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Sunday 02 February 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=90, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Men Open (M18-M35) (5)
108080983Paul Clatworthy M35 ESOCGBR open
588400594James Hoad M21 DRONGOGBR open
632032856Ross Lyall M21 ELOGBR open
661407013David McPhillips M18 ESOCSCO open
878199159Tyler Morrison M21 ESOCGBR open

Men Veteran (M40+) (15)
48001011Duncan Edmondson M50 ELOGBR open
168170504Mark Wood M50 ESOCSCO open
308080576Paul Hammond M40 FVOGBR open
368657531Terry Johnstone M50 ESOCGBR open
378641552 (H)George Lupton M40 ESOCSCO open
562142022 (H)Andrew James M50 INDGBR open
608680921Nick Langley M50 CLYDEGBR open
651411534Michael McPhillips M50 ESOCSCO open
678168008Duncan Leishman M50 ELOGBR open
708200179Jonathan Ellis M40 ESOCGBR open
718240167Patrick Bartlett M50 INTGBR open
761971601Jim O'Donoghue M45 STAGSCO open
782142023 (H)Gary Sawyer M40 ESOCGBR open
811401157Ben Hartman M50 INTGBR open
902142026 (H)David McNeish M45 ESOCSCO open

Men Super Veteran (M55+) (10)
21424483Mark Kassyk M60 ESOCSCO open
3440191Ian Davidson M60 CLYDEGBR open
418641502Trevor Hindle M55 MDOCENG open
532117687Jamie Wilson M60 ELOSCO open
578082508Brian Miller M60 ESOCGBR open
611070974Steve Clayton M55 ESOCGBR open
681962218David Robertson M55 ESOCSCO open
752013363Andrew Armstrong M60 RRSCO open
84803088Timothy May M55 ESOCGBR open
888670620Tim Harding M55 ELOGBR open

Men Ultra Veteran (M65+) (14)
19151049Bill Stevenson M70 ESOCSCO open
68140452Les Smithard M65 KFOSCO open
118300500Robin Strain M70 ELOGBR open
1333076George Esson M70 GRAMPSCO open
228645224Roger Scrutton M70 ESOCGBR open
248632867Douglas Henderson M65 RRSCO open
262036791Pat Squire M70 INTGBR open
4533987Colin Inverarity M65 INTGBR open
478190250Leslie Dalgleish M70 ESOCSCO open
488280547Alastair Lessells M70 ESOCGBR open
498090548Robert Findlay M70 ESOCGBR open
778011955James Morrison M65 ESOCGBR open
828640465Martin Caldwell M65 ESOCSCO open
898441955Crawford Lindsay M65 ESOCSCO open

Men Hyper Veteran (M75+) (2)
188630894Ian Pyrah M75 ESOCSCO open
598628549Robert Philp M75 KFOSCO open

Men Junior (M16-) (5)
58641551 (TFH)Benji Edmondson M16 ELOGBR open
328270606James Hammond M14 FVOGBR open
388641553 (H)Connor Lupton M14 ESOCGBR open
748301101Samuel Bartlett M16 INTGBR open
868130905Thomas Ross M16 INTGBR open

Men Young Junior (M12-) (4)
398641554 (H)Fraser Lupton M12 ESOCGBR open
698003056Calum Robertson M12 ESOCGBR open
792142024 (H)Robert Sawyer M14 ESOCGBR open
802142025 (H)Richard Sawyer M10 ESOCGBR open

Women Open (W18-W35) (5)
98030679Helen Bridle W40 ESOCGBR open
158181026Rachel Kirkland W45 INTSCO open
438645258Laura Hindle W21 FVOENG open
552142021 (H)Chiara Ronchini W35 INDGBR open
738150603Leah Bartlett W18 INTGBR open

Women Veteran (W40+) (7)
82064199Katherine Kirk W50 ESOCSCO open
311416403Jenny Hammond W45 FVOGBR open
358240466Helena Nolan W50 ESOCGBR open
628070974Heather Thomson W45 ESOCGBR open
64261783Kerry Willacy W45 SOLWAYGBR open
7237198Susan Twissell W50 INTGBR open
858220372Mary Ross W45 INTGBR open

Women Super Veteran (W55+) (5)
178151400Lindsey Knox W60 RRGBR open
258628553Fiona Johnston W60 RRSCO open
278050360Fiona Hendrie W60 FVOGBR open
428645285Hazel Hindle W55 MDOCENG open
541791617Bridget Khursheed W55 RRSCO open

Women Ultra Veteran (W65+) (10)
28101248Anne Stevenson W70 ESOCSCO open
78171249Heather Smithard W70 KFOSCO open
128628624Sheila Strain W70 ELOGBR open
1433081Lindsey Esson W70 GRAMPSCO open
208121939Anne Thom W70 ESOCGBR open
238220554Rhona Fraser W65 ESOCGBR open
468270252Margaret Dalgleish W65 ESOCSCO open
508270549Fiona Findlay W70 ESOCGBR open
518210953Janice Nisbet W65 ESOCGBR open
832049794Jackie Caldwell W65 ESOCSCO open

Women Hyper Veteran (W75+) (1)
198630897Eleanor Pyrah W75 ESOCSCO open

Women Junior (W16-) (0)

Women Young Junior (W12-) (2)
338161008Rebecca Hammond W12 FVOGBR open
408641555 (H)Robyn Lupton W10 ESOCGBR open

Open 2 (0)

Open 3 (0)

Open 4 (2)
298080595Laura Hendrie W21 FVOGBR open
448117735Kerry Wood W20 ESOCSCO open

Open 5 (2)
287520421Ian Hendrie M65 FVOGBR open
528641556 (TFH)Chloe Nisbet W35 ESOCGBR open

Open 6 (0)

Open 7 (1)
333330Alan MacGregor M65 ESOCSCO open

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