Denbigh Harriers Membership to 31/03/2021 Member List

Wednesday 31 March 2021 Member Statistics (Total=130, Online=100%) See the Club Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Name Age
Full Member (128)
1tbaAlison Lester-Owen GBR
2tbaKaty Baugh GBR
3tbaJoe Welch GBR
4tbaDaniel Jones GBR
5tbaChris Baldwin GBR
6tbaSara Leverett GBR
7tbaLisa Pope GBR
8tbaMeirion Wyn Roberts GBR
9tbaLian Jones GBR
10tbaWendy Malcolm GBR
12tbaLisa Dafydd GBR
13tbaFred Jones GBR
14tbaMat Jones GBR
15tbaHannah McDonnell GBR
16tbaRuth Crowther GBR
17tbaSteve Gadd GBR
18tbaEurian Mitchelmore GBR
19tbaDavid Spencer GBR
20tbaAnwen Brown GBR
21tbaEd Brown GBR
22tbaTracey Williams GBR
23tbaMenai Baugh GBR
24tbaDaniel Schraibman GBR
25tbaRhian Pierce GBR
26tbaRoger Snaith GBR
27tbaBronwen Lloyd-Williams GBR
28tbaSue Hewitt GBR
29tbaChris Roberts GBR
30tbaBob Neale GBR
31tbaWilliams Huw GBR
32tbaRebekah Dumayne GBR
33tbaSarah Bayliss CYM
34tbaChristine Smith GBR
35tbaElen Baugh GBR
36tbaJohn Gage GBR
37tbaTony Benton GBR
38tbaMike Hobday GBR
39tbaJulie Roberts GBR
40tbaSali Powell GBR
41tbaCatherine Tudor Jones GBR
42tbaMarie-Louise Lewis GBR
43tbaIeuan Lewis GBR
44tbaRhianwen Davies GBR
45tbaCeri Diss GBR
46tbaCarys Davies GBR
47tbaGraham Field GBR
48tbaDiane Lloyd GBR
49tbaNicola Williams GBR
50tbaAlaw Medi Evans GBR
51tbaDuncan Jones GBR
52tbaPaul Jones GBR
53tbaMari Jones GBR
54tbaDavid Owen Jones GBR
55tbaJulie Jones GBR
56tbaPeter Lester-Owen GBR
57tbaEmma Collins GBR
58tbaCaroline James GBR
59tbaKathryn Snaith GBR
60tbaIan Jones GBR
61tbaJessica Jones GBR
62tbaSharon Griffiths GBR
63tbaKatherine Evans GBR
64tbaAngela Beedles GBR
66tbaDavid Baugh GBR
67tbaPaul Goffey GBR
68tbaVictoria Whitehead GBR
69tbaJon Whitehead GBR
70tbaKatherine Edwards GBR
71tbaMichael James GBR
72tbaMark Jones GBR
73tbaTony Wood GBR
74tbaGwenno Williams GBR
75tbaCheryl Cuckson williams GBR
76tbaGareth Powell GBR
77tbaOwen Conry GBR
78tbaMelina Morris GBR
79tbaNicola Field GBR
80tbaSioned Griffiths GBR
81tbaKate Wilson GBR
82tbaGillian Jones GBR
83tbaJack Williams GBR
84tbaMari Williams GBR
85tbaHelen Davies GBR
86tbaRobert Parry GBR
87tbaCaroline Parry GBR
88tbaAndrew Morris GBR
89tbaClaire Spencer GBR
90tbaJohn Llewelyn Thomas GBR
91tbaNadine Vernon GBR
92tbaLuke Hughes GBR
93tbaShaun Hughes GBR
94tbaRachel Jones GBR
95tbaHayes Philip GBR
96tbaGlen Price GBR
97tbaRhian Jones GBR
98tbaVictor Belshaw GBR
99tbaJeffrey Jones GBR
100tbaDawn Marshall GBR
101tbaMaria Larsson Jones GBR
102tbaGareth Jones GBR
103tbaSian Pritchard GBR
104tbaCaroline Dawe GBR
105tbaDiane Roberts GBR
106tbaAbi Corfe GBR
107tbaJones Brett GBR
108tbaBob Neale GBR
109tbaNicola Davies GBR
110tbaVictoria Conry GBR
111tbaSuzi Williams GBR
112tbaStacy Hughes GBR
113tbaHaf Jones GBR
114tbaLee Evans GBR
115tbaLisa Morris GBR
116tbaSian Alwena Jones GBR
117tbaGwenno Wood GBR
118tbaEileen Williams GBR
119tbaLauren Roberts GBR
120tbaAdam McDonnell GBR
121tbaGareth Jones GBR
122tbaSian Jones GBR
123tbaRichard Debicki GBR
124tbaSonia James GBR
125tbaAlan Jones GBR
126tbaEdwards Gemma GBR
127tbaRachael Evans GBR
128tbaCatrin Casemore GBR
129tbaSamantha Blackmore GBR
130tbaLlior Radford GBR

First claim other (0)

Second claim club member (2)
11tbaWilliam Scriven GBR
65tbaArwel Jones GBR

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