(C/B) 2021 Welsh Championship Weekend Start List

Saturday 11 September 2021 - Sunday 12 September 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=206, Online=90%, Event1=139, Event2=163)
Event 111/09/2021Welsh Middle Distance Championships
Event 212/09/2021Welsh Long Distance Championships

Enter by age class - Welsh Championship competitors must enter by age class on each day they wish to be eligible for the championship.

Welsh Championship eligibility marker - If you are eligible for the Welsh Championships please mark your GBR Country as CYM. If you are not, please only use ENG, SCO, NI or leave blank (=GBR). If you wish to amend it please use the link provided in the email you received when you entered, or click the Amend Entry link below.
See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Near
Entry No. / Name
Start Times
Event 1Event 2
M10 (2)
27HireLuke Peltor M12 BAOCCYM tba(e)
84HireRobin Irwin M12 SBOCCYM tbatba(e)

M12 (4)
25HireAlex Peltor M14 BAOCCYM tba(e)
418220609Adam Landels M12 ODGBR tba(vl)tba(m)
174HireGeorge Grocott M12 ERYRIGBR tbatba
2088090702Max Straube-Roth M12 ODENG tba(vl)tba(l)

M14 (4)
38037174Seth Lawson M14 NGOCCYM tba(m)tba(l)
6414168Marty Jones M14 ERYRICYM tba(l)
178082006Frederick Kingsland M16 ERYRICYM tba(m)
1628680543Andrew Raven M16 SWOCCYM tba

M16 (2)
28038707Reuben Lawson M16 NGOCCYM tba(m)tba(l)
1658680544Christopher Raven M18 SWOCCYM tba

M18 (1)
175831107Nicolas Barrett M18 SNCYM tba(l)

M20 (1)
1488662245Tom Wood M21 ERYRICYM tba

M21 (10)
71399094Ian Jones M50 ERYRICYM tba(l)
328000047Ben Mitchell M21 SBOCCYM tba(l)tba(l)
338256763Megan Carter-Davies W21 MWOCCYM tba(l)tba(l)
34500999Marcus Pinker M45 FVOIRL tba(m)tba(m)
1261426926Iestyn Evans M21 SBOCCYM tba(e)tba(e)
1378311276Matthew Fortes M45 ERYRICYM tba(m)
1428282828Richard Cronin M21 NGOCGBR tba
1568122315Matthew Pickering M21 UBOCGBR tba(ve)
1618657425Matt Whipple M21 SWOCCYM tba(m)tba(m)
173871007Matthew Jones M21 SBOCCYM tba(m)

M35 (4)
12*8657538Rhys Manning M35 SWOCCYM tba(l) (h)
13*8657538Rhys Manning M35 SWOCCYM tba(m) (h)
552145979Andrew Firth M35 SWOCCYM tba
908657408Owain Jones M40 BOKCYM tba

M40 (2)
1088270978Dai Wilson M40 RAFOCYM tba(l)
2158628704Wayne Byrne M40 RAFOCYM tba(m)

M45 (5)
98645277Mark Stodgell M45 WCHGBR tba(l)tba(l)
1507401200Nick Ashby M45 SWOCCYM tba(ve)
1648667906Anthony Raven M45 SWOCCYM tba
2008064343Richard Powell M45 WAOCENG tba(e)tba(e)
2278210876Tommi Grover M45 BOKGBR tba(m)tba(m)

M50 (6)
81399094Ian Jones M50 ERYRICYM tba(l)
67537384Richard Barrett M50 BAOCCYM tba(l)
888401461Peter Ward M50 NGOCGBR tba(m)tba(l)
918411148Robin Bishop M50 TVOCCYM tba(m)tba(m)
122888253Philip Jenkins M55 SBOCCYM tba(m)
1779060969Jason Howell M50 HOCGBR tba(m)

