(C/C) MAROC Deeside Weekend Start List

Saturday 07 March 2020 - Sunday 08 March 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=323, Online=100%, Event1=153, Event2=170)
Event 107/03/2020Johnshaven Urban Regional (SOUL 3)
Event 208/03/2020Birsemore Regional
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Emit Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Men Open (M18-M35) (26)
4HireKristian Jones M21 FVOGBR tba
8HirePaul Clatworthy M35 ESOCGBR tba
39483095Graham Gristwood M35 FVOSCO tba
86HireSam Griffin M16 GRAMPGBR tba
95HireAlasdair Raynor M20 INVOCGBR tba
115HirePeter Hodkinson M21 INTGBR tba
153HireRoss Lyall M21 ELOGBR tba
161HireChris Redmond M35 MAROCGBR tba
165HireWilliam Rigg M21 INTGBR tba
169HireThomas Wilson M21 EUOCGBR tba
180HireMichael Stanwix M21 EUOCGBR tba
182HireThomas Laraia M20 EUOCGBR tba
184HireDaniel Spencer M20 EUOCGBR tba
186HireBen Breeze M20 EUOCGBR tba
190HireAxel Olsson M20 EUOCGBR tba
194HireEddie Narbett M21 EUOCGBR tba
198HireMatthew Leitch M21 EUOCGBR tba
202HireNoah Howlett M21 EUOCGBR tba
204HireTom Lines M21 EUOCGBR tba
206HireDavid Bunn M20 EUOCGBR tba
208HireAlastair Thomas M20 EUOCGBR tba
210HireMark Nixon M35 FVOGBR tba
214HireMax F A Bloor M20 EUOCGBR tba
219HireAlistair Masson M21 INTGBR tba
259HireAlexander Chepelin M21 EUOCGBR tba
323HireJoseph Wright M20 EUOCSCO tba

Men Veteran (M40+) (16)
17HireTerry Johnstone M50 ESOCGBR tba
44HireAndrew Campbell M50 MORGBR tba
59HireAlistair Duguid M45 TAYGBR tba
84HireTim Griffin M50 GRAMPGBR tba
123HireWill Hensman M40 FVOGBR tba
127HireHugh Nicholson M50 GRAMPSCO tba
162HireNick Langley M50 CLYDEGBR tba
222HireAndy Paterson M50 CLYDESCO tba
232HireBen Stansfield M50 FVOGBR tba
238HireNick Collins M50 MAROCGBR tba
257HireSimon James M50 TAYGBR tba
270HireDonald Barrie M50 MAROCSCO tba
292HireColin Hall M50 MORGBR tba
299HirePeter McLuckie M50 MORSCO tba
312HireAlan Bennett M50 MAROCSCO tba
319HireAli Robertson M40 GRAMPGBR tba

Men Super Veteran (M55+) (13)
23HireAlexander Campbell M60 MAROCSCO tba
29HireHugo Barker M55 FVOENG tba
46HireChris Low M60 MAROCSCO tba
54184443Ade Chapman M55 MORGBR tba
63HireKen Horne M55 RRSCO tba
67HireMark Kassyk M60 ESOCSCO tba
75HirePete Lawrence M55 GRAMPGBR tba
91HireColin Salisbury M55 INVOCSCO tba
97HireDavid Robertson M55 ESOCSCO tba
143HireTrevor Ricketts M60 MAROCGBR tba
227407647Iain McLeod M60 GRAMPGBR tba
274HireTim Harding M55 ELOSCO tba
294201800Robert Neil M60 FVOSCO tba

Men Ultra Veteran (M65+) (12)
16HireJohn Coon M65 ECKOGBR tba
24408624Les Smithard M65 KFOSCO tba
37HirePhil Smithard M70 KFOGBR tba
47HireIan McCubbin M65 TaySCO tba
48HireDouglas Henderson M65 RRSCO tba
88HireColin Matheson M65 MORGBR tba
106HireRobin Sloan M70 RRSCO tba
152HirePat Squire M70 INTGBR tba
154412340Robin Strain M70 ELOGBR tba
241HireLeslie Dalgleish M70 ESOCSCO tba
267HireCrawford Lindsay M65 ESOCSCO tba
280HireAlan Watson M70 MarocGBR tba

