Round Donny Run Start List

Sunday 19 July 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=189, Online=96%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 03 February 2020 Note that competitors entered into a solo class are sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Teams are listed in entry order. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Team Name
Solo (99)
18tbaJayne Abdy W40 GBR
2tbaRob Adams M45 Steel City Striders RCGBR
10tbaNadine Allott W45 Lonely GoatGBR
24tbaColin Anderson M55 Danum Harriers GBR
84tbaPeter Anderton M40 GBR
49tbaEdward Bacon M50 Sutton in Ashfield Harriers & ACGBR
61tbaGail Barber W50 Maltby GBR
57tbaStuart Bartley M55 Doncaster AC GBR
65tbaJacqui Baugh WSEN GBR
76tbaPaul Beattie M55 DTCGBR
153tbaLeanne Beedham WSEN Storm LakersGBR
130tbaTrevor Blake M40 Doncaster ACGBR
38tbaKaren Brocklebank-Lambert W45 Doncaster Triathlon ClubGBR
131tbaRebecca Brown WSEN UKAGBR
107tbaSharon Burgin W50 GBR
11tbaKaren Calladine W40 Fetch Everyone GBR
35tbaDaniel Clarke M45 GBR
30tbaJohn Cooper M50 GBR
147tbaAdam Cotterill MSEN Doncaster ACGBR
111tbaSarah Cowdell W55 AcreStreetRunnersGBR
48tbaDan Crow M40 Sutton in Ashfield Harriers & ACGBR
85tbaDarren Cunningham M45 Lonely Goat RCGBR
19tbaJane Davies W50 Danum HarriersGBR
68tbaMarc Day M45 GBR
123tbaCatherine Diamond-Webb WSEN Bilsthorpe Ladies Running ClubGBR
124tbaClare Durose M45 Danum HarriersGBR
77tbaJohn Escritt M60 City of Hull ACGBR
145tbaMark Evans MSEN GBR
116tbaAmy Farmer WSEN Bilsthorpe Ladies Running ClubGBR
28tbaPatsy Fenelon W70 GBR
42tbaIan Fleeton MSEN Doncaster ACGBR
58tbaAdam Gallimore M45 GBR
135tbaAndrew Gant M40 GBR
67tbaCharlotte Hardy W40 Saltaire StridersGBR
109tbaIan Harrison M50 Staffordshire Moorlands ACGBR
15tbaClare Hawes W40 GBR
78tbaNeil Hayward M45 GBR
9tbaDavid Hebb M60 NSRRAGBR
150tbaSarah Hill W45 Ripley RCGBR
43tbaLisa Hobson W45 Sleaford town runners GBR
55tbaTony Holder M45 LincsquadGBR
32tbaSarah Hollender W45 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
50tbaKerry Hudson W55 Fetch Everyone GBR
7tbaDavid Hughes M40 Ackworth Road Runners & ACGBR
33tbaSimon Hunt M45 Gainsborough & Morton StridersGBR
140tbaMartin James M40 Doncaster Athletic ClubGBR
25tbaNicole Jeffcutt W40 We Can RunGBR
104tbaDarren Jenkinson M50 Staffordshire Moorlands ACGBR
128tbaAndrew Jones M40 Wakefield Triathlon ClubGBR
82tbaMark Kenworthy M55 Doncaster ACGBR
46tbaPaul Kidd M45 Sleaford Town RunnersGBR
45tbaSadie Kidd W40 Sleaford Town RunnersGBR
158tbaChris Kirton MSEN GBR
