May Hill Summer Solstice Start List

Monday 21 June 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=70, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
May Hill 6 (58)
50Malc Allen M60 Black Trail RunnersGBR
46David Ashworth MSEN GBR
64Carly Barton WSEN GBR
61Tom Bell MSEN Forest of Dean ACGBR
29Naomi Bevan W40 GBR
59Karla Cleverley W50 Almost AthletesGBR
18Caroline Cratchley W40 Cotswold AllrunnersGBR
67Mark Crisp MSEN GBR
47Jane Davis W50 GBR
54Phoebe Davis WSEN GBR
40Kiya Dee WU17 Highworth rcGBR
41Taya Dee WU17 Highworth rcGBR
37Karen Dore W45 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
31Jane Edwards W45 GBR
12Lynette Engel WSEN DSRAGBR
30Kevin Fairs M40 Almost AthletesGBR
28Tanya Feasey W40 GBR
68Luke Gray MSEN MonRoss TrailblazersGBR
24Dianne Haines W55 GBR
2Vicky Hale WSEN GBR
3Anthea Hamilton W50 GBR
13Julie Hapeshi W60 Hucclecote HarriersGBR
53John Hargreaves M65 Great Western RunnersGBR
43Lucy Hellier WSEN GBR
66Sarah Herridge W40 GBR
7Nicole Hill WU23 GBR
56Stuart Howison M40 Lliswerry RunnersGBR
36Hannah Jakeman WSEN GBR
35Sally Jakeman WSEN Malvern BuzzardsGBR
1Sarah James W45 GBR
34Stacey Jellyman WSEN GBR
33Ella Jones WU23 GBR
69Sarah Jones W50 Hucclecote HarriersGBR
17Claire Minett W45 GBR
26Alistair Minton MSEN GBR
55Claire Morgan-Powell W45 Lliswerry RunnersGBR
27Annie Oliver WSEN GBR
58Coralie Pearson W40 Almost AthletesGBR
63Amanda Perrins W45 GBR
49Raymond Perry M55 Hucclecote HarriersGBR
16Andrea Playle W55 Cotswold allrunnersGBR
4Craig Prosser M40 Tewkesbury Running ClubGBR
38Maria Randall W50 NBRGGBR
44Victoria Runcie W40 GBR
70Martin Scrivens M40 Monross TrailblazersGBR
23Matthew Short MSEN GBR
25James Stephens M40 GBR
32Emmanuelle Stone WU23 GBR
52Nicholas Tanner MSEN GBR
15Marcia Thompson W50 Cotswold AllrunnersGBR
48Cliff Trew M50 GBR
57Martin Turner MSEN GBR
11Rob Umphray M45 Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBR
22Dave White MSEN GBR
45Abi Wilkinson WSEN GBR
21Sandra Wolanski W60 GBR
60Sam Worgan W45 GBR
14Julia Zimmek W60 GBR

May Hill 6 Canicross (12)
65Adam Ainsworth M45 GBR
51Sophie Ball WSEN Forest Of Dean CanicrossGBR
39Sarah Bucknall W40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
42Diana Dee W55 Highworth rcGBR
62Dan Gray MSEN MonRoss TrailblazersGBR
5Rachel Guest W45 GBR
9Bethan Hale W40 Lonely goat rcGBR
10Gemma Hale WSEN Lonely goat rcGBR
20Sarah Mitchell WSEN GBR
6Kate Pope W40 GBR
19Holly Russell WSEN GBR
8Claire Usen W40 GBR

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