Men Hyper Veteran (M75+) (2)
236HireDave Coustick M75 FVOSCO tba
263HireTim Sowood M75 INVOCGBR tba

Men Junior (M16-) (5)
33HireDuncan Barker M18 FVOSCO tba
147HireRanolph Whitehead M14 MAROCGBR tba
223HireMichael Bishenden M14 MORGBR tba
229HireYann Newey M14 MAROCSCO tba
310HireEwan Bennett M16 MAROCSCO tba

Men Young Junior (M12-) (6)
56HireFinn Selmer Duguid M12 TAYGBR tba
61HireCarl Selmer Duguid M10 TAYGBR tba
99HireCalum Robertson M12 ESOCGBR tba
157HireGuy Gibbons-Wood M12 MAROCGBR tba
217HireJoe Mackenzie M12 MAROCGBR tba
302HireFinlay McLuckie M12 MORSCO tba

Women Open (W18-W35) (20)
2HireAnwen Darlington W21 FVOGBR tba
10HireMiss H Bridle W40 ESOCGBR tba
19HireEilidh Campbell W20 EUOCSCO tba
21HireKirsty Campbell W20 MAROCSCO tba
27HireJane Chisholm W35 BASOCSCO tba
51HireRachel Hendrie W21 FVOGBR tba
64HireRachel Kirkland W45 INTGBR tba
150HireKaren Maxwell W21 RRSCO tba
167HireNiamh Hunter W20 EUOCGBR tba
172HireEllie Bales W20 EUOCGBR tba
174HireLindsay Robertson W21 EUOCGBR tba
176HireHelen Ockenden W21 EUOCGBR tba
178HireLaura King W21 EUOCGBR tba
189HireRachel Collins W20 EUOCGBR tba
196HireRoanne Lilley W21 EUOCGBR tba
212HireLucia Parga W21 EUOCGBR tba
215HireJon Hollingdale M55 MORGBR tba
246HireKatrina McLeod W21 GRAMPGBR tba
304HireHeidi Ross W21 AUOCGBR tba
307HireLucie Hamplova W21 AUOCSCO tba

Women Veteran (W40+) (8)
94HireAlison Matheson W50 INVOCGBR tba
98HireHanne Robertson W50 ESOCGBR tba
125HireRosslyn Nicholson W50 GRAMPSCO tba
233HireJosie Stansfield W50 FVOGBR tba
253HireLaura Farquharson W50 GRAMPGBR tba
272HireSue Barrie W50 MAROCSCO tba
285HireNikki Howard W45 MORGBR tba
300HireMorag McLuckie W45 MORSCO tba

Women Super Veteran (W55+) (15)
31HireHelen Barker W60 FVOSCO tba
34502644Lindsey Knox W60 RRGBR tba
42HireElizabeth Campbell W55 MORGBR tba
49HireFiona Hendrie W60 FVOGBR tba
62HireBridget Khursheed W55 RRSCO tba
72HireCaz Dudley W55 MAROCSCO tba
77HireRachel Scott W55 GRAMPGBR tba
129HireTrish Coombs W60 MAROCGBR tba
149HireEileen Maxwell W55 RRSCO tba
220HireHelen Anderson W55 GrampGBR tba
225HireCarolyn McLeod W55 GRAMPGBR tba
234HireFiona Johnston W60 RRSCO tba
265HireSally Lindsay W60 ESOCSCO tba
282HireGillie Hagger W60 MAROCGBR tba
290HireJane Halliday W60 MORGBR tba

