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Saturday 29 February 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=145, Online=99%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 03 February 2020 See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (21)
228680557James Yule M18 SOGBR tba
388090561Chris Poole M55 TVOCENG tba
398628708Adam Poole M21 TVOCENG tba
491409713Andrew Evans M65 DFOKGBR tba
508657389Keith Masson M60 MVGBR tba
638388608Barry Jones M50 SOGBR tba
698643397Alan Velecky M50 SOGBR tba
761008511Neil Crickmore M55 SOGBR tba
95438202Richard Whitaker M65 SAXGBR tba (h)
1008632877Stanley Heap M20 SOGBR tba
1132136397Rob Leathley M45 SOGBR tba
1351425759Andrew Elliott M45 SUFFOCGBR tba
1648077004Troy Southall M16 SOGBR tba
1708657443Keith Belsey M50 SNGBR tba
1778016586Paul Couldridge M45 SLOWGBR tba
1798408100Donatas Tumaitis M35 CHIGGBR tba
1957527395Tom Davies M40 SLOWGBR tba
1998414084Guy Lidbury M50 HAVOCGBR tba
2248654196Mark Chapman M55 SOGBR tba
2278310266Alan Yule M45 SOENG tba
2298636965Yordan Kolev M21 SLOWGBR tba

Blue (49)
28630912Edward Cox M60 SOGBR tba
11770000Helen Marsden W40 HHENG tba
178643385Robin Smith M65 SOGBR tba
191961949John Van Rooyen M70 SAXGBR tba
238398941Peter Martin M55 MVGBR tba
298010460Jane Lambert W60 SOGBR tba
318280828Alan Rosen M65 HHGBR tba
358291051Mark Glaisher M65 SAXGBR tba (h)
3624828Paul Street M65 SLOWGBR tba
408628709Simon Poole M21 TVOCENG tba
579170652Don McKerrow M65 SLOWGBR tba
66443881Nicholas Betts M55 SAXGBR tba (h)
7037888Charlie Turner M65 SLOWGBR tba
82HireJoseph Subba M35 BAOCGBR tba
8737876Charlotte Turner W21 SLOWGBR tba
88345518Lydia Farzin-nia W21 SLOWGBR tba
948640464Derick Mercer M55 BKOGBR tba
1028641539Scarlet Heap W18 SOGBR tba
1038644566Tommy Heap M16 SOGBR tba
104333860Kath Denton W55 GOGBR tba
105400935Tim Denton M60 GOGBR tba
106436250Mel Taylor M55 SAXGBR tba
1072064182Matthew Taylor M16 SAXGBR tba
1082064183Henry Taylor M16 SAXGBR tba
116261238Judith Carder W60 SOGBR tba
1187003235Alun Jones M65 TVOCCYM tba
1538630849Jon Darley M50 GOGBR tba
1558030514Aimee Darley W18 SNGBR tba
156964321Tim Longley M35 SLOWGBR tba
175223496David Dawson M60 DFOKGBR tba
1808205018Chloë Cracknell W20 SUFFOCENG tba
1828643395Axel Blomquist M65 BAOCENG tba
1848654195Ian Catchpole M40 DFOKGBR tba
1858004027Garry Greenstreet M45 SOENG tba
187*911942Alan Hickling M55 SAXGBR tba
1888210251David Kingdon M65 SAXENG tba (h)
1967170478Nicki Adams W40 SLOWGBR tba
2178251084Sarah Scarbrough W35 MVENG tba
2212064257Dale Bennett M55 HAVOCGBR tba
2238100402Ffion Jones W18 SOGBR tba
2258145413Andrew Pitcher M55 DFOKENG tba
2308628668Fiona Tam W21 SLOWGBR tba
2318667912Emils Ummers M16 SOGBR tba
233444884Gillian Edgar W50 HAVOCGBR tba
2347001999Chris Shaw M70 HAVOCGBR tba
235HireJanusz Holender M60 TVOCENG tba
2368657524Simon Blanchflower M65 SAXGBR tba (h)
2378331013Keith Roberts M60 NOCCYM tba
2388083405Andrew Hannaford M65 SOGBR tba

