(B) Bickerton Hill Middle Distance Start List

Sunday 02 February 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=173, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Black (22)
278021295Thomas Entwistle M21 ShUOCGBR tba(e)
388033185Thomas Lewis M35 WREGBR tba(m)
447150558John Embrey M60 DEEGBR tba(m)
528421525Tom Fellbaum M21 MDOCENG tba(l)
538185688Benjamin Kyd M18 MDOCENG tba(m)
618211200Samuel Drinkwater M21 MDOCGBR tba(e)
738667584Andrew Quickfall M60 SROCGBR tba(m)
779050362David Williams M55 HOCGBR tba(m)
891140201Gabor Monus M35 DEEGBR tba(e)
958090108Adam McCreadie M40 DEEGBR tba (h)
1018645222Graham Patten M55 WAROCGBR tba(m)
1028091164Charlie Adams M55 SYOGBR tba(l)
137503676Robert Kelly M21 AIREGBR tba(m)
1388110160Mike Johnson M60 SROCGBR tba(l)
1398280102Finlay Johnson M18 SROCGBR tba(l)
1438060209Paul Turnock M40 MDOCGBR tba(e)
1488130007Matthew Tinker M40 EPOCGBR tba(m)
1518667388Heather Kieniewicz W35 WREGBR tba(l)
1528667929Tim Kieniewicz M35 WREGBR tba(e)
1628074459Joseph Goodwin M20 SHUOCGBR tba(m)
1638074458Jonty Goodwin M18 WCOCGBR tba(m)
169HireTom Haworth M35 MDOCGBR tba(e)

Brown (20)
37300045Mike Greenwood M55 GRAMPGBR tba(e)
58037051Julia Preston W35 SROCGBR tba
62079955Reg Simpson M65 DEEGBR tba (h)
168051290Bryony Crickmore W21 SOGBR tba(e)
188630867Adrian Griffiths M50 WREGBR tba(m)
28416724Andrew Smith M45 MDOCENG tba(m)
338112473Jon Hateley M55 DEEGBR tba (h)
548197021Alain Kyd M50 MDOCGBR tba(m)
59220282Paul Ross M60 DEEGBR tba(e)
658680927David Hargreaves M65 SROCGBR tba(l)
6724947Tony Callow M50 WREGBR tba(l)
828070681Ian Farrell M35 MDOCGBR tba
1088363988Hannah Hateley W20 DEEGBR tba
1251311002Samuel Doyle M18 SYOGBR tba
1338313391Clive Richardson M50 WREGBR tba(e)
1418634070Christopher Calow M65 DEEGBR tba(m)
1572023261Ian Weaver M55 DEEGBR tba(e)
1648091170Liam Corner M50 MDOCENG tba(e)
1678040680Nick Barnes M40 PFOGBR tba(e)
1688145309Helen Haworth W21 MDOCGBR tba(e)

Blue (40)
11191057 (H)Christopher Murray M21 DEEENG tba
2HireFintan Douglas M21 INDGBR tba
88080749Nick Campbell M60 DEEGBR tba(m)
108031065David Wathey M55 MDOCGBR tba(m)
14590201John Brammer M60 DEEGBR tba
348132907Maggie Hateley W55 DEEGBR tba (h)
3739968Katie Lewis W35 WREGBR tba(m)
43887395Pete Owens M60 DEEGBR tba (h)
468161153Dave Smith M65 WCHGBR tba(m)
481060559Simon Crocker M60 DEEGBR tba
498630821Iain Bell M55 DEEGBR tba(l)
508371616Jim Cooke M55 POTOCGBR tba(e)
5711869Richard Hill M55 DEEGBR tba (h)
622029072Peter Hayes M60 MDOCGBR tba(m)
66401265Andrew Clough M60 WREGBR tba(m)
68220403David Dann M60 MDOCGBR tba(e)
748667588Karen Quickfall W55 SROCGBR tba(m)
758033062Sara Campbell W55 DEEGBR tba(m)
762036641Paul Shannon M60 DEEENG tba(m)
808070250Richard Payne M70 EPOCGBR tba(m)
848070155Malcolm Irvine M65 DEEGBR tba (h)
928009008Richard Rogers M55 WREGBR tba(m)
948145306Rebecca McCreadie W40 DEEGBR tba (h)
1038241963Janet Adams W55 SYOGBR tba(l)
104400823Geoff Trewin M65 HOCGBR tba(e)
10733237Amy Majumdar W40 DEEGBR tba(m)
1168210163Richard Edwards M55 PFOGBR tba(e)
12332802Huw Lewis M60 DeeGBR tba
1289112448Tony Davies M70 BOFGBR tba(m)
129886752Karen Heppenstall W40 LOCGBR tba(m)
1308330152Terry Burke M60 DEEGBR tba(e)
1358061058Andrew Kelly M60 AIRECYM tba(m)
1408240766Deb Murrell W50 SROCGBR tba(l)
1448630914Christine Goulding W55 BLGBR tba(m)
147HireOliver Thomason M16 MDOCGBR tba(m)
1508333623Barry Houghton M70 HOCENG tba(l)
1558657409David McCann M55 MDOCGBR tba(m)
17041286Edward Barnard M40 DEEGBR tba
1718668913John Collins M55 DEEENG tba(e)
173247416John Leeson M60 HOCGBR tba(l)