M55 (11)
208290965Pauly-D Jones M55 DEECYM tba(vl)tba(vl)
42*2049784Duncan Innes M55 SWOCCYM tba(l) (h)tba(l) (h)
46220782Stephen Quinton M55 SBOCCYM tba
579050362David Williams M55 HOCGBR tba(e)
638033136David Pal M55 WRECYM tba(ve)
948010365Russell Finch M55 SWOCCYM tba(l)tba(e)
998181962David Potter M55 BOKGBR tba(m)
1042089673Richard Sharp M55 TVOCENG tbatba(m)
192364708Andrew French M55 WIMGBR tba(l)tba(e)
2068050663Clive Hallett M55 BOKGBR tba(l)
2098050165Mark Webster M55 NOCGBR tba

M60 (14)
41961227Niall Reynolds M60 SBOCCYM tba(l)tba(l)
188657513Peter Maliphant M65 BOKGBR tba(m)
508180459Alan Pucill M60 NGOCGBR tba(e)tba(l)
54400402David Mitchell M60 SBOCCYM tba(m)tba(m)
568641854Peter Ribbans M60 SWOCCYM tba(vl)
58*8680940James Clemence M60 SWOCCYM tba (h)tba (h)
718190558Steve Jones M60 SBOCCYM tba(m)tba(m)
74HireAndy Creber M60 NGOCCYM tbatba
78*1959024Mark Saunders M60 BOKCYM tba(vl) (h)
95HireAinis Pirtnieks M60 SWOCCYM tbatba
961396122Philip Eeles M65 SOCENG tba(l)
1471407048Jim Wood M60 ERYRICYM tba
1598012060Malcolm Lyon M65 SLOWGBR tba(l)tba(m)
1968235519Steve Blount M60 SOGBR tba(e)tba(e)

M65 (8)
249071053Roger Stein M65 SBOCCYM tba(m)tba(l)
53438243Edward Parsons M65 SBOCCYM tba
978442122David Harper M65 DEVONGBR tba(m)tba(m)
1468667904Nick Dallimore M65 SWOCCYM tba(l)
160221002David Doherty M65 SBOCCYM tba
1858270655Gavin Clegg M65 WSXENG tba(vl)tba(vl)
1948083013Andrew Evans M65 DFOKGBR tba(m)
219438243Edward Parsons M65 SBOCCYM tba

M70 (15)
44*7992607David May M75 SLOWCYM tba (h)tba (h)
458163250Chris Virgo M70 DEVONCYM tba(m)tba(m)
488145408Brian Hughes M70 HOCCYM tba(l)
498145408Brian Hughes M70 HOCCYM tba(m)
852145568Trevor Griffiths M70 BOKCYM tba(l)
131*8070550John Mills M70 SWOCCYM tba (h)
1328657440David Palmer M75 BOKGBR tba(l)
136202158Dave Andrews M70 NGOCGBR tba(e)tba(m)
13837241John Harrison M70 BADOCYM tba(l)tba(m)
1578328138Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG tba(m)tba(m)
1668333623Barry Houghton M70 HOCENG tba(l)tba(m)
1708190649John Van Rooyen M70 SAXGBR tba(m)tba(m)
1841081051John Simmons M70 BOKGBR tba(l)
1992032783Allan Darwell M70 BOKGBR tba(l)tba(l)
220202229David Mullins M70 SARUMGBR tba(e)tba(m)

M75 (7)
222074463Ted McDonald M75 BOKENG tba(m)tba(m)
351401147Robert Griffiths M75 MWOCCYM tba(vl)tba(m)
518019928Howard Thomas M75 BOKCYM tba(l)
70*37858Graham Tough M75 SWOCCYM tba (h)tba (h)
732061399Frank Ince M75 SWOCCYM tba(l)
82260248Morgan Alun M75 SWOCCYM tba(e)
1272023076Terry Smith M75 MWOCCYM tba

M80 (1)
1940227Robert Teed M80 NGOCCYM tba

M85 (1)
10739980Donald Moir M85 LEIGBR tba(m)tba(m)

M90 (0)

W10 (2)
202HireAlys Powell W10 WAOCCYM tba(l)tba(l)
211307472Niamh Mitchell W10 HHCYM 31 Cerys Mitchelltba(l)tba(m)

W12 (3)
26HireEmily Peltor W14 BAOCCYM tba(e)
311230278Cerys Mitchell W12 HHCYM tba(l)tba(m)
1828465923Kate Jarrett W12 WAOCENG 181 Emma Jarretttba(m)tba(m)

