Lliswerry 8 Start List

Sunday 26 January 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=850, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Race numbers and timing chips are to be collected from Race HQ on the day of the race. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Male Senior (150)
tbaChristopher Ahern MSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaMatthew Alderson MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR
tbaJonathan Astley MSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaChris Baker MSEN Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaShane Baker MSEN Pontypool & District runnersGBR
tbaSimon Baralos MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaMichael Barnes MSEN Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaTom Beale MSEN Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaGreg Beavis M50 GBR
tbaCraig Blake MSEN CDF runnersGBR
tbaMarc Bloomfield MSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaChristopher Bluett MSEN GBR
tbaDaniel Bodman MSEN Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR
tbaMitch Bosse MSEN Caerphilly runnersGBR
tbaNathan Brace MSEN N.E.W.T - Newport and East Wales TriathlonGBR
tbaJordan Brown MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaRyan Bunce MU23 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaGareth Burkitt MSEN Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaBen Butler-Madden MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaDan Chapple MSEN N.E.W.T - Newport and East Wales TriathlonGBR
tbaJames Chard MSEN GBR
tbaNathan Christoforato MSEN Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaNicholas Clifton MSEN Cardiff Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaGeorge Comins MU23 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaMarc Cross MSEN Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaChristopher Cummings MSEN Parc Bryn Bach running clubGBR
tbaMichael Darke MSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaThomas David MSEN Celtic Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaHuw Davies MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaJamie Davies MSEN GBR
tbaMatthew Davies MSEN GBR
tbaOwain Davies MSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaSteven Davies MSEN GBR
tbaBen Demellweek MU17 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaCallum Denholm MSEN GBR
tbaJosh Dixon MSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaAlistair Downes MSEN San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaSteve Drewitt MSEN Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaMatthew Edmonds MSEN Micky Morris racing teamGBR
tbaJamie Edwards MSEN Pont-y-pwl & District RunnersGBR
tbaJames Elgar MSEN Micky Morris Racing TeamGBR
tbaGareth Evans MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaOwen Evans MSEN Cardiff Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaLeighton Everett MSEN Caerleon RCGBR
tbaJamie Fenaroli MSEN Aberdare VAACGBR
tbaJack Fleet MU23 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaAndy Gardiner MSEN San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaToby Garratt MSEN Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaVictor Garrick MSEN GBR
tbaLeif Geoghegan MSEN Caldicot running clubGBR
tbaStephen George MSEN Parc brynbachGBR
tbaPaul Graham MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaSimon Grant MSEN Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaMatthew Grantham MU23 Micky Morris Racing TeamGBR
tbaGareth Grey MSEN Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaMike Griffiths MSEN GBR
tbaAndrew Gunter MSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaDaniel Hamilton MSEN San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaNigel Hammersley MSEN Village VipersGBR
tbaDarragh Hanley-crofts MSEN White rock runnersGBR
tbaNathan Harper MSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaMatthew Harvey MSEN Swansea Harriers ACGBR
tbaRichard Hazell MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaPeter Heath MSEN Les CroupiersGBR
tbaRichard Hext MSEN Roberttown RoadrunnersGBR
tbaPaul Hibberd MSEN GBR
tbaOwen Higgs MU23 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaSam Higgs MU17 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaMarc Hobbs MSEN Swansea HarriersGBR
tbaGareth Howell MSEN Les CroupiersGBR
tbaKevin Howells MSEN Caerleon RCGBR
tbaTyler Howells MU23 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaCraig Hughes MSEN GBR
tbaAlexander Hutton-Lewis MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaChris Inglis MSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaTim Iveson MSEN Builth and districtGBR
tbaJonathan Jarvis MSEN Run4All NeathGBR
tbaRobin Jewell MSEN GBR
tbaAdam Johnson MSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaGwyn Johnson MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaKarl Johnson MSEN Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaAnthony Jones MSEN GBR
tbaAshley Jones MSEN GBR
tbaMark Keats MSEN Pegasus RCGBR
tbaGareth Keetch MSEN GBR
tbaChristopher Kerby MSEN N.E.W.T - Newport and East Wales TriathlonGBR
tbaKit Lambert MSEN Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaRyan Lambeth MU23 Islwyn RCGBR
tbaMichael Lewis MSEN Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaJon Like MSEN Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaRichard Lloyd MSEN Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR
tbaTom Longley MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaGavin Lucas MSEN GBR
tbaAlex Lyne MSEN GBR
tbaTooby Matt MSEN Caerleon RcGBR
tbaTom McCarthy MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaGareth Medd MSEN Pontyclun RRGBR
tbaConnor Mincher MSEN GBR
tbaMichael Morgan MSEN Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaDaniel Morris MSEN GBR
tbaEthan Morris MSEN Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaPeter Morris MSEN Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaDavid Mort MSEN Cardiff triathletesGBR
tbaPaul Morton MSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaPeter Morton MSEN GBR
tbaAlex Murphy MSEN GBR
tbaSymon Murphy MSEN Pontypridd RoadentsGBR
tbaAndrew North MU23 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaPeter Page MSEN GBR
tbaAndrew Pearce MSEN GBR
tbaDaniel Phillips MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaMatthew Phillips MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaJoseph Price MSEN Merthyr Running ClubCYM
tbaRobert Pritchard MSEN Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaCarson Pryce MSEN U-Fit Tri TeamGBR
tbaLuke Pryce MSEN Ufit Tri TeamCYM
tbaJack Pugsley MSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaAndrew Ramsey MSEN Caerphilly RunnersCYM
tbaLeighton Rawlinson MSEN MMRTGBR
tbaNathan Reeks MSEN Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaBen Rees MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaGeraint Robbins MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaIwan Roberts MSEN Caerleon RCGBR
tbaSion Roberts MSEN Piranha Tri ClubGBR
tbaHowells Sharron W45 Robertson Road RunnersGBR
tbaDavid Shrewing MSEN Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaJames Smith MSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaIan Southwell MSEN Penarth & Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaOwen Staddon MSEN Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaJoe Stoate MSEN GBR
tbaJason Thomas MSEN Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaMartin Thomas MSEN Parc Bryn Bach running clubGBR
tbaDaniel Thrift MSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaCallum Turner MSEN Caerleon running clubGBR
tbaTom Turner MSEN Torfaen runnersGBR
tbaAndy Unsworth MSEN GBR
tbaCalum Vennard MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaRhys Ward MSEN GBR
tbaStuart Ward MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaAdam Wardle MSEN Cardiff TriathletesGBR
tbaLiam Wharmby MSEN GBR
tbaAlan Williams MSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaHuw Williams MSEN Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaHywel Williams MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaJohn Williams MSEN GBR
tbaLuke Williams MSEN San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaNathan Williams MSEN Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR
tbaThomas Wills MSEN White Rock RunnersGBR
tbaMark Withers MSEN Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR

