(DV) Gloucestershire MapRun Series Start List

Thursday 20 August 2020 - Thursday 24 September 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=158, Online=100%, Event1=34, Event2=27, Event3=36, Event4=39, Event5=47)
Event 1 20/08/2020Tidenham Chase
Event 227/08/2020Brockworth
Event 310/09/2020Nailsworth
Event 417/09/2020Bussage
Event 524/09/2020Sling
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5
Score (1 hour) (158)
1Ian Phillips M60 NGOCGBR 18:0018:0018:0018:0018:00
2Anne Palmer W70 BOKGBR 17:03
3David Palmer M70 BOKGBR 17:04
4Laurence Gossage M70 BOKGBR 17:06
5Rich Steele M21 IndGBR 18:01
6Richard Cronin M21 NGOCCYM 18:03
7Reuben Lawson M14 NGOCCYM 17:30
8Seth Lawson M12 NGOCCYM 17:31
9Howard Thomas M75 BOKCYM 17:07
10Mike Forrest M65 BOKENG 17:09
11Sally Thomas W75 BOKENG 17:10
12Frank Ince M75 SWOCGBR 17:12
13Thomas Cochrane M21 NGOCGBR 18:1017:3017:4017:49
14Pat MacLeod M70 NGOCGBR 17:4517:4517:4517:4517:45
15Kevin Brooker M50 NgocGBR 18:4518:31
16Si Read M55 NGOCENG 18:30
17Si Read M55 NGOCENG 17:46
18Alan Pucill M60 NGOCGBR 17:40
19Tom Birthwright M40 NGOCGBR 18:4018:45
20Andy Creber M60 NGOCGBR 18:06
21Doug Wilson M50 NGOCGBR 19:00
22Robert Teed M80 NGOCCYM 17:00
23Judith Taylor W55 NGOCENG 17:36
24Rob Taylor M50 NGOCENG 17:34
25Rose Taylor W14 NGOCENG 17:37
26Brian Laycock M70 HOCGBR 17:39
27Nick Thompson M50 INDGBR 17:01
28Greg Best M55 NGOCGBR 18:04
29Ro Cole W55 INDGBR 17:13
30Hilary Nicholls W50 NGOCGBR 17:15
31Kim Liggett W55 NGOCGBR 17:16
32Ian Macklin M50 INDGBR 17:57
33Richard Newhouse M50 INDGBR 18:15
34Paul Murrin M45 NGOCGBR 17:33
35Peter Compton M50 INDENG 17:18
36Alan Pucill M60 NGOCGBR 18:55
37Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG 17:54
38Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG 17:55
39Judith Taylor W55 NGOCGBR 18:03
40Rose Taylor W14 NGOCGBR 18:04
41Ginny Hudson W55 NGOCENG 17:25
42Rich Steele M21 IndGBR 17:49
43Andy Creber M60 NGOCGBR 17:51
44David Sanson M45 INDENG 18:01
45Robert Teed M80 NGOCCYM 17:15
46Samuel Taunton M21 NGOCENG 19:00
47Jamie Hayward M21 BOKGBR 17:10
48Brian Laycock M70 HOCGBR 17:39
49Steve Millward M40 INDENG 17:52
50Alec Linton M45 NGOCENG 17:58
51Clive Caffall M55 NGOCGBR 17:15
52Kim Liggett W55 NGOCGBR 17:16
53Ashley Cox M21 INDENG 18:10
54Hilary Nicholls W50 NGOCGBR 17:12
55Greg Best M55 NGOCGBR 18:06
56Richard Mawer M45 BAOCGBR 17:00
57Ben Mawer M16 BAOCGBR 17:01
58Andrew Hartley M21 NGOCENG 18:30
59Anne Palmer W70 BOKGBR 17:03
60David Palmer M70 BOKGBR 17:04
61Rich Steele M21 IndGBR 18:3018:4519:00
62Paul Gebbett M50 BOKGBR 18:0318:03
63Tom Birthwright M40 NGOCGBR 18:18
64Jo Ballinger W35 INDGBR 18:04
65Emily Mayo W21 INDGBR 18:01
66Becky Delnevo W40 INDGBR 17:58
67Matt Natt M40 INDGBR 18:06
68Steve Lee M55 NGOCENG 18:07
69John Miklausic M40 NGOCGBR 18:0918:09
70James Chapman M35 BLENG 18:25
71Emma Stuart W21 BLENG 18:28
72Richard Cronin M21 NGOCCYM 17:15
73Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG 17:0617:01
74Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG 17:0917:00
75Samuel Taunton M21 NGOCENG 17:07
76Judith Taylor W55 NGOCGBR 18:34
77Rose Taylor W14 NGOCGBR 18:33
78Laura Britton W40 BOKGBR 17:30
79Andy Creber M60 NGOCGBR 18:36
80Rob Woods M50 RAFOENG 18:31
81Brian Laycock M70 HOCGBR 17:4817:4817:48
82Greg Best M55 NGOCGBR 17:55
83Tom Baker M35 INDGBR 18:21
84John Nash M50 INDGBR 18:37
85Scott Johnson M40 NGOCGBR 17:10
86James Clemence M60 SWOCCYM 18:10
87Paul Hammond M55 HOCENG 17:46
88Anders Johansson M45 NGOCGBR 17:12
89Kevin Brooker M50 NGOCGBR 18:3018:30
90Andrew Stott M60 NGOCGBR 17:31
91Alec Linton M45 NGOCENG 18:45
92Doug Wilson M50 NGOCGBR 18:3318:01
93Catherine Slade W40 SAXGBR 17:00
94Edward Stott M35 SLOWGBR 17:01
95Andrew Stott M60 NGOCGBR 17:03
96Laura Britton W40 BOKGBR 17:06
97Maya Britton W10 BOKGBR 17:04
98Neil Albert M45 NGOCFRA 17:07
99Barthelemy Albert M10 INDFRA 17:09
100Robert Teed M80 NGOCCYM 17:10
101Tom Birthwright M40 NGOCGBR 18:10
102James Clemence M60 SWOCCYM 18:01
103Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG 17:13
104Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG 17:12
105Michael Forrest W65 BOKENG 17:5817:57
106Clive Caffall M55 NGOCGBR 17:1517:10
107Andy Monro M50 NGOCGBR 17:43
108Judith Taylor W55 NGOCGBR 18:34
109Rob Taylor M50 NGOCGBR 18:36
110Rose Taylor W14 NGOCGBR 18:37
111Si Read M55 NGOCENG 17:46
112Daniel Lee-Lane M21 INDGBR 18:06
113Hannah Bradley W45 NGOCGBR 17:30
114Simon Denman M55 NGOCGBR 18:12
115Tom Baker M35 INDGBR 17:49
116Jake Harrington M21 BAOCENG 18:15
117Steve Lee M55 NGOCENG 18:07
118Katie Topp W21 INDGBR 18:16
119Nick Smith M35 INDGBR 18:18
120Paul Hammond M55 HOCENG 17:42
121Greg Best M55 NGOCGBR 17:55
122Ben Luckham M35 INDGBR 18:21
123Jonah Luckham M10 INDGBR 18:22
124Tom Birthwright M40 NGOCGBR 18:03
125Reuben Lawson M14 NGOCGBR 17:30
126Seth Lawson M12 NGOCGBR 17:31
127Hilary Nicholls W50 NGOCGBR 17:13
128Anne Palmer W70 BOKGBR 17:03
129David Palmer M70 BOKGBR 17:04
130Peter Compton M50 INDGBR 17:06
131Kim Liggett W55 NGOCGBR 17:09
132David May M70 SLOWGBR 17:18
133Anne May W70 SWOCGBR 17:19
134Andrew Stott M60 NGOCGBR 17:16
135James Clemence M60 SWOCCYM 17:58
136Eleri Cowen W14 NGOCENG 18:04
137Frank Ince M75 SWOCGBR 17:07
138Dave Andrews M70 NGOCGBR 17:51
139Hannah Bradley W45 NGOCGBR 17:36
140Judith Taylor W55 NGOCGBR 18:12
141Rob Taylor M50 NGOCGBR 18:15
142Rose Taylor W14 NGOCGBR 18:16
143Andy Creber M60 NGOCGBR 17:12
144Greg Best M55 NGOCGBR 17:28
145Hannah Burley W45 INDGBR 18:09
146Michael Marks M50 INDGBR 18:10
147Si Read M55 NGOCENG 17:21
148David Sanson M45 INDGBR 18:06
149Tom Baker M35 INDGBR 17:22
150Steve Chiverton M65 HOCGBR 17:24
151Mark Mackintosh M55 INDGBR 18:07
152Paul Hammond M55 HOCENG 17:25
153Jake Harrington M21 BAOCENG 18:31
154Alec Linton M45 NGOCENG 17:27
155Darren Creed M45 INDGBR 17:43
156Nick Creed M40 INDGBR 17:42
157Abigail Jones W21 INDGBR 17:37
158John Miklausic M40 NGOCGBR 17:46

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