W14 (3)
29HireAnna Peltor W16 BAOCCYM tba(e)
878655902Jessica Ward W16 NGOCCYM tba(m)tba(l)
203HireBetsan Powell W14 WAOCCYM tba(l)tba(l)

W16 (2)
687537384Laura Barrett W16 SNCYM tba(l)
105HireCarys Sharp W16 TVOCCYM tbatba(m)

W18 (2)
36*8632178Jasmine Silk W20 SWOCCYM tba(vl) (h)
868230880Rebecca Ward W18 NGOCCYM tba(m)tba(l)

W20 (1)
118040303Holly Stodgell W18 WCHCYM tba(l)tba(l)

W21 (6)
66261893Kitty Bray W21 SNCYM tba(e)tba(m)
1068657456Clare Dallimore W21 SWOCCYM tbatba
1251426925Megan Symons W21 SBOCCYM tba(e)
1291995108Siobhan Lock W21 SBOCCYM tba(ve)
1781995108Siobhan Lock W21 SBOCCYM tba
2078170775Anne Straube W45 ODGER tba(vl)tba(l)

W35 (0)

W40 (6)
28439091Amy Peltor W40 BAOCCYM tba(e)
308645263Sian Mitchell W40 HHCYM tba(l)tba(m)
721117887Carys Morgan W45 SLOWCYM 83 Bethan Irwintba(vl)tba(e)
83411047Bethan Irwin W40 SBOCCYM tbatba(e)
171*8070579Tereza Maria Rush W40 BOKGBR tba(l) (h)tba(l) (h)
2288270681Sara Currie W40 BOKGBR tba(m)tba(m)

W45 (4)
108227288Cath Williams W45 WCHCYM tba(l)tba(l)
43*342253Christine Farr W45 SWOCCYM tba(ve) (h)tba(ve) (h)
1818282616Emma Jarrett W45 WAOCENG 182 Kate Jarretttba(m)tba(m)
201HireJohanna Powell W45 WAOCCYM tba(l)tba(l)

W50 (12)
18670602Vanessa Lawson W50 NGOCENG tba(m)tba(l)
37*9101761Annemieke Silk W50 SWOCCYM tba(vl) (h)
388111271Juliette Soulard W50 ODGBR tba(m)
398111271Juliette Soulard W50 ODGBR tba(vl)
478120767Bronwen Doyle W50 SYOCYM tba(l)tba(l)
898220870Michelle Ward W50 NGOCGBR tba(m)tba(l)
938110269Sharon Finch W50 SWOCCYM tba(l)tba(e)
1392105234Anne Tynegate W60 BADOCYM tba(l)tba(m)
2058230357Jackie Hallett W60 BOKGBR tba(l)
2128140370Ann Mitchell W50 SBOCCYM 54 David Mitchelltba(m)
2138140370Ann Mitchell W50 SBOCCYM 54 David Mitchelltba(m)
2188630866Diane Jacks W50 WRECYM tbatba(m)

W55 (7)
698180264Eunice Carter W55 MWOCCYM tba(m)tba(m)
988363931Caroline Potter W55 BOKGBR tba(m)
10332805Helen Sharp W55 SWOCCYM tba(m)
1218003113Sarah Jenkins W55 SBOCCYM tba(m)
123620762Jackie Scarf W55 EPOCGBR tba(e)
1281963308Gill Lock W55 SBOCCYM tba(ve)tba(m)
2108196411Julie Webster W55 NOCGBR tba

W60 (3)
58665076Margaret Reynolds W60 SBOCCYM tba(l)tba(l)
76*503485Alice Bedwell W60 BOKCYM tba(vl) (h)
1978235520Jill Blount W60 SOGBR tba(e)tba(e)

W65 (2)
1517205307Caroline Dallimore W65 SWOCCYM tba(m)
1838150655Alison Simmons W65 BOKGBR tba(l)