Male Vet 40 (85)
tbaMartin Adams M40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaThomas Annetts M40 Undy & Redwick Road RunnersGBR
tbaAndy Baker M40 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaMatthew Barrell M40 GBR
tbaPaul Barrett M40 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaGareth Beard M40 GBR
tbaAllen Cameron M40 GBR
tbaChris Chambost M40 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaChris Collin M40 Ogmore phoenix runnersGBR
tbaBen Cottam M40 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaMichael Cummings M40 GBR
tbaGareth Davies M40 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaJames Davies M40 Pencoed PanthersGBR
tbaTim Davies M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaNick Denny M40 Pontypridd RoadentsGBR
tbaWilliam Denny M40 Pontypridd RoadentsGBR
tbaMark Douglas M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaMartyn Driscoll M40 Cardiff Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaTom Duck M40 GBR
tbaRhodri Evans M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaMatthew Gobbett M40 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaBen Gooding M40 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaJonathan Gough M40 Seriously Mad Runners (Barry)GBR
tbaJason Halse M40 Ogmore Phoenix running clubGBR
tbaPaul Harris M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaSteven Harris M40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaRyan Hartley M40 Pontyclun RoadrunnersGBR
tbaPaul Harvey MSEN Pont-y-pwl & districtGBR
tbaDavid Hawkins M40 Cardiff TriathletesGBR
tbaWayne Hayhurst M40 Ogmore Phoenix runnersGBR
tbaDavid Hazell M40 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaCraig Hopkins M40 Ponty-pwl and district runnersGBR
tbaMark Hurford M40 Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaPaul Iddon M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaHuw James M40 Pontypool PhoenixGBR
tbaChristopher Jeynes M40 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaBleddyn Jones M40 Bryn BachGBR
tbaDavid Jones M40 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaIan Jones M40 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaKeith Jones M40 CDF RunnersGBR
tbaLeyton Jones M45 GBR
tbaNeil Jones M40 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaPeter Jones M40 Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaRob Keeble M40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaRobert King M40 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaAndrew Knott M40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaDaniel Lancaster M40 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR
tbaMark Lawlor M40 GBR
tbaSimon Lewis M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaAndrew Little M40 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaLee Llewellyn M40 Run4All NeathGBR
tbaPeter Llewellyn M40 GBR
tbaRichard Lund M40 CaldicotGBR
tbaJames Lynch M40 Islwyn RCGBR
tbaJames Manson M40 Cardiff TriathletesGBR
tbaJon Martin M40 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaPaul Mayo M40 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaRyan Mcflynn M40 MMRTGBR
tbaVladimirs Mironovs MSEN GBR
tbaPaul Mitchell M40 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaSimon Nicholas M40 GBR
tbaIan Owen M40 San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaGethin Parker M40 Les croupiersGBR
tbaMark Phillips M40 Rhondda Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaSteven Phillips M40 Parc Bryn Bach running clubGBR
tbaAlex Porazinski M40 GBR
tbaGlenn Powell M40 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaNud Rehman M40 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaIestyn Rhodes M40 Micky Morris racing teamGBR
tbaDavid Sansom M40 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaGavin Shivers M40 GBR
tbaWesley Sleat M40 GBR
tbaAndrew Smith MSEN Pontypool runnersGBR
tbaChris Stanlake M40 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaSean Taylor M40 Mickey Morris Racing TeamGBR
tbaWyn Thomas M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaDamian Waite M40 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaTim Washbrook M40 GBR
tbaAndrew Watts M40 Chepstow harriersGBR
tbaAndrew Weeks M40 GBR
tbaIan Williams M40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaStephen Wood M40 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaMichael Workman M40 Caerphilly RunnersGBR

