19)
288630878Rona Laird W12 INVOCGBR 12:00
368101071Jacqui Chapman W45 MAROCGBR 11:02
42HireGillie Hagger W60 MAROCGBR 11:14
43HireAlan Watson M70 MAROCGBR 11:18
5133322Susan Hensman W45 FVOGBR 11:45
618667921Anna Howard W10 MORGBR 11:55
62HireMette Cormack W45 MAROCSCO 11:07
63HireFindlay Cormack M12 MAROCSCO 11:09
65401777Matthew Inman M12 FVOGBR 12:10
7150031Oli Robertson M12 INDSCO 11:38
7433076George Esson M70 GRAMPGBR 11:33
952074491Anne Hoy W60 ESOCGBR 12:18
103HireFinlay Redmond M10 MAROCGBR 11:25
104HireBenjamin Redmond M12 MAROCGBR 11:23
122HireKelsey Barnhill W21 EUOCGBR 12:40
132HireLuna Hu W20 EUOCGBR 12:37
134HireVilius Kaulinskas M21 EUOCGBR 12:43
138HireSmantha McDonald W12 GRAMPGBR 11:42
139HireJoanna McDonald W10 GRAMPGBR 11:40

White (6)
21HireBeau Whitehead M10 MarocGBR 11:20
382115181Jamie Chapman M10 MAROCGBR 11:01
64HireCameron Cormack M10 MAROCSCO 11:04
72400939Emily Robertson W10 INDSCO 11:37
7533081Lindsey Esson W70 GRAMPGBR 11:34
109HireEmily Fraser W10 MORGBR 12:04

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