W70 (5)
14*8657539Jill Manning W70 SWOCCYM tba(l) (h)
15*8657539Jill Manning W70 SWOCCYM tba(m) (h)
528019934Sally Thomas W75 BOKENG tba(l)
1588328268Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG tba(m)tba(m)
221202230Denise Mullins W70 SARUMGBR tba(e)tba(m)

W75 (1)
1988194272Clare Fletcher W75 BOKGBR tba(l)tba(l)

W80 (0)

W85 (0)

W90 (0)

Black (3)
408120968Alistair Landels M50 ODGBR tba(vl)tba(m)
1168170502Alexander Mitchell M20 HOCGBR tba(m)
1418323237Peter Shirvington M45 QOGBR 130 Jeff Pakestba(e)

Brown (8)
608630846Andy Rimes M55 QOGBR tba(m)
648221169Christopher McCartney M50 ODENG tba(e)
79*1959024Mark Saunders M60 BOKCYM tba(vl) (h)
1178170502Alexander Mitchell M20 HOCGBR tba(m)
1302020447Jeff Pakes M45 QOGBR 60 Andy Rimestba(m)tba(e)
1408323237Peter Shirvington M45 QOGBR 130 Jeff Pakestba(m)
153897312Caroline Craig W35 NGOCENG tbatba(m)
1888419321Jolyon Medlock M45 WSXENG tba(l)tba(e)

Short Brown (1)
598630846Andy Rimes M55 QOGBR tba(e)

Blue (15)
16*8180192Debbie Lamb W21 SWOCENG tba(m) (h)tba(m) (h)
628030927Rosie Wych W65 QOGBR tba(m)
77*503485Alice Bedwell W60 BOKCYM tba(vl) (h)
92*8667904Nick Dallimore M65 SWOCCYM tba(vl) (h)
1158011366Kerstin Mitchell W55 HOCGBR tba(m)
1198090404Sebastian Mitchell M18 HOCGBR tba(m)tba(m)
1768667388Heather Kieniewicz W35 WREGBR 166 Barry Houghtontbatba(m)
1808030201Saskia Jones W20 DEECYM 20 Pauly-D Jonestba
1878204796Lyra Medlock W14 WSXENG tba(l)
1918654192Karen French W50 WIMGBR tba(m)tba(e)
1958083013Andrew Evans M65 DFOKGBR tba(l)
2148640489Mike Snell M65 ERYRIGBR tba(l)tba(l)
2178630867Adrian Griffiths M50 WREGBR tba
223364708Andrew French M55 WIMGBR tba(vl)
2258654192Karen French W50 WIMGBR tba(vl)

Short Blue (9)
618030927Rosie Wych W65 QOGBR tba(e)
1008444788John Broadhead M65 WREGBR tba(m)
102261207Alan Richards M75 NGOCGBR tba
1148011366Kerstin Mitchell W55 HOCGBR tba(m)
1241426925Megan Symons W21 SBOCCYM tba(e)
1672059633Phil Conway M55 GOGBR tba(m)
2168630867Adrian Griffiths M50 WREGBR tba(m)
222364708Andrew French M55 WIMGBR tba(e)
2248654192Karen French W50 WIMGBR tba(e)

Green (11)
659921698Joanne Leigh W50 ODENG tba(e)
1018634077John Broadhead M65 WREGBR tba
113*400406Nigel Ferrand M65 SWOCCYM tba (h)
1208260106Arthur Mitchell M16 HOCGBR tba(m)tba(m)
1638667906Anthony Raven M45 SWOCCYM tba
1682059633Phil Conway M55 GOGBR tba(l)
1692059634Keiko Conway W55 GOGBR tba(l)tba(m)
1868204796Lyra Medlock W14 WSXENG tba(e)
1898178434Rebecca Medlock W45 WSXENG tba(l)tba(e)
193401841Grace French W14 WIMGBR tba(l)tba(e)
2268071109Grace French W14 WIMGBR tba(vl)tba(e)

Short Green (0)

Very Short Green (0)

Light Green (0)

Orange (2)
1181967155Martin Mitchell M50 HOCGBR tba(m)tba(m)
1908061109Eskarina Medlock W12 WSXENG tba(l)tba(e)

Yellow (0)

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