Male Vet 45 (89)
tbaMatthew Aherne M40 Pontyclun RoadrunnersGBR
tbaStuart Allen M45 PontypoolGBR
tbaSteven Barker M45 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaRob Bickel M45 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaDarren Booth M45 Dragon's Running Club AberdareGBR
tbaDavid Brown M45 GBR
tbaDavid Brown M45 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaEdward Brown M45 White Rock RunnersGBR
tbaGary Clark M45 Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaPeter Coughlin M45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaDavid Croft M45 Undy & Redwick Road RunnersGBR
tbaShawn Cullen M45 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaAndrew Davies M45 GBR
tbaRobert Davies M45 Islwyn running clubGBR
tbaAndrew Dickens M45 Torfaen runnersGBR
tbaStuart Dominy M45 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaJohn Dyer M45 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaLeyton Fleet M45 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaRobert Freeman M45 Forest of Dean AcGBR
tbaDenis Geoghegan M45 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaJamie Goddard M45 Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaMartin Green M45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaLee Hammond M45 Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaGareth Harvey M45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaChristopher Herdman M45 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaMark Hiddlestone M45 Port Talbot HarriersGBR
tbaJarrod Higgs M45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaMartin Hignell M45 Cowbridge MooversGBR
tbaMark Holloway M45 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaAndrew Howells-Smith M45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaDarren Hughes M45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaCeri Irvine M45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaLee James M45 Dragons Running ClubGBR
tbaBrian Jones M45 Les croupiersGBR
tbaChristopher Jones M45 GBR
tbaSteven Jones M45 Port Talbot HarriersGBR
tbaDarren Kippest M45 PARC BRYN BACH RCGBR
tbaJohnny Lam M45 San Domenico RCGBR
tbaAndy Lee M45 Pontypool and districtGBR
tbaPhil Lee M45 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaNicholas Lord M45 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaNik McAndrew M45 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaEmyr Morgan M45 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaNicholas Morgan M45 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaOliver Morris M45 GBR
tbaMatthew Mulcahy M45 Caerleon RcGBR
tbaJim Murray M45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaJamie Nicholas M45 GBR
tbaMark Nicol M45 Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaChris O'Brien M45 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaMark Owen M45 Taff Ely TriahlonGBR
tbaAdrian Pearce M45 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaRichard Pegler M45 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaVanessa Pegler W45 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaStevens Peter M45 Merthyr running clubGBR
tbaHuw Phillips M45 CDF RunnersGBR
tbaJustin Phillips M45 GBR
tbaLee Phillips M45 Parc Bryn BachGBR
tbaMike Phillips M45 Caerphilly TriersGBR
tbaLaurence Pole M45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaMark Prosser M45 Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaMatt Pryor M40 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaChris Richards M45 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaGareth Richards M45 Ogmore Phoenix runnersGBR
tbaNeil Ridley M40 Rhondda valley runnersGBR
tbaCarl Roberts M45 GBR
tbaShane Roberts M45 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaSteve Savory MSEN Seriously Mad RunnersGBR
tbaNeil Scourfield M45 GBR
tbaPhil Seignot M45 GBR
tbaKevin Sharpe M45 RUNNewportGBR
tbaRichard Skyrme M45 CDF RunnersGBR
tbaDarren Stevens M45 Merthyr Running ClubGBR
tbaMichael Tasker M45 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaDan Taylor M45 Roberttown RoadRunnersGBR
tbaJoseph Thanniyil M40 GBR
tbaDelwyn Tyler M40 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaRobert Type M45 GBR
tbaMorris Urquhart M45 GBR
tbaNick Webb M45 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaPhillip Whaley M45 GBR
tbaRichard Wilder M45 San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaChristopher Williams M45 San Domenico RCGBR
tbaMo Williams M45 RUNNewportGBR
tbaPaul Williams M45 She Runs CardiffGBR
tbaRoger Williams M45 Torfaen runnersGBR
tbaAndrew Williamson M45 Pegasus RC CardiffGBR
tbaGareth Woodbridge M45 Cornelly StridersGBR
tbaAlun Wylde M45 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR

Male Vet 50 (67)
tbaSteven Baker M50 GBR
tbaMark Batten M50 Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaMark Beoughton M40 Beyond Running FiitnessGBR
tbaAndrew Blacker M50 Bitton road runnersGBR
tbaStephen Blake M50 PegasusGBR
tbaNigel Bleach M50 GBR
tbaKevin Bradfield M50 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaPhil Bristow M55 San DomenicoGBR
tbaAllen Bunney M50 Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR
tbaSteve Burrell M50 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaMartin Bussell M50 Islwyn RCGBR
tbaAndrew Caple M50 CDF RunnersGBR
tbaChris Carey M50 Pont-y-pŵl and District RunnersGBR
tbaMartyn Carruthers M50 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaPaul Chick M50 GBR
tbaKeith Coleman M50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaDennis Collins M50 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaShaun Cotter M50 GBR
tbaDavid Davies M50 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaKris Denholm M50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaClive Denton M50 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaKevin Dupe M50 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaCarwyn Evans M50 Dragons Running ClubGBR
tbaNeil Fitzgerald M50 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaRobert Flanagan M50 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaIestyn Foster M50 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaPaul Galea M50 Roberttown Road RunnersGBR
tbaSimon Gibbs M50 GBR
tbaMickey Havard M50 San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaChristopher Hill M50 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaDavid Hirons M50 Gloucester TriclubGBR
tbaAndrew Hollins M45 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaAndrew Hughes M50 Malvern BuzzardsGBR
tbaAndrew Hughes M50 Darth Coastal RunnersGBR
tbaRichard Jenkins M50 Ufit triathlon ClubGBR
tbaColin Johns M50 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaAled Jones M50 GBR
tbaRobert Joslin M50 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaTony Kear M50 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaJohn Kiernan M50 BROOKS BEASTGBR
tbaAnthony Lewis M50 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaCaerwyn Lewis M50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaMichael Llewellyn M50 GBR
tbaJohn Lloyd M50 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaDavid McDonald M50 Les CroupiersGBR
tbaPhillip Mears M50 White Rock RunnersGBR
tbaStephen New M50 Hengoed HarriersGBR
tbaIan Ogilvie M50 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaNick Osman M50 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaCarl Peacock M50 Parc Bryn Bach Running ClubGBR
tbaAndy Pearce M50 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaMichael Probert M50 Pont-y-pwl & DistrictGBR
tbaNick Read M50 GBR
tbaSteven Richards M45 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaChris Roberts M50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaPunna Singh M50 Les CroupiersGBR
tbaDaren Smith M50 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaDavid Sweetman M50 GBR
tbaCain Thomas M45 Cardiff Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaDean Thomas M50 Merthyr running clubGBR
tbaPeter Trott M50 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaRichard Tudor M50 GBR
tbaRob Ward M50 Roberttown RoadrunnersGBR
tbaLaurie Watkins M50 Pont-y-pwl & DistrictGBR
tbaPaul Watkins M50 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaGary Webber M50 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaJason Williams M50 Merthyr running clubGBR

