(D) Tayside Xmas Score - Drummond Castle Start List

Sunday 08 December 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=68, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Experienced Score 1 hour (50)
1HireFelicity Martin W60 INDGBR tba
38300500Robin Strain M65 ELOGBR tba
48628624Sheila Strain W70 ELOGBR tba
58140452Les Smithard M65 KFOSCO tba
68171249Heather Smithard W70 KFOSCO tba
71966319Jane Anderson W50 TAYGBR tba
81965929David Anderson M50 TAYGBR tba
1150042Robert Findlay M70 ESOCGBR tba
1233334Liz Fraser W75 TAYSCO tba
138355960Bill Melville M75 TAYSCO tba
14235507Katharine Melville W75 TAYSCO tba
158151257Martin Dean M60 FVOGBR tba
168005263Hazel Dean W55 FVOGBR tba
20345567Ian McCubbin M65 TaySCO tba
21803088Timothy May M55 ESOCGBR tba
228260165Steve Wilson M50 CLYDEGBR tba
238240666Rachel Wilson W50 CLYDEGBR tba
24338008Donald Smith M65 TAYSCO tba
259200896John Lewis M70 TAYGBR tba
268210958Davie Frame M60 TAYGBR tba
279181264Elaine Gillies W55 TAYGBR tba
28HireRichard Davison M60 TAYGBR tba
29HireBrenda Clough W60 TAYGBR tba
308080576Paul Hammond M40 FVOGBR tba
32221298Finlay Ross M50 ESOCSCO tba
368180564Angela Dixon W55 TAYGBR tba
3746843Fran Loots W60 TAYSCO tba
38221689Grant Carstairs M65 TAYSCO tba
398190250Leslie Dalgleish M65 ESOCSCO tba
408270252Margaret Dalgleish W65 ESOCSCO tba
427300222Alistair Duguid M40 TAYGBR tba
432105250Inger-Sofie Selmer W45 TAYGBR tba
45HireLiz Duguid W70 INDSCO tba
47HireDuncan Stewart M12 TAYGBR tba
488221576Alastair Dunlop M45 CLYDESCO tba
49235515Moira Laws W75 TAYSCO tba
50400982Simon Hunt M50 FVOSCO tba
5111781Sam Hunt M14 FVOSCO tba
539101242Kate Kilpatrick W45 FVOSCO tba
549190848Geoffrey Hensman M70 FVOGBR tba
5512550Lindsey Hensman W70 FVOGBR tba
568121929Andrew Twigg M14 FVOGBR tba
578321969Nicola Melville W50 FVOSCO tba
58681121Clive Masson M50 ESOCGBR tba
59HireCatriona Phin W50 ESOCGBR tba
608669946Jason Inman M45 FVOGBR tba
63211417Fran Humphrey W65 ESOCGBR tba
648670620Tim Harding M55 ELOSCO tba
66889870Brad Connor M45 FVOGBR tba
688185118Terry O'Brien BEM M60 STAGSCO tba

Novice Score 45 min (18)
2HireBarry McManamon M10 TAYGBR tba
91261005Lucy Hensman W14 FVOGBR tba
109102265Katie Hensman W12 FVOGBR tba
17646244Beatrice Dower W45 TAYGBR tba
18646245Finn Dower M14 TAYGBR tba
19646247Colin Dower M12 TAYGBR tba
318161008Rebecca Hammond W12 FVOGBR tba
33HireTristan Spurway M12 TAYSCO tba
34HireAnita Spurway W45 TAYSCO tba
35HireAlick Spurway M10 TAYGBR tba
412080011Carl Selmer Duguid M10 TAYGBR tba
44HireFinn Selmer Duguid M12 TAYGBR tba
46HireOwen Hamilton M10 INDSCO tba
52434751Alexander Hunt M10 FVOSCO tba
61401777Matthew Inman M10 FVOGBR tba
62227333Hannah Inman W10 FVOGBR tba
658657545Jamie Connor M12 FVOGBR tba
672072424Eilidh Connor W10 FVOGBR tba

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