Fairy Freckled Cow Trail Race Start List

Sunday 01 August 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=61, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Senior Men (5)
6James Yarwood MSEN Abergele HarriersGBR tba
21Tom Booth MSEN West Cheshire ACGBR tba
26Gwion Roberts MSEN Meirionnydd RCGBR tba
53Aron Evans MSEN Denbigh HarriersGBR tba
59Tomos Roberts MSEN Meirionnydd RCGBR tba

M35 (2)
38Craig Rutter MSEN GOG Triathlon GBR tba
56Ian Edwards MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR tba

M40 (6)
8Warren Renkel M40 Run Free Fell RunnersGBR tba
19Tom Heard M40 Oswestry OlympiansGBR tba
33Paul Goffey M40 Denbigh HarriersGBR tba
51Joel Gomes M40 Wrexham Amateur ACGBR tba
55Rob Fox M40 Shrewsbury Athletic ClubGBR tba
58Paul Lewtey M40 Deestriders RCGBR tba

M45 (6)
11Paul Sidwells M45 Run Free Fell RunnersGBR tba
20Peter Jones M45 Oswestry OlympiansGBR tba
22Andy Jones M45 GOG TriathlonGBR tba
24David Griffith M45 Gog TriathlonGBR tba
44Mark Byrne M40 Buckley RunnersGBR tba
47Michael Coyne M45 Eryri HarriersGBR tba

M50 (5)
4Steven Brown M50 Prestatyn RCGBR tba
7Simon Roberts M50 Buckley RunnersGBR tba
14Rich Jones M50 Rhyl RunnersGBR tba
45Paul Donoghue M50 Buckley RunnersGBR tba
46Owen Humphreys M50 Eryri HarriersGBR tba

M55 (2)
52Richard Eccles M55 North Wales Road RCGBR tba
61Michael Norris M55 Deestriders RCGBR tba

M60 (2)
35Paul Aird M60 Deestriders RCGBR tba
40John Jones M60 Abergele HarriersGBR tba

M65 (3)
27Stephen Bellis M65 Buckley Runners GBR tba
41Chris Baldwin M65 Denbigh HarriersGBR tba
54Fred Jones M65 Denbigh HarriersGBR tba

M70 (1)
50John Dalbuquerque M70 GOG TriathlonGBR tba

M75 (1)
18Emyr Davies M75 Rhedwyr HebogGBR tba

M80 (0)

Senior Women (4)
15Leigh Jenkins WSEN Chester Triathlon ClubGBR tba
36Baugh Elen WSEN Denbigh HarriersGBR tba
57Tracy Rogers WSEN Buckley RunnersGBR tba
60Elliw Haf WSEN Eryri HarriersGBR tba

W35 (1)
16Laura Ashford WSEN Chester Triathlon ClubGBR tba

W40 (5)
9Sal Jefford W40 Run Free Fell RunnersGBR tba
10Cathy Shaw W40 Run Free Fell RunnersGBR tba
28Carole Richardson W40 Beaumaris Town Road Runners GBR tba
29Sarah Marriott W40 GOGGBR tba
30Catrin Hughes W40 GBR tba

W45 (3)
31Hayley Parkes W40 GBR tba
34Allison Reid W45 Prestatyn running clubGBR tba
42Jo Lewis W45 Prestatyn RCGBR tba

W50 (7)
5Sue Formstone W50 Buckley RunnersGBR tba
13Val Jones W50 Rhyl RunnersGBR tba
17Sharon Eaton W50 Chester Triathlon ClubGBR tba
23Emma Birchall W50 PrestatynGBR tba
25Laurie Griffith W50 Gog TriathlonGBR tba
32Helen Davies W50 Denbigh HarriersGBR tba
37Tracey Haseldine W50 GBR tba

W55 (4)
1Sue Jones W60 Cybi StridersGBR tba
12Caroline Jones W55 Prestatyn Running ClubGBR tba
39Helen Baxandall W55 Prestatyn running clubGBR tba
48Kay Hatton W55 North Wales Road RCGBR tba

W60 (3)
2Sue Hewitt W60 Denbigh HarriersGBR tba
3Kay Cottrell W60 Run Free Fell RunnersGBR tba
43Sue Hughes W60 Prestatyn RCGBR tba

W65 (0)

W70 (1)
49Ann Dalbuquerque W70 GOG TriathlonGBR tba

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

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