Male Vet 55 (48)
tbaPhil Allen M55 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaMat Atkins M55 GBR
tbaDavid Bailyes M55 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaChris Barber M55 Kilcot FlyersGBR
tbaMark Beard M55 GBR
tbaDarryl Beaver M55 SMRGBR
tbaLloyd Bevan M55 Serpentine RCGBR
tbaKevin Booth M55 GBR
tbaBlaine Burbidge-Smith M50 GBR
tbaJohn Carroll M55 Roberttown RoadrunnersGBR
tbaKevin Chalke M55 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaAndy Davies M55 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaIan Davies M55 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaRussell Dyer M50 Kilcot FlyersGBR
tbaMark Evans M55 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaMichael Evans M55 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaRobert Evans M55 Ebbw Vale Running ClubGBR
tbaAndy Fisher M55 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaSteve Goodfellow M55 Penarth and dinas runnersGBR
tbaHaydn Hartnell M55 Parc Bryn Bach rcGBR
tbaIan Herbert M55 Ufit Triathlon clubGBR
tbaAndrew Hillis M55 Spirit of MonmouthGBR
tbaRob Hook M55 Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaMichael Hopkins M55 Westbury HarriersGBR
tbaSteve Jackson M50 GBR
tbaMike James M55 Seriously mad runnersGBR
tbaAndrew Kaye M55 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaDavid Keogh M55 Somer ACGBR
tbaDavid Mather M55 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaAdrian Mathias M55 ATRunGBR
tbaKieran Mchugh M55 San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaColin McQueen M55 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaBryan Meredith M55 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaPeter Merrick M55 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaJonathan Mies M50 GBR
tbaPeter Olivier M55 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaDavid Phillips M55 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaStuart Price M55 GBR
tbaKevin Raymond M55 Run4All NeathGBR
tbaNigel Rees M50 Ognore phoniex runnersGBR
tbaGreen Robert M55 Islwyn RunnersGBR
tbaNeil Rowlands M55 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaAndrew Spencer M55 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaPaul Timms M55 Cirencester ACGBR
tbaSamantha Timms W55 Cirencester ACGBR
tbaIan Wills M55 GBR
tbaDavid Woodford M55 GBR
tbaMark Worrall M55 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR

