The Bristol Epic 8 Hour Race Start List

Sunday 12 September 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=107, Online=86%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 21 July 2021 See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Team Name Start Time
Solo (79)
1Lily Pawley WSEN GBR tba
2Nina Lindholm WSEN CDF RunnersGBR tba
3Adam Johnson MSEN CDF RunnersGBR tba
4Paul Dukes MSEN GBR tba
5Marie Dunnell-Tubb W40 GBR tba
8Ben Moss M40 GBR tba
9Emma Bishop W40 Southville RCGBR tba
10Jason Tinley MSEN GBR tba
11Richard Lord M40 GBR tba
12Kev Owen M40 GBR tba
13Jo Johnson-Taylor W40 Southville RCGBR tba
14James Prestidge M45 Southville RCGBR tba
15Richard Williams M40 100 Marathon ClubGBR tba
16Thomas Dalton MU23 GBR tba
17Matt Hunt M45 Lonely Goat RCGBR tba
18Kirsty Stilwell WSEN Active SoulGBR tba
19Anthony Stilwell MSEN Active SoulGBR tba
22*David Sinclair M50 CDF RunnersGBR tba
23*Liz Rees W40 CDF RunnersGBR tba
24Marc Bostock M40 Weston ACGBR tba
28Amy Genders WSEN CDF RunnersGBR tba
30Jane Duffus W40 Southville Running ClubGBR tba
31David Lane MSEN GBR tba
33Pawel Baranowski M40 Town & Country HarriersGBR tba
34Tricia Pollard W50 GBR tba
35Maria Randall W50 North Bristol Running GroupGBR tba
36Susan Boyle W40 Southville RCGBR tba
37Helen Whitesmith W40 Southville RCGBR tba
38Sharon Jones W50 Southville RCGBR tba
39Charlotte Hayden WSEN Southville RCGBR tba
40*Allison Nash-Collier W50 Bitton Road RunnersGBR tba
41Melissa Houston W40 Southville RCGBR tba
42Paul Becker M50 GoodGym Race TeamGBR tba
43Danica Priest WSEN Goodgym Race TeamGBR tba
44Natalia Jozefowicz WSEN GBR tba
45Jill Robinson W45 FitquestGBR tba
46*Danny Button M40 Staple Hill RunnersGBR tba
47Angus Howie M50 GBR tba
48Matthew Chaplin M45 Lonely GoatGBR tba
51Kelly Challis W40 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR tba
52Lee Cowling M45 Minehead Running ClubGBR tba
53*Kelly Shearing W40 GBR tba
54*Sally Burns W55 Southville Running ClubGBR tba
55*Sandra Helk WSEN Vegan Runners UKGBR tba
56Phil Sherborne M45 Southville RCGBR tba
57Miranda Arthur W50 Southville RCGBR tba
58Ben Tupman M40 GBR tba
59Patrick Connolly M50 Emersons Green Running ClubGBR tba
60Tony Myers M60 Southville RCGBR tba
61Ruth Cornish W55 Southville RCGBR tba
62Martin Bull M50 Avon Valley RunnersGBR tba
63Roz Glover W45 Great Western RunnersGBR tba
64Claire Whitaker W45 GBR tba (h)
65*Aline Offord W45 GBR tba
66*Beverley Tucker W50 GBR tba
67Neil Roff M50 Thornbury RCGBR tba
68Brian Robb MSEN Bitton Road RunnersGBR tba
69Jen South WSEN GBR tba
70Rachael Ellard W40 Southville RCGBR tba
71*Gemma Abbott W40 GBR tba
72Katherine Thomasset W50 This Mum RunsGBR tba
73Catherine Chalmers W55 GBR tba
74Vickie Lambourne WSEN This Mum RunsGBR tba
75Kirstie Richardson WSEN This Mum RunsGBR tba
76Samantha Gratton WSEN GBR tba
77Anita Callar WSEN GBR tba
78Sue Bourner W55 TMRGBR tba
79Richard Pedrick MSEN Vegan Runners UKGBR tba
80Al Fouracre M60 GBR tba
81Mike Karthauser M45 Southville RCGBR tba
82Andrew Snell MSEN GBR tba
83Meredith Moody WSEN BOKGBR tba
84Vicki Hodge W40 GBR tba
85Lucie Weston W45 GBR tba
87*Emma Meredith W45 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR tba
88Christopher Hemsley MSEN Emersons Green Running ClubGBR tba
89David Baber M55 Westbury HarriersGBR tba
90Sandra Helk WSEN Vegan Runners UKGBR tba
92Maddy Dawson WSEN NBRGGBR tba

Team (4 entrants) (28)
7Drew McLellan M40 Southville RCGBR Surprisingly Runnytba
Rachel Andrew W45 Southville RCGBR tba
Hayley Fitzgerald WSEN Southville RCGBR tba
Tom Fitzgerald MSEN GBR tba
25Shona Buchanan WSEN GBR Neighbourly Atba
Alice Whale WSEN GBR tba
Steve Butterworth M40 GBR tba
Martha Goudie WSEN GBR tba
26Oli Oldfield MSEN GBR Neighbourly Btba
Jane Halstead W40 GBR tba
ShonaTeam Tbc1 WSEN GBR tba
ShonaTeam Tbc2 WSEN GBR tba
27ShonaTeam Tbc3 MSEN GBR Neighbourly Ctba
ShonaTeam Tbc4 WSEN GBR tba
ShonaTeam Tbc5 MSEN GBR tba
ShonaTeam Tbc6 WSEN GBR tba
29Neil Webber MSEN GBR Run for all and all for runtba
Rachel Webber WSEN GBR tba
Jonathan Burchill M40 GBR tba
Sarah Burchill WSEN GBR tba
86*Simon Bridgewater MSEN North Bristol Running GroupGBR The NBRG Crewtba
Steven Edge M55 North Bristol Running GroupGBR tba
Alan Wilcox M50 North Bristol Running GroupGBR tba
Dave Sharratt MSEN North Bristol Running GroupGBR tba
91Emma Davids WSEN GBR Lactic Acid Triptba
Martin Harrison MSEN GBR tba
Az Wellmore WSEN GBR tba
Ed Wellmore MSEN GBR tba

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