Meirionnydd RC Membership to 31/03/2021 Member List

Wednesday 31 March 2021 Member Statistics (Total=45, Online=82%) Postal members (nnn*) were last uploaded on 24 November 2020 See the Club Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Name Age
Senior (20 - 64) (31)
tbaRichard Hankinson M55 GBR
tbaArfon Hughes M50 GBR
tbaJustin Pilkington M45 GBR
tbaJeremy Randell M55 GBR
tbaGerald Cooper M60 GBR
tbaJohn Andrew Ellis M50 GBR
tbaNeil Grant M60 GBR
tbaJuliet Edwards W55 GBR
tbaGreg Wasinski M40 GBR
tbaMargaret Roberts W55 GBR
tbaAdam Preston M45 GBR
tbaJanet Preston W45 GBR
tbaMartin Skelton M50 GBR
tbaClive Edgington M60 GBR
tbaChristopher Anagnostopoulos MSEN GBR
tbaKyle Watts MSEN GBR
tbaAlun Williams M40 GBR
tbaGlyn Rowlands M60 GBR
tbaGudrun Jones W60 GBR
tbaSioned Mair Jones W40 GBR
tbaNia Evans W45 GBR
tbaHelen Jones W50 GBR
tbaBarry Davies M50 GBR
tbaDylan Evans M55 GBR
tbaElly Downing W45 GBR
tbaBen Wells M40 GBR
tbaGwion Roberts MSEN GBR
tbaKevin Evans M55 GBR
tbaRachel Richardson-Wright W55 GBR
tbaIfan Richards M40 GBR
tbaAndrea Vaughan W50 GBR

Junior (11 - 19) (1)
tbaGethin Davies MU23 GBR

Concession (65+) (3)
tbaBob Haynes M70 GBR
tbaJeff Davies M70 GBR
tbaPeter Nicholls M65 GBR

Second Claim (1)
tbaDavid Wright M60 GBR

Social (9)
tbaArthur Wyn Williams M60 GBR
tbaSarah Roberts W55 GBR
tbaGareth Roberts M60 GBR
tbaSusan Nicholls W55 GBR
tbaNia Davies WSEN GBR
tbaTracey Evans W55 GBR
tbaJude Evans W55 GBR
tbaAndrew Ennever M50 GBR
tbaLucinda Gibson W45 GBR

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