Male Vet 60 (21)
tbaAdrian Corbett M60 Outdoor FitnessGBR
tbaNick Davies M60 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaRay Davies M60 Aberdare VAACGBR
tbaRobert Davies M60 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaDavid Gates M60 GBR
tbaPhil Groves M60 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaLyndon Gwillym M60 GBR
tbaLyn Hawkins M60 GBR
tbaNick Holliday M60 Cheltenham and County HarriersGBR
tbaIan James M60 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaHoward Jones M60 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaDave Kempton M60 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaTerry O'Brien M60 GBR
tbaKenneth ( Ollie) Oliver M60 Islwyn running clubGBR
tbaAndrew Reeks M60 Caldicot running clubGBR
tbaPeter Rodger M60 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaAdrian Taylor M60 Merthyr Running ClubGBR
tbaRobert Twinem M60 N/aGBR
tbaGrahame Viner M60 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaSimon Williamson M60 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaGlyn Worth M60 Fairwater RunnersGBR

Male Vet 65 (9)
tbaMartin Belcher M65 Kenilworth RunnersGBR
tbaMike Chipping M65 Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBR
tbaAlun Fuller M65 Undy & Redwick RoadrunnersGBR
tbaJim Kinsey M65 RunnewportGBR
tbaRobert Lewis M65 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaRay Majer M65 Sospan Road RunnersGBR
tbaChristopher Nellins M65 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaBill Snowdon M65 Cardiff TriathletesGBR
tbaMick Tabor M65 Les CroupiersGBR

Male Vet 70 (4)
tbaWright Geoff M70 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaTony Grandon M70 Outdoor FitnessGBR
tbaDave Hebbes M70 GBR
tbaTim Webb M70 Pegasus RCGBR

Male Vet 75 (4)
tbaRalph Davey M75 Les Croupiers Running ClubGBR
tbaChristopher Harrison M75 British Triathlon FederationGBR
tbaKeith Paterson M75 San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaKeith Treharne M75 Brackla HarriersGBR

Male Vet 80 (1)
tbaSydney Wheeler M80 Chepstow HarriersGBR

Female Senior (69)
tbaBethan Apglyn WSEN Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaRachael Baralos WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaRachel Brenton WSEN Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaJodie Brincat WSEN GBR
tbaJoanna Burridge WSEN Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaBron Calnan WSEN Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaMadison Clabon WSEN Caerleon RCGBR
tbaHannah Clark WSEN GBR
tbaErin Cleary WSEN Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaRebecca Cox WSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaCathryn Davey WSEN GBR
tbaNaomi Davies WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaRebecca Davies WU23 Caerleon running clubGBR
tbaStephanie Davies WSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaKaren de la Cadena WSEN Slinn AllstarsGBR
tbaBethan Denholm WU18 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaCeri Denning WSEN Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaHannah Donnelly WSEN GBR
tbaLucy Dowell WSEN Aberdare Valley Amateur ACGBR
tbaCath Evans W45 GBR
tbaAimee Ferguson WSEN Aberdare Valley AACGBR
tbaAbby Forster WSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaTammy Fry WSEN CaerleonGBR
tbaHannah Gore WSEN Piranha Tri ClubGBR
tbaKirsty Hett WSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaSamantha Howells WSEN Caerleon RCGBR
tbaShell Hughes WSEN Caerleon running clubGBR
tbaMaricel Jenkins-Belohorska WSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaAnnette Jones W55 Pontypool PhoenixGBR
tbaHannah Jones W40 Robertson Road RunnersGBR
tbaRachel Jones WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaJolene Kerby WSEN N.E.W.T - Newport and East Wales TriathlonGBR
tbaHannah Knight WU23 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaStacey Knight WSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaNicole Lake WSEN GBR
tbaNina Lindholm WSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaClaire Maksimovic WSEN Pontypridd RoadentsGBR
tbaRowena Mayo WSEN Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaPoulson Megan WSEN San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaHannah Miles WSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaAnna Moon WSEN Cardiff Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaGemma Nesbitt WSEN Run4All NeathGBR
tbaRebecca Newton WSEN Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaKaylea Palkowski WSEN Caerphilly runnersGBR
tbaCharlotte Panes WSEN Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
tbaSarah Phillips WSEN Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaJozie Postles WSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaDanielle Rayner WSEN Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaCharlotte Rees WSEN Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaZoe Rees WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaPam Roberts W55 Run newportGBR
tbaVicky Roberts WSEN Spirit of MonmouthGBR
tbaEmma Roche WSEN GBR
tbaCarol Roughley WSEN GBR
tbaSarah Stewart WSEN Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaHelen Tamburello WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaLowenna Taylor WSEN Caerleon RCGBR
tbaFoord Tia WU23 GBR
tbaHayley Tunnacliffe WSEN Caerleon RCGBR
tbaAmy Ward WSEN GBR
tbaJessica Watts WSEN Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaKayleigh Wilding WSEN CDF RunnersGBR
tbaDelyth Williams WSEN San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaHannah Williams WSEN Parc bryn bachGBR
tbaSarah Wills WSEN White Rock RunnersGBR
tbaErica Wilson WSEN Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaSarah Winstone WSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaRebecca Wray WSEN Cdf runnersGBR
tbaCerys Young WSEN Ponty-y-pwl & district runnersGBR