21tbaJack Knowles MSEN Danum Harriers Running ClubGBR
118tbaGary Lang M45 Thorne Twilight TrottersGBR
4tbaRob Leckey M50 GBR
144tbaGareth Lewis M50 GBR
41tbaSimon Litchfield M50 Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
106tbaSteven Little MSEN Mansfield HarriersGBR
133tbaClaire Macleod W45 Doncaster ACGBR
12tbaRobert Marley MU23 Danum harriers GBR
92tbaIan Marshall M60 GBR
87tbaDamien Matthias M45 The Lonely Goat GBR
88tbaLynda Matthias W45 The Lonely Goat GBR
31tbaAndie McCallum MSEN GBR
157tbaGavin McCarthy M50 GBR
120tbaGail McGann W40 Thorne Twilight TrottersGBR
100tbaSally-anne McWilliam W45 GBR
132tbaMichelle Morgan W45 We can runGBR
53tbaTodd Needham-Holliday MSEN Lonely Goat RCGBR
110tbaRobert Newsome M50 GBR
121tbaLee Norman MSEN GBR
97tbaJonathan Pacey MSEN GBR
63tbaSteven Pilling M50 Dewsbury Road RunnersGBR
79tbaAlan Priestman M55 York Knavesmire HarriersGBR
101tbaDavid Prowse M55 Lliswerry RunnersGBR
47tbaSharon Renshaw W45 Steel City Striders RCGBR
5tbaHowie Robinson M40 Lonely Goat RCGBR
122tbaSteven Ross M40 Sheffield Running ClubGBR
64tbaPetrina Ryan W55 GBR
137tbaCarl Ryde M40 Doncaster ACGBR
17tbaLynn Simpson W45 WE CAN RUNGBR
113tbaGregory Skelton MSEN Pontefract ACGBR
119tbaAllison Smith W40 We can run GBR
16tbaJonathan Smith M50 Doncaster TriathlonGBR
62tbaMark Smith M45 Holme Pierrepont RCGBR
127tbaJason Steele MSEN GBR
59tbaSarah Storey W45 Steel City Striders RCGBR
99tbaSarah Sutherland W45 Doncaster Triathlon Club GBR
151tbaAlan Thimbleby M60 Doncaster ACGBR
115tbaJulie Todd W50 GBR
117tbaRichard Tucker M50 GBR
148tbaMartyn Walter M60 Doncaster ACGBR
149tbaIan Warton-Woods M40 Ripley RCGBR
22tbaSimon White MSEN Vegan Runners UKGBR
13tbaStuart Whysall MSEN Mansfield HarriersGBR
114tbaKaren Williamson W45 Thorne Twilight TrottersGBR
69tbaPaul Willis M45 GBR
70*tbaPaul Wilson M45 Keighley and Craven Athletics ClubGBR

Pair (90)
1tbaKeith Maddison M50 Scunthorpe & District ACGBR Must be mad
tbaSylv Creasey W45 Scunthorpe & District ACGBR
8tbaNicola Wilkinson W40 Danum GBR Runners United’s dream team
tbaDavid Robinson MSEN Scunthorpe and District ACGBR
14tbaSally Walker W45 Danum HarriersGBR What are we doing here?!
tbaJoanna Parkin W40 Danum HarriersGBR
20tbaDavid Langford M50 Danum HarriersGBR Danum Dogs
tbaBen Hales M40 Danum HarriersGBR
26tbaAngie Clarke W40 Doncaster ACGBR Sweaty Betty's
tbaJody Breeze W45 Doncaster ACGBR
27tbaNikki Speck WSEN Danum HarriersGBR Danum Nics
tbaNicola Cosgrove W40 Danum HarriersGBR
29tbaJanet Powell. Mrs W60 Doncaster Athletics ClubGBR Are we there yet?
