Eryri Harriers Membership to 31/03/2021 Member List

Wednesday 31 March 2021 Member Statistics (Total=190, Online=96%) Postal members (nnn*) were last uploaded on 12 March 2020 Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Club Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Name Age
Junior (U18) (48)
164tbaYnyr ap Rhys MU9 GBR
129tbaEfa Baines WU17 GBR
130tbaMabli Baines WU17 GBR
131tbaOlwen Baines WU13 GBR
33tbaJasmine Baylis WU11 GBR
161tbaElan Butterworth WU10 GBR
162tbaKaty Butterworth WU10 GBR
105tbaJody Cain WU19 GBR
96tbaJoseph Charlton MU15 GBR
160tbaAmber Chauhan WU9 GBR
137tbaJai Chauhan MU12 GBR
167tbaIanto Dafydd MU15 GBR
156tbaOscar Davies MU13 GBR
187tbaKarla Dolling WU10 GBR
147tbaAlex Edwards MU13 GBR
165tbaAnia Edwards WU10 GBR
143tbaCai Edwards MU11 GBR
144tbaFinley Edwards MU9 GBR
166tbaIoan Edwards MU8 GBR
148tbaSam Edwards MU18 GBR
89tbaLeon Francis MU13 GBR
20tbaAnwen Hockley WU16 GBR
21tbaDeri Hockley MU13 GBR
173tbaAri Hughes MU14 GBR
168tbaTomi Alwyn Hughes MU10 GBR
77tbaEban Iwan MU12 GBR
79tbaMabon Iwan MU7 GBR
157tbaMiguel Jenkins MU14 GBR
88tbaCeian Jones MU13 GBR
146tbaSamuel Jones MU12 GBR
133tbaLouis Lawes MU12 GBR
49tbaRufus Littlejohn MU15 GBR
172tbaDownes Matthew MU12 GBR
190tbaDella Matthews WU11 GBR
132tbaJones Meilir MU12 GBR
50tbaElliott Meilleur MU12 GBR
170tbaSam O'Reilly MU9 GBR
175tbaMenna Parry-Williams WU8 GBR
174tbaOsian Parry-Williams MU11 GBR
29tbaJosh Peevor MU17 GBR
158tbaCarwyn Pye MU12 GBR
134tbaJosh Ratchford MU14 GBR
155tbaBen Sergeant MU14 GBR
135tbaHarri Spencer MU14 GBR
136tbaTomos Spencer MU14 GBR
188tbaCafan Glyn Thomas MU11 GBR
189tbaCyffin Owen Thomas MU9 GBR
140tbaOliver Warland MU9 GBR

