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Sunday 23 February 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=128, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (17)
68641551 (TFH)George Lupton M40 ESOCSCO open
78657531Terry Johnstone M50 ESOCGBR open
228662197Callum Tyler M21 ESOCSCO open
328641552 (TFH)Euan Mackinnon M45 INDGBR open
388641553 (TFH)Vicente Lopez M21 INDESP open
391411534Michael McPhillips M50 ESOCSCO open
401407013David McPhillips M18 ESOCSCO open
458641554 (TFH)Craig Leyland M21 ESOCGBR open
568121166Colin Brash M50 STAGGBR open
708442222Quentin Harding M55 CLAROGBR open
838206883Thomas Wilson M21 EUOCGBR open
858462678Rudi Paul M20 STAGSCO open
878250521Angus Ivory M16 INTGBR open
898141411William Ivory M45 INTGBR open
96721287Kyle Heron M21 STAGSCO open
988180675Tim Darlow M45 RRGBR open
1188478345Edmund Rooney M55 RRSCO open

Blue (36)
540191Ian Davidson M60 CLYDEGBR open
158190757Donald Petrie M60 CLYDESCO open
24400436Luke McGillicuddy M21 IndSCO open
25400437Davide Foffa M21 ESOCSCO open
261090392Isla Simmons W21 ESOCGBR open
278006470Pete Younger M65 ELOGBR open
317969090Leonne Hutchinson W50 ESOCGBR open
332032856Ross Lyall M21 ELOGBR open
412117687Jamie Wilson M60 ELOGBR open
428516960Velina Valova W21 STAGGBR open
438651798Peter Brownsort M60 ELOSCO open
468240167Patrick Bartlett M50 INTGBR open
488150603Leah Bartlett W18 INTGBR open
498301101Samuel Bartlett M16 INTGBR open
508001011Duncan Edmondson M50 ELOGBR open
5224859John Emeleus M50 KFOGBR open
601401157Ben Hartman M50 INTGBR open
618032001Finlay Ross M50 ESOCSCO open
628680921Nick Langley M50 CLYDEGBR open
63424483Mark Kassyk M60 ESOCSCO open
648076543Walter Clark M40 ESOCSCO open
658425759Robert Neil M60 FVOSCO open
668441955Crawford Lindsay M65 ESOCSCO open
718067676Ruth Ker W50 CLAROGBR open
747207800Mark Rowe M45 ESOCGBR open
771962218David Robertson M55 ESOCSCO open
817052Scott-Alexander Mckendrick M50 STAGSCO open
822064197Ian Rowland M55 ELOGBR open
868060368Kathleen Inch W50 FVOGBR open
95876678Rosalind Heron W21 STAGSCO open
1012080097Elspeth Bleakley W35 ESOCGBR open
1058260165Steve Wilson M55 CLYDEGBR open
1178221576Alastair Dunlop M45 CLYDESCO open
1208240466Helena Nolan W50 ESOCGBR open
1218630948Ronald Nolan M50 ESOCGBR open
1272142034 (H)Alasdair Gordon M45 ESOCGBR open

Green (37)
18204321Andrew Bell M70 BLGBR open
1050459William Bruce M65 RRGBR open
118150159Pauline McAdam W65 RRSCO open
121791617Bridget Khursheed W55 RRSCO open
138670630Ken Horne M55 RRSCO open
141860464Colin Tyre M60 ESOCSCO open
168031956Amelia Petrie W60 CLYDESCO open
172064199Katherine Kirk W50 ESOCSCO open
218645224Roger Scrutton M70 ESOCGBR open
232117682Juliette Maire W21 ESOCGBR open
298300500Robin Strain M70 ELOGBR open
308628624Sheila Strain W70 ELOGBR open
348628553Fiona Johnston W60 RRSCO open
368145399Lynn Easton W45 STAGGBR open
37345553Chris Furse M50 STAGGBR open
512089532Benji Edmondson M16 ELOGBR open
548657459Roger Garnett M65 ESOCGBR open
55220986Rachel Fawthrop W55 ESOCSCO open
578270252Margaret Dalgleish W65 ESOCSCO open
588190250Leslie Dalgleish M70 ESOCSCO open
678250856Sally Lindsay W60 ESOCSCO open
688090548Robert Findlay M70 ESOCGBR open
698150103Tamsin Ker W18 CLAROGBR open
781970321Hanne Robertson W50 ESOCGBR open
798003055Maja Robertson W14 ESOCGBR open
881216121David Ivory M14 INTGBR open
901025021Katherine Ivory W45 INTGBR open
918657533Morag McIntyre W60 INTGBR open
928280547Alastair Lessells M70 ESOCGBR open
948061147Phil Smithard M70 KFOGBR open
1048628549Robert Philp M75 KFOSCO open
1062023Ken Speirs M45 ESOCGBR open
1092127441Nicholas Hepworth M45 ESOCSCO open
1128209561Gerard Thomson M60 StagGBR open
1158657604Tim Sowood M75 INVOCGBR open
1242120565Ben Polwart M18 FVOGBR open
1262036791Pat Squire M70 INTGBR open

Short Green (12)
38140452Les Smithard M65 KFOSCO open
48171249Heather Smithard W70 KFOSCO open
98121939Anne Thom W70 ESOCGBR open
282142021 (H)Chiara Ronchini W35 INDGBR open
358003115Anne Hickling W65 ESOCSCO open
442142022 (H)Katherine Leyland W21 ESOCGBR open
72211417Fran Humphrey W70 ESOCGBR open
76804886Mary Williams W65 ESOCSCO open
938110848Kathleen Lessells W70 ESOCGBR open
1168657605Adrienne Sowood W75 INVOCGBR open
1192049794Jackie Caldwell W65 ESOCSCO open
1232136407Neil Polwart M40 FVOGBR open

Light Green (9)
28030948Jeff Hodgson M60 ELOSCO open
82105319Catherine MacColl W45 ESOCSCO open
4737198Susan Twissell W50 INTGBR open
532142023 (H)Samantha Baker W45 ESOCSCO open
592142024 (H)James Hartman M16 INTGBR open
842142025 (H)Alex Armitage M21 INDGBR open
972096598Ellie Darlow W14 RRGBR open
998641555 (TFH)Alice Herbison W21 ESOCSCO open
1008641556 (TFH)Ben Sinclair M45 ESOCGBR open

Orange (8)
207201281Jayne MacGregor W65 ESOCSCO open
808003056Calum Robertson M12 ESOCGBR open
1072142028 (H)Allan Barklie M45 ESOCGBR open
1082142029 (H)Eoin Barklie M10 ESOCGBR open
1102127440Samantha Ross Hepworth W50 ESOCSCO open
1132142031 (H)Mike Hodgkin M50 ESOCENG open
1142142032 (H)Alex Hodgkin M12 ESOCSCO open
1282142035 (H)Joe Gordon M16 ESOCGBR open

Yellow (5)
1846814Thea Thomas W12 ESOCSCO open
1933330Alan MacGregor M65 ESOCSCO open
1022142026 (H)Ianthe Bleakley W10 ESOCGBR open
122202239Ben Davison-Ellis M10 ESOCGBR open
1252142033 (H)Grace Polwart W12 FVOGBR open

White (4)
7350189Catherine Rowe W10 ESOCGBR open
7550197Adam Rowe M10 ESOCGBR open
1032142027 (H)Sebastian Bleakley M10 ESOCGBR open
1112142030 (H)Matilda Hepworth W10 ESOCSCO open

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