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Tuesday 21 July 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=99, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Long (23)
2John O'Donovan M21 AJAXIRL tba
3Laura Coleman W21 INDIRL tba
4Lesley Rooney W21 INDIRL tba
9Sarah Ni Ruairc W40 FINGALIRL tba
11John McCullough M65 3ROCIRL tba
12Eoin McCullough M21 3ROCIRL tba
17Derek Mannion M45 AjaxIRL tba
18Ger Power W70 IndIRL tba
19Heather Wood W55 GENIRL tba
20Graeme Francis M55 LVOENG tba
21Hugh Cashell M35 CNOCIRL tba
23Ciaran Laird M35 INDIRL tba
48Andrew Butterfield M55 GENIRL tba
51Val Jones M65 FingalIRL tba
55Kevin O'Kelly M60 3ROCIRL tba
62Gavan Doherty M45 GENIRL tba
66Hanly Stephen M50 INDIRL tba
80Ciaran Kearns M20 Fingal OrienteersIRL tba
82Sean Kearns M21 Fingal OrienteersIRL tba
83Brendan McCarthy M45 DFOIRL tba
95Mick Farrell M40 CNOCIRL tba
97Des Doyle M70 GENIRL tba
98Anna Musial W21 AjaxIRL tba

Medium (59)
1Aine Farren W16 FINIRL tba
5Tommy Burke M65 FingalIRL tba
6Gabrielle King W55 FingalIRL tba
7Per-Olov Elovsson M60 FingalIRL tba
8Patricia O Cleirigh W50 AjaxIRL tba
10Liam Mangan M40 DFOIRL tba
13Edith Bridcut W55 GENIRL tba
14Ciaran Donaghy M55 GENIRL tba
15Cliodhna Donaghy W18 GENIRL tba
16Aoife Donaghy W21 GENIRL tba
24Jeannine Laird W35 INDIRL tba
26Aedeen Lane W45 INDIRL tba
27Éamon Ó Briain M75 FingalIRL tba
28Tony Devlin M65 INDIRL tba
29Aoibhin Morton W12 INDIRL tba
30Annemarie Morton W40 INDIRL tba
31Cillian Morton M10 INDIRL tba
32Jim Mulrooney M60 SetIRL tba
34Andrea McGealy W45 INDIRL tba
35Créidhe O'Sullivan W50 GENIRL tba
36Tara Mills W21 INDIRL tba
37Deborah Couëdelo W40 INDIRL tba
38Alan Couedelo M40 INDIRL tba
39Liam Couedelo M14 INDIRL tba
40Conor Couedelo M10 INDIRL tba
41Georgina O’Byrne W40 INDIRL tba
42Andrew O’Byrne M40 INDIRL tba
43Dexter O’Byrne M10 INDIRL tba
44Tadhg O’Byrne M10 INDIRL tba
45Berengere Hanly W45 INDIRL tba
46Alice Hanly W10 INDIRL tba
47Paul Butterfield M16 GENIRL tba
49Aine Joyce W55 GENIRL tba
50Ian Murphy M50 FINOIRL tba
53Francesca Gallerati W45 IndIRL tba
54Freya Broderick W12 IndIRL tba
61Alexander Gatov M12 FingalIRL tba
63Santina Doherty W45 GENIRL tba
64James Doherty M14 GENIRL tba
67Claire Brett W50 INDIRL tba
68Sarah Mai Holmes W12 INDIRL tba
69Brian Holmes M20 INDIRL tba
70Teddy Otto M55 INDIRL tba
71Aisling Smith W45 INDIRL tba
72Paul Mulligan M65 INDIRL tba
75Margaret Godwin W60 INDIRL tba
76Damian Godwin M60 INDIRL tba
77Lorcan Godwin M12 INDIRL tba
78Isabell Godwin W10 INDIRL tba
79Kathryn Walley W60 Fingal OrienteersIRL tba
88James Raviolos M14 INDIRL tba
89Alan Foran M12 INDIRL tba
90Leon Doroszko M14 INDIRL tba
91Jimmy Mc Fadden M14 INDIRL tba
92Conor Mc Fadden M14 INDIRL tba
93Jack Healy M14 INDIRL tba
94Conor Cole M14 INDIRL tba
99Andreas Kusch M50 INDIRL tba
100Carol Martin M50 INDIRL tba

Short (17)
22Grainne Connolly W40 INDIRL tba
33Jean F O'Neill W70 Final OrienteersIRL tba
52Philip Mullins M40 INDIRL tba
56Jerry Murphy M55 INDIRL tba
57Ben Murphy M14 INDIRL tba
58Louise McCulloch W35 FingalIRL tba
59Emily McCulloch W10 FingalIRL tba
60Robert McCulloch M10 FingalIRL tba
65Giulia Doherty W12 GENIRL tba
73Anna Sheehy W35 XxIRL tba
74Sophie Sheehy W10 XxIRL tba
81Sinead Kearns W16 Fingal OrienteersIRL tba
84Maeve Hegarty W45 INDIRL tba
85Caoimhe Hegarty W10 INDIRL tba
86Aisling Hegarty W10 INDIRL tba
87Laoise Hegarty W10 INDIRL tba
96Geraldine O’Doherty W40 INDIRL tba

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