(C) Ickworth South Start List

Sunday 01 March 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=57, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (11)
31230479Ben Bethell M40 NORENG tba
79444826Jonathan Gilbert M60 NORENG tba
10363581Roderick Mansel M21 SUFFOCENG tba (h)
121416410Philip Bartram M45 NORGBR tba
148282616Emma Jarrett W40 WAOCGBR tba
168459081Stephen Borrill M45 WAOCGBR tba
28HireDiane Mitson W45 POTOCGBR tba
368130159Rini Hoogkamer M60 NORENG tba
39HireGareth Radcliffe M40 BAOCGBR tba
448630908Neil Carter M40 SUFFOCENG tba
54HireFred Boardman M45 WCOCGBR tba

Blue (8)
5401714David Vinsen M55 NORENG tba
88632883Rod Mansel M60 SUFFOCCYM tba (h)
138120998Katharine Bartram W45 NORGBR tba
188667381Chris Rampton M55 WAOCGBR tba
247468361Daniel Cowley M35 NORGBR tba
338201070Tanya Taylor W50 LOGGBR tba
421410815Roger Parker M60 NORGBR tba
579200384Helen Bickle W35 WAOCGBR tba

Green (16)
11020255Rachel Thomas W65 SMOCGBR tba
28380834Richard Bonnett M65 BAOCGBR tba
41080906Matthew Bethell M14 NORENG tba
99424020Sarah Mansel W55 SUFFOCENG tba
17430423Peter Lund M60 WAOCGBR tba
212120477Philip Brown M65 NORGBR tba
232420155Jackie Sibthorp W50 SOSGBR tba
26HireEmma Cross W21 NORGBR tba
27HireJonas Diete M35 NORGBR tba
298260080Julia Baldwin W50 SUFFOCGBR tba (h)
348010451Jeffrey Baker M65 LOGGBR tba
35HireDavid Chalcraft M60 INDGBR tba
38263493Jon Coles M50 Dauphiné OrientationFRA tba
438680563Chris Gay W70 SUFFOCGBR tba
51HireMike Hough M45 SUFFOCGBR tba
52HireChristine Hough W35 SUFFOCGBR tba

Short Green (5)
6401300Julia Paul W65 NORGBR tba
22224111Rachel Barford W55 SOSGBR tba
47HireMaciej Jablonski M40 WAOCENG tba
488669940Harriet Millward W45 WAOCGBR tba
55263682Alan Bedder M75 NORENG tba

Light Green (4)
11401287Wendy Cowley W60 NORGBR tba
252105326David Pooley M60 NORGBR tba
301966560Louise Barrett W50 NORGBR tba
56263683Pat Bedder W75 NORENG tba

Orange (4)
158465923Kate Jarrett W12 WAOCGBR tba
321415926Christopher Binns M12 NORGBR tba
40HireOlivia Radcliffe W12 IndGBR tba
45HireHanna Biernacka W40 WAOCENG tba

Yellow (7)
19HireAnnabelle Milligan W12 INDGBR tba
20HireHarry Milligan M10 INDGBR tba
31HireCaitlin Binns W10 NORGBR tba
37HireJoe Waymouth M10 INDGBR tba
412079026Liz Large W50 NORGBR tba
49HireTimothy Fishlock M45 WAOCGBR tba
53HireSophie Hough W10 SUFFOCGBR tba

White (2)
46HireErik Biernacki-Jablonski M10 WAOCENG tba
50HireMilly Fishlock W10 WAOCGBR tba

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