Women Ultra Veteran (W65+) (7)
12HireRhona Fraser W65 ESOCGBR tba
14HireSuse Coon W65 ECKOGBR tba
25194803Heather Smithard W70 KFOSCO tba
36HirePauline McAdam W65 RRSCO tba
82408981Oonagh Grassie W65 GRAMPSCO tba
155497172Sheila Strain W70 ELOGBR tba
243HireMargaret Dalgleish W65 ESOCSCO tba

Women Hyper Veteran (W75+) (1)
261HireAdrienne Sowood W75 INVOCGBR tba

Women Junior (W16-) (5)
118HireKatie Hensman W14 FVOGBR tba
120HireLucy Hensman W16 FVOGBR tba
249HireKirsty Farquharson W16 GRAMPGBR tba
251HireMorven Farquharson W16 GRAMPGBR tba
301HireKate McLuckie W14 MORSCO tba

Women Young Junior (W12-) (2)
286HireSophie Howard W12 MORGBR tba
287HireAnna Howard W10 MORGBR tba

U2 Open (0)

U3 Open (4)
66HireHeather Hale W21 GRAMPGBR tba
136HireFiona McDonald W40 GrampGBR tba
138HireDennis McDonald M55 GrampGBR tba
175HireTom Corlett M20 EUOCGBR tba

U4 Open (4)
116HireHilary Hodkinson W65 NOCGBR tba
192HireSilje Solevag W21 EUOCGBR tba
295HireKerry Wood W20 ESOCSCO tba
296HireMark Wood M50 ESOCGBR tba

U5 Open (2)
50HireIan Hendrie M65 FVOGBR tba
52HireBlair Ireland M21 INDGBR tba

U6 Open (0)

U7 Open (5)
35HireHelen Greenwood W80 GRAMPGBR tba
132HireJoanna McDonald W10 GrampGBR tba
134HireSamantha McDonald W12 GrampGBR tba
320HireOli Robertson M12 GRAMPGBR tba
321HireEmily Robertson W10 GRAMPGBR tba

Black (27)
3HireKristian Jones M21 FVOGBR tba
38483095Graham Gristwood M35 FVOSCO tba
40HireDaniel Campbell M18 MORGBR tba
80HireMatthew Gooch M18 MAROCSCO tba
87HireDavid Esson M40 GRAMPGBR tba
105HireLouis Macmillan M18 ECKOGBR tba
110HirePeter Molloy M18 FVOGBR tba
114HirePeter Hodkinson M21 INTGBR tba
168HireThomas Wilson M21 EUOCGBR tba
177HireNoah Howlett M21 EUOCGBR tba
179HireMichael Stanwix M21 EUOCGBR tba
181HireThomas Laraia M20 EUOCGBR tba
183HireDaniel Spencer M20 EUOCGBR tba
185HireBen Breeze M20 EUOCGBR tba
197HireMatthew Leitch M21 EUOCGBR tba
199HireMax F A Bloor M20 EUOCGBR tba
200HireWilliam Rigg M21 INTGBR tba
203HireTom Lines M21 EUOCGBR tba
205HireDavid Bunn M20 EUOCGBR tba
207HireAlastair Thomas M20 EUOCGBR tba
209HireMark Nixon M35 FVOGBR tba
213HireAxel Olsson M20 EUOCGBR tba
218HireAlistair Masson M21 INTGBR tba
258HireAlexander Chepelin M21 EUOCGBR tba
288HirePierre Lardet M18 FVOGBR tba
315HireDavid Eades M50 INTGBR tba
322HireJoseph Wright M20 EUOCSCO tba