Senior (18-64) (117)
145tbaTom Adams MSEN GBR
127tbaWilliams Adrian M50 GBR
122tbaNia Albiston W40 GBR
87tbaFelicity Aries W55 GBR
82tbaJacki Artist WSEN GBR
59tbaJon Barnwell MSEN GBR
3*tbaSarah Barnwell W55 GBR
43tbaBen Beachell M50 GBR
163tbaRussell Bentley MSEN GBR
66tbaHelen Blair W50 GBR
27tbaLucy Bracegirdle WSEN GBR
38tbaNic Brook M45 CYM
171tbaAlastair Brown M60 GBR
128tbaAli Chant M45 GBR
95tbaJennifer Charlton W45 GBR
45tbaTerry Coleman M60 GBR
99tbaChris Cook M55 GBR
71tbaMichael Coyne M45 GBR
90*tbaMarian Crowe W50 CYM
56tbaGwenllian Dafydd WSEN GBR
159tbaGeorge Davidson MSEN GBR
98tbaShaun De Clancy M55 GBR
176tbaSabina Dunkling WSEN GBR
10tbaIwan Edgar M60 GBR
74tbaAled Edwards M40 GBR
62tbaGuto Edwards M50 GBR
76tbaIan Edwards MSEN GBR
75tbaNia Meleri Edwards WSEN GBR
97tbaSiôn Edwards MSEN GBR
103tbaVivienne Edwards W60 GBR
141tbaJonathan Ervine M40 GBR
44tbaGwyn Evans M60 GBR
67tbaMaldwyn Evans M55 GBR
37tbaWendi Evans W55 GBR
100tbaWilliam Evans M50 GBR
115tbaAlexandra Fletcher W40 GBR
118tbaMatthew Fortes M40 GBR
61tbaTamsin Fretwell W45 GBR
1tbaRhys Goodhead MSEN GBR
152tbaMiranda Grant WSEN GBR
80tbaGlyn Griffiths M55 GBR
39tbaJames Harwood M45 GBR
23tbaJenny Heming W45 GBR
46tbaTim Higginbottom M45 GBR
18tbaNeal Hockley M40 GBR
26tbaGareth Hughes M40 GBR
35tbaOwen Humphreys M50 GBR
126tbaDylan Huws M60 GBR
78tbaLlion Iwan M50 GBR
48tbaPaul Jeffery M55 GBR
154tbaCraig Jones M50 GBR
64tbaJudith Jones W60 GBR
19tbaJulia Jones W40 GBR
84tbaPaul Jones M45 GBR
24tbaStu Jones MSEN GBR
113tbaTrefor Jones M55 GBR
114tbaLleucu Lane WU23 GBR
119tbaBecki Law WSEN GBR
70tbaMat Leonard M50 GBR
36tbaMathonwy Llwyd MSEN GBR
180tbaKristin Luke WSEN GBR
60tbaAnna Mackenzie WSEN GBR
41tbaJames McQueen M50 GBR
14tbaSeghir Messamah M60 GBR
124tbaRuth Metcalfe W45 GBR
81tbaWilliam Miller M40 GBR
106tbaGemma Moore WSEN GBR
111tbaHelen Morgan W40 GBR
112tbaGwyn Moseley MSEN GBR
15tbaPeter Mould MSEN GBR
4*tbaDavid Murray M40 GBR
58tbaLinda Norman W50 GBR
125tbaPeter O'Brien M50 GBR
72tbaLucy O'Donnell W40 GBR
55tbaEmlyn Owen M45 GBR
52tbaRussell Owen M60 GBR
91tbaJohn Parkinson M50 GBR
28tbaRichard Peevor M40 GBR
73tbaDilwyn Powell-Jones MSEN GBR
47tbaDavid Prytherch M50 GBR
25tbaOwen Rees M45 GBR
181tbaPeter Rees MSEN GBR
117tbaHazel Robbins W55 GBR
149tbaEmlyn Roberts M55 GBR
69tbaGavin Roberts MSEN GBR
13tbaHarri Roberts M55 GBR
17tbaLewis Roberts MSEN GBR
185tbaOwain Roberts MSEN GBR
153tbaRichard Roberts M40 GBR
94tbaRoss Roberts M40 GBR
11tbaChris Rowlands M60 GBR
16tbaDean Russell M40 GBR
151tbaEllie Salisbury W60 GBR
142tbaJasmine Sharp WSEN GBR
2tbaDavid Soley M55 GBR
184tbaLianne Stevenson WSEN GBR
169tbaKieran Tatum MSEN GBR
53tbaSusan Taylor W60 GBR
68tbaGethin Thomas M45 GBR
30tbaHannah Toberman W40 GBR
92tbaChris Turner MSEN GBR
34tbaHayley Turner WSEN GBR
177tbaTina Usherwood W55 GBR
85tbaAshley Wager M60 GBR
83tbaJonathan Will M40 GBR
65tbaDafydd Williams MSEN GBR
32tbaGwion Williams M45 GBR
9tbaGwyn Williams M40 GBR
57tbaOwain Hunt Williams MSEN GBR
123tbaRhodri Williams M40 GBR
101tbaRussell Williams M50 GBR
86tbaJenny Williamson WSEN GBR
150tbaBrian Wills M45 GBR
31tbaCathryn Wood W55 GBR
182tbaEmily Wood W50 GBR
109tbaKate Worthington W40 GBR
121tbaToni Wright W45 GBR

Over 65 (10)
104tbaEurwyn Edwards M65 GBR
22tbaFielding Geoffrey M75 GBR
93tbaRoy Jardine M70 GBR
40tbaMalcolm Jones M70 GBR
63tbaStephen Jones M65 GBR
54tbaJohn Mainwaring M65 GBR
108tbaAlwyn Oliver M75 GBR
107tbaMargaret Oliver W70 GBR
116tbaBrian Robbins M75 GBR
102tbaDonald Williams M75 GBR

Student (6)
5*tbaCatrin Donnelly WU23 GBR
138tbaLuke Earnshaw M40 GBR
110tbaSam Murray W45 GBR
183tbaAnna Ray WSEN GBR
139tbaJessica Thomas W40 GBR
51tbaTom Wood MU23 GBR

Other (3)
6*tbaMike Blake M75 GBR
8*tbaRoberts Iorwerth M75 CYM
7*tbaArwel Lewis M60 GBR

Social (2)
179tbaElgan Jones MSEN GBR
186tbaPeter John Rhys Lewis M55 GBR

FCO (prior approval required) (1)
42tbaMatthew Roberts M40 GBR

Second Claim (3)
120tbaSteve Crowther M55 GBR
12tbaEmyr Davies M75 GBR
178tbaDavid Morris M40 GBR

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