tbaClaire Angus. Mrs W45 Doncaster Athletics ClubGBR
34tbaAndy Mellor M45 Matlock Athletic ClubGBR Mac Fly
tbaDan Ashcroft M40 Matlock Athletic ClubGBR
36tbaHarriet Chadwick WSEN GBR Shredding for the wedding
tbaJess Flint WSEN GBR
37tbaMark Webster M45 Doncaster ACGBR Team Oreo
tbaTaylor Marie louise W45 Doncaster ACGBR
40tbaNatalija Cooper WSEN GBR Running together again
tbaMaria Maith WSEN Gainsborough & Morton StridersGBR
44tbaEmma Butler W40 Sleaford Town RunnersGBR Fatties but fitties
tbaKath Cheadle W45 Sleaford Striders ACGBR
51tbaRebecca Parry W45 Wigston Phoenix RCGBR Dazecca
tbaDarren Clayton M45 Wigston Phoenix RCGBR
54tbaShelley Fairey WSEN Matlock Athletic GBR Kel n Shell
tbaKelly Lynn WSEN Matlock Athletic GBR
56tbaAndrea Robinson W45 Doncaster ACGBR Are we nearly there yet
tbaGlynn Jones M50 Doncaster ACGBR
60tbaJill Davies W60 Steel City Striders RCGBR Crowson/Davies
tbaLindsay Crowson W45 Steel City Striders RCGBR
66tbaRachel Johnson W40 Kingston upon Hull AC GBR #ERTC
tbaStephen Hunt M45 Kingston upon Hull AC GBR
71*tbaDarren Lambert M50 Doncaster ACGBR Dumb and dumber
tbaMichelle Ward WSEN Doncaster ACGBR
72*tbaBarry Prowse MSEN Doncaster ACGBR Hare and Tortoise
tbaTammy Cullen W40 Doncaster ACGBR
73*tbaMervyn Christison M50 GBR Christison cruisers
tbaTracey Christison W50 GBR
74*tbaJayne Hemmingham W50 7 Hills Harriers GBR 7 Hills Harriers
tbaCharlotte Morley W40 7 Hills Harriers GBR
75tbaKeith Lindley M60 GBR More Miles Miles
tbaRichard Janssen M50 GBR
80tbaClare Millard W40 Lonely Goat RCGBR Millard/ Lowe
tbaJeni Lowe WSEN Lonely Goat RCGBR
83tbaRebecca Coates WSEN Doncaster Athletic ClubGBR Donny Demons
tbaRose James W40 Doncaster Athletic ClubGBR
86tbaBarbara Lowndes W60 Maltby RCGBR Areyt Pair
tbaCaroline Boyd-Southern W65 Maltby RCGBR
89tbaDebbie Kay W50 Dronfield Diamonds/ Urban Fox RunningGBR Y O Y!
tbaJamie Kay M40 Urban Fox RunningGBR
91tbaSam Prowse W40 Doncaster ACGBR Are We There Yet
tbaSandra Meakin W40 Doncaster ACGBR
93tbaDavid Richardson MSEN GBR Miles with Miles
tbaSian Kershaw W45 GBR
94tbaIan Gostling MSEN GBR Miles with Miles
tbaClaire Snowden WSEN GBR
95tbaNeil Venables M50 GBR Fast and curious
tbaLyn Taylor W45 GBR
96tbaHayley Mason WSEN GBR Team HD
tbaDarren Musson M40 GBR
103tbaStuart Lindsay M40 Doncaster ACGBR The Jogging Collective
tbaJohn Sheerin M45 Doncaster ACGBR
105tbaPaul Brown M50 Rothwell & District HarriersGBR rothwell wild boars
tbaSarah Tolkin WSEN Rothwell & District HarriersGBR
108tbaLouise Bramley W40 Crystal Peaks RunnersGBR Bonkers Beighton Girls
tbaClaire Carter WSEN Crystal Peaks RunnersGBR
112tbaPaul Hodgin MSEN GBR Marc Plug
tbaMarc Brooks MSEN GBR
126tbaLaura Oliphant WSEN Danum HarriersGBR Danum Dynamos
tbaSharon Dale W50 Danum HarriersGBR
129tbaKathryn Lambert W45 Lincoln & District RunnersGBR Mud, sweat and beers
tbaTanya Martyn W45 GBR
136tbaJohn Egginton MSEN GBR But my Mom thinks i'm cool
tbaHannah Murton WSEN GBR
141tbaGlen Morris M45 GBR Solo Mudders
tbaCraig Turner M40 GBR
142tbaAmy Canning WSEN Danum HarriersGBR Easier said than run
tbaClaire Wellington WSEN Doncaster Triathlon ClubGBR
143tbaCaroline Mynes W40 7 Hills HarriersGBR 7 Hills duo
tbaWendy Groom W40 7 Hills HarriersGBR
146tbaRebecca Rowland WSEN Fitmums and Friends GBR The Rowlands
tbaDale Rowland MSEN GBR
154tbaNichola Ayres WSEN North Derbyshire RCGBR Spiretights
tbaVicky Moss W45 North Derbyshire RCGBR
155tbaTracy Mistry W50 GBR Crazy Ladies
tbaClair Hibbert W40 GBR
156tbaMatthew Thomas MSEN GBR HIIT for Brains
tbaNeil Petrie MSEN GBR

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