Brown (25)
1HireAnwen Darlington W21 FVOGBR tba
7HirePaul Clatworthy M35 ESOCGBR tba
9HireMiss H Bridle W40 ESOCGBR tba
26HireJane Chisholm W35 BASOCSCO tba
43HireAndrew Campbell M50 MORGBR tba
73HireFinlay Raynor M16 INVOCGBR tba
78HireJoel Gooch M16 MAROCGBR tba
83HireTim Griffin M50 GRAMPGBR tba
85HireSam Griffin M16 GRAMPGBR tba
92HireAngus Ivory M16 INTGBR tba
102HireSteve Wilson M55 CLYDEGBR tba
122HireWill Hensman M40 FVOGBR tba
144HireAl McCartney M16 CLYDEGBR tba
164HireLaura King W21 EUOCGBR tba
166HireNiamh Hunter W20 EUOCGBR tba
170HireRoanne Lilley W21 EUOCGBR tba
188HireHelen Ockenden W21 EUOCGBR tba
195HireEmma Wilson W21 EUOCGBR tba
221HireColin Smith M55 SYOGBR tba
230HireJonas Newey M16 MAROCSCO tba
245HireKatrina McLeod W21 GRAMPGBR tba
268HireAdam Barrie M16 MAROCSCO tba
269HireDonald Barrie M50 MAROCSCO tba
284HirePaul Mather M40 MAROCSCO tba
313HireJamie Goddard M16 FVOGBR tba

Blue (43)
5HireJames Hammond M14 FVOGBR tba
6HirePaul Duley M65 GRAMPGBR tba
15HireJohn Coon M65 ECKOGBR tba
18HireEilidh Campbell W20 EUOCSCO tba
20HireKirsty Campbell W20 MAROCSCO tba
22HireAlexander Campbell M60 MAROCSCO tba
28HireHugo Barker M55 FVOENG tba
45HireChris Low M60 MAROCSCO tba
53184443Ade Chapman M55 MORGBR tba
58HireAlistair Duguid M45 TAYGBR tba
65HireHannah Kingham W16 MORGBR tba
74HirePete Lawrence M55 GRAMPGBR tba
76HireRachel Scott W55 GRAMPGBR tba
90HireColin Salisbury M55 INVOCSCO tba
93HireAlison Matheson W50 INVOCGBR tba
96HireMaja Robertson W14 ESOCGBR tba
100HireAlice Wilson W18 CLYDEGBR tba
103201771Nick Hale M60 MAROCGBR tba
104HireIris Macmillan W16 ECKOGBR tba
107HireRachel Brown W18 ESOCGBR tba
108HireAlice Kemsley W16 BASOCSCO tba
112HireIsobel Howard W16 MORGBR tba
113HireNikki Howard W45 MORGBR tba
126HireHugh Nicholson M50 GRAMPSCO tba
137HireDennis McDonald M55 GrampGBR tba
140HirePaul Chapman M45 MAROCSCO tba
141HireCatriona Chapman W16 MAROCSCO tba
142HireTrevor Ricketts M60 MAROCGBR tba
163HireFaith Kenyon W16 MORGBR tba
171HireEllie Bales W20 EUOCGBR tba
201HireRachel Collins W20 EUOCGBR tba
224HireCarolyn McLeod W55 GRAMPGBR tba
226407647Iain McLeod M60 GRAMPGBR tba
237HireNick Collins M50 MAROCGBR tba
252HireLaura Farquharson W50 GRAMPGBR tba
25485740Anna Cox W16 BASOCGBR tba
25585769Isobel Cox W18 BASOCGBR tba
266HireCrawford Lindsay M65 ESOCSCO tba
273HireTim Harding M55 ELOSCO tba
311HireAlan Bennett M50 MAROCSCO tba
316HireLorna Eades W50 INTGBR tba
317198448Keith Roberts M60 MAROCGBR tba
318HireAmber Graham W18 MAROCGBR tba