Green (48)
78668927Alan Williamson M70 SOENG tba
88372372John Vercarre-Shaw M50 SOENG tba
138127281Nathan Judd M18 MVGBR tba
262080022Beryl Pring W70 SAXENG tba (h)
278083027Karen Ransley W40 SAXENG tba (h)
28223326Michael White M80 MVGBR tba
308200028Janet Rosen W65 HHGBR tba
321420605Ffion Bricknell W16 SAXENG tba (h)
331420637Neil Bricknell M50 SAXENG tba (h)
378130952Sarah Brown W65 SLOWGBR tba
438657515Joe House M65 SOGBR tba
7137705Teresa Turner W70 SLOWGBR tba
757201845Jim Prowting M70 TVOCENG tba
771661027Susan Crickmore W55 SOGBR tba
79423594Nick Hockey M70 SOENG tba
849200016Philip Gristwood M70 MVENG tba
89261249Ian Goodwin M65 SOGBR tba
908261386Diane Goodwin W55 SWOCCYM tba
91260411Jane King W60 SOGBR tba
92444822Dave Cussens M65 SOGBR tba
938640463Fiona Clough W55 BKOGBR tba
98401496Chris McDonald M75 MVGBR tba
1018197373Kate Turner W45 SOGBR tba
11041275Jean Fitzgerald W65 SAXGBR tba (h)
1128150150Robin Wilson M60 SOGBR tba
1148373702Linda Hulley W60 SOGBR tba
120436463Peter Riches M70 TVOCGBR tba
1272120609Mike Solomon M75 SAXGBR tba (h)
1307050232Garry Parmenter M70 HAVOCGBR tba
1318210111Mike Bolton M70 MVGBR tba
1378413280Daniel Jones M35 SOENG tba
140400941Geoff Wright M75 GOGBR tba
1418515560Ken Lawton M75 SOGBR tba
1428111162Catherine Galvin W55 LOKENG tba
146220976Philip Craven M65 DFOKGBR tba
1528220373Angela Darley W45 GOGBR tba
1548051121Sarah Darley W16 GOGBR tba
1598654208Peter Dudman M65 SOGBR tba
1608651797Sue Gallagher W65 SOGBR tba
1622080027Neil Watts M60 SOGBR tba
163400942Kathleen Southall W55 SOGBR tba
171HireJoanna Belsey W55 SNGBR tba
1788101066Dorte Torpe Hansen W50 SLOWGBR tba
186300300Mike Elliot M65 MVSCO tba
198339754Colin Jackson M60 HAVOCGBR tba
2228060259Sarah Howes W60 SAXGBR tba
2281312992Nicola Yule W45 SOENG tba
2328121958Graham Batty M60 HAVOCENG tba

Light Green (13)
59134500Luke Mills-Hicks M14 GOGBR tba
241938118Jeremy Oldershaw M80 SAXENG tba (h)
252085199Roger Pring M75 SAXENG tba (h)
428657514Carol House W60 SOGBR tba
488142523John Duffield M70 HHGBR tba
72345564Chris Simpson M75 SOGBR tba
121235614Douglas Deeks M80 SAXGBR tba
1811020501Alison Cracknell W50 SUFFOCGBR tba
1917201832Ben Cronin M14 SAXGBR tba
194401008Lewis Hadler M21 DFOKGBR tba
202HireRenate Henry W50 SAXGBR tba
2038171065Brian Henry M55 SAXGBR tba
2262096713Madeleine Pitcher W14 DFOKGBR tba

Orange (5)
98370370Lola Vercarre-Shaw W14 SOENG tba
108369369Clara Vercarre-Shaw W12 SOENG tba
117HireJack Johnson M14 MVGBR tba
193HireEllis Bradley M12 MVGBR tba
2001836905Charlie Maule-Lidbury M10 HAVOCGBR tba

Yellow (4)
6HireJake Mills-Hicks M10 GOGBR tba
1239939Theodore Marsden M10 HHENG tba
34HireBarnaby Gill M10 INDGBR tba
1588630949Inga Hastings W75 SOGBR tba

White (5)
143HireFiona Tierney W40 INDIND tba
144HireThomas Wright M40 INDIND tba
145HireCatriona Tierney-Wright W10 INDIND tba
219203251Ralph Scarbrough M10 MVGBR tba
220333780Hugh Scarbrough M10 MVGBR tba

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