Green (51)
432521Michael Round M65 DEEGBR tba(e)
7780011Chris Kirkham M70 MDOCENG tba(e)
98080750Jane Campbell W60 DEEGBR tba(m)
118060764Cecilia Fenerty W55 MDOCGBR tba(m)
128170605Dominic Wathey M16 MDOCGBR tba(m)
158189681John Nuttall M75 SELOCGBR tba(l)
178630866Diane Jacks W50 WREGBR tba(m)
198221147Peter Ross M70 MDOCGBR tba
241041175Julia Allinson W45 WREENG tba(m)
26407400Ronald Williams M85 DEEGBR tba(m)
29959595Graham Sutton M65 DEEGBR tba(e)
308670617Lindsey Bayles W55 LOCGBR tba(m)
3612331Peter Yoxall M70 POTOCENG tba(m)
398630892Stephen Round M65 SELOCGBR tba(m)
418632878John Padget M75 DEEGBR tba(l)
451891541Louise Butcher W45 DEEGBR tba(m)
558280653Steve Ingleby M65 DEEGBR tba (h)
588362632Catherine Hill W50 DEEGBR tba (h)
60220284Gina Ross W60 DEEGBR tba(e)
639670529Elaine Sutton W50 DEEGBR tba(m)
6433058Helen Smethurst W60 PFOGBR tba(m)
698220247Chris Rostron M70 MDOCGBR tba(l)
702036638James Smith M70 DEEENG tba (h)
788290965Pauly-D Jones M55 DEECYM tba(m)
798020148Norman Hall M70 DEEENG tba (h)
85236286Joy Irvine W60 DEEGBR tba (h)
868141052Martyn Roome M65 SROCGBR tba(m)
888371968Sarah Bayliss W50 WRECYM tba(l)
932061393Christopher Kemp M65 DEEGBR tba(e)
968011235Matthew McCreadie M14 DEEGBR tba (h)
998091251Dave Walton M65 LOCENG tba(m)
10033140Michael Wood M75 EPOCGBR tba(l)
106442453Barbara Majumdar W70 DEEGBR tba(m)
1108012247Chris Burden M70 AIREGBR tba
114300555Martin Powell M65 LOCGBR tba(l)
115300565Rachel Powell W50 LOCGBR tba(l)
1198020549Eifion Thomas M70 DEEGBR tba(l)
120202151Charles Nelson M65 HOCGBR tba(e)
12132801Denis Murphy M70 DEEGBR tba(m)
1248120767Bronwen Doyle W50 SYOGBR tba
12650029Rod Postlethwaite M65 WREGBR tba(m)
1318630401Emily Turner W16 LOCGBR tba(l)
136570207Linda Kelly W60 CLAROGBR tba(m)
1428632165Adrian Harris M50 MDOCENG tba(e)
1498657495Paul Ferguson M65 SROCGBR tba
1567081966Jane McCann W50 MDOCGBR tba(m)
1582030859Emma Weaver W18 DEEGBR tba(e)
1592072415John Sherwood M70 DEEENG tba(m)
1602074459Richard Goodwin M60 WCOCGBR tba(m)
1618074460Deborah Goodwin W55 WCOCGBR tba(m)
1668657431Elizabeth Bales W55 POTOCGBR tba(e)

Short Green (22)
138114191John Evans M80 DEEENG tba(m)
208010851Jillyan Dobby W65 MDOCGBR tba
218669931Richard Lewis M65 WREENG tba(l)
251008521Bob Elmes M75 DEEGBR tba(l) (h)
312049899David Corp M65 LOCGBR tba(m)
3210950Yvonne Longer W60 INDGBR tba(m)
42414029Megan Owens W60 DEEGBR tba (h)
47410864Clare Crocker W60 DEEGBR tba
5150282Jim Mitchell M75 PFOGBR tba(m)
718100344Austin Farr M75 POTOCGBR tba(m)
818171052Jane Payne W65 EPOCGBR tba(m)
878180652Susan Roome W65 SROCGBR tba(m)
978657528Grahame Crawshaw M70 MDOCENG tba(m)
1052105243Peter Edwards M80 DEEGBR tba(m)
1098300075Stephen Beresford M70 MDOCGBR tba(m)
11311143Geoffrey Millan M75 MDOCGBR tba(m)
11733180Derek Turner M80 WREGBR tba(m)
12232905Margaret Murphy W70 DEEGBR tba(m)
127202248Lesley Norton W75 WREGBR tba(m)
134HireCatriona Beynon W14 MDOCENG tba(m)
1458181041David Mawdsley M75 MDOCGBR tba(m)
16511193Brian Looker M80 SROCGBR tba(m)

Very Short Green (6)
358252235Jean Rostron W75 POTOCENG tba(m)
5611150Alison Doyle W70 MDOCGBR tba(m)
728020943Barbara Farr W75 POTOCGBR tba(m)
988657529Irene Crawshaw W75 MDOCENG tba(m)
11832509Noreen Turner W75 WREGBR tba(m)
1468221148Jan Ellis W70 MDOCGBR tba(m)

Light Green (3)
111HireIsla Barnes W14 DEEGBR tba(e)
112HireJane Barnes W45 DEEGBR tba(e)
1328668940Sandy Turner W50 LOCGBR tba(l)

Orange (4)
22221680Grace Allinson W12 WREENG tba(m)
232142082Harriet Allinson W12 WREENG tba(m)
40HireKaren Dryden W60 INDAUS tba(m)
172202186Andrew Collins M14 DEEENG tba(e)

Yellow (5)
838190515Harriet Farrell W10 MDOCGBR tba
9011749Anna Monus W35 DEEGBR tba(l)
9132021Marcell Monus M10 DEEGBR tba(l)
1532139349Sophie Gray W10 MDOCGBR tba(e)
154HireCameron Gray M10 MDOCGBR tba(e)

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