Green (36)
30HireHelen Barker W60 FVOSCO tba
41HireElizabeth Campbell W55 MORGBR tba
57HireInger-Sofie Selmer W45 TAYGBR tba
71HireCaz Dudley W55 MAROCSCO tba
89HireClaire Gallagher W40 INDSCO tba
101HireRachel Wilson W50 CLYDEGBR tba
109HireClare Kemsley W55 BASOCGBR tba
124HireRosslyn Nicholson W50 GRAMPSCO tba
128HireTrish Coombs W60 MAROCGBR tba
135HireFiona McDonald W40 GrampGBR tba
145HirePeter Craig M75 MAROCGBR tba
146HireRanolph Whitehead M14 MAROCGBR tba
151HirePat Squire M70 INTGBR tba
173HireLindsay Robertson W21 EUOCGBR tba
191HireSilje Solevag W21 EUOCGBR tba
211HireLucia Parga W21 EUOCGBR tba
231HireScott Newey M50 MAROCSCO tba
235HireDave Coustick M75 FVOSCO tba
240HireLeslie Dalgleish M70 ESOCSCO tba
242HireMargaret Dalgleish W65 ESOCSCO tba
248HireKirsty Farquharson W16 GRAMPGBR tba
250HireMorven Farquharson W16 GRAMPGBR tba
256HireSimon James M50 TAYGBR tba
262HireTim Sowood M75 INVOCGBR tba
264HireSally Lindsay W60 ESOCSCO tba
271HireSue Barrie W50 MAROCSCO tba
276HireAnna Bichard W50 MAROCGBR tba
278HireNeil McLean M75 GRAMPSCO tba
289HireJane Halliday W60 MORGBR tba
291HireDavid Ellison M75 KFOGBR tba
293201800Robert Neil M60 FVOSCO tba
303HireHeidi Ross W21 AUOCGBR tba
305HireMarie Bernards W21 AUOCSCO tba
306HireLucie Hamplova W21 AUOCSCO tba
309HireEwan Bennett M16 MAROCSCO tba
314HireFiona Eades W16 INTGBR tba

Light Green (16)
11HireMargaret Fraser W70 MAROCGBR tba
13HireSuse Coon W65 ECKOGBR tba
32HireDuncan Barker M18 FVOSCO tba
55HireFinn Selmer Duguid M12 TAYGBR tba
79HireRuth Gooch W14 MAROCGBR tba
81408981Oonagh Grassie W65 GRAMPSCO tba
111HireSophie Howard W12 MORGBR tba
119HireLucy Hensman W16 FVOGBR tba
130HireGenevieve Jones W70 MAROCGBR tba
160HireChris Redmond M35 MAROCGBR tba
187HireTom Corlett M20 EUOCGBR tba
193HireEddie Narbett M21 EUOCGBR tba
228HireYann Newey M14 MAROCSCO tba
239HireLynn Collins W50 MAROCGBR tba
260HireAdrienne Sowood W75 INVOCGBR tba
277HireFarran McLean W21 MORSCO tba

Orange (9)
70HireShelley Farrar W50 MAROCSCO tba
117HireKatie Hensman W14 FVOGBR tba
121HireSusan Hensman W45 FVOGBR tba
159HireBenjamin Redmond M12 MAROCGBR tba
216HireJoe Mackenzie M12 MAROCGBR tba
244HireTom Pout M12 MAROCGBR tba
279HireAlan Watson M70 MarocGBR tba
281HireGillie Hagger W60 MAROCGBR tba
308HireJane Bennett W50 MAROCSCO tba

Yellow (9)
60HireCarl Selmer Duguid M10 TAYGBR tba
68HireGordon Wilson M12 MAROCSCO tba
69HireMary Wilson W10 MAROCSCO tba
131HireJoanna McDonald W10 GrampGBR tba
133HireSamantha McDonald W12 GrampGBR tba
156HireGuy Gibbons-Wood M12 MAROCGBR tba
158HireFinlay Redmond M10 MAROCGBR tba
275HireEmily Bichard W12 MAROCGBR tba
298HireHarry Hessing M10 MAROCSCO tba

White (5)
139HireJamie Chapman M10 MAROCSCO tba
148HireBeau Whitehead M10 MAROCGBR tba
247HireDara Tivendale W10 MAROCSCO tba
283HireDougal Mather M10 MAROCSCO tba
297HireBen Hessing M10 MAROCSCO tba

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