Female Vet 35 (57)
tbaMarisa Benjamin WSEN Pont-Y-Pwl & District RunnersGBR
tbaKatie Burden WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaHayley Carey WSEN AvaacGBR
tbaKelly Carter WSEN GBR
tbaKim Carwardine WSEN Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaLaura Chapple WSEN Run4All NeathGBR
tbaNatalie Curran WSEN Rhondda Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaSuzanne Donovan WSEN CDF RUNNERSGBR
tbaAmy Edwards WSEN Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaEmma Edwards WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaClare Egan WSEN GBR
tbaSheena Egan WSEN Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaAmy Evans WSEN GBR
tbaRebecca Gauder WSEN GBR
tbaLisa Griffin WSEN Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaCeri Haddock WSEN Pontypridd RodentsGBR
tbaGemma Harris WSEN Run4All NeathGBR
tbaAnna Herron WSEN Caerleon Running clubGBR
tbaTracy Hext WSEN Roberttown RoadrunnersGBR
tbaHannah Hopes WSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaKate Humphrey WSEN N.E.W.T - Newport and East Wales TriathlonGBR
tbaLouise Hunt WSEN Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaMarie Hurford WSEN Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaChelle Jenkins WSEN Seriously mad runnersGBR
tbaSarah Jenkins WSEN GBR
tbaMair Johnson WSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaKate Jones WSEN Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaElinor Keetch WSEN Pontyclun ACGBR
tbaAmy Kelleher WSEN GBR
tbaEmma King WSEN Spirit Of MonmouthGBR
tbaRita Kingdon WSEN GBR
tbaLucinda Lund WSEN GBR
tbaClaire Manson WSEN Cardiff TriathletesGBR
tbaSarah Moss WSEN PontypoolGBR
tbaElizabeth Neville WSEN Les croupiersGBR
tbaCerys Parker-williams WSEN GBR
tbaSarah Passmore WSEN Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaKatie Payne WU23 AT RUNGBR
tbaDanielle Phillips WSEN Les croupiersGBR
tbaJodi Pontin WSEN Islwyn RunnersGBR
tbaLyndsay Poulsom WSEN Pont-y-pwl & District RunnersGBR
tbaEleanor Preece WSEN White Rock RunnersGBR
tbaKirsty Pritchard WSEN Run GrangetownGBR
tbaElizabeth Randall WSEN Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaGemma Reeks WSEN Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaMara Regan WSEN GBR
tbaStacey Savory W45 Seriously Mad RunnersGBR
tbaHelen Shirley WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaElizabeth Smith WSEN Westbury HarriersGBR
tbaAdelle Taylor WSEN Les CroupiersGBR
tbaSuzanne Taylor WSEN CDFRunnersGBR
tbaEmma Tracey WSEN CaldicotGBR
tbaJoanna Valentine WSEN Pegasus RCGBR
tbaJen Williams WSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaKim Yates WSEN Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR

Female Vet 40 (69)
tbaClaire Adams W40 GBR
tbaPaula Allen W40 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaTracey Arthur W40 Undy & Redwick Road RunnersGBR
tbaJayne Baker W40 GBR
tbaCatherine Barker W40 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaAlexis Barrett W40 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaEm Bissex W40 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaSally Bissex W40 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaRosie Bristow W40 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaEmma Brown W40 GBR
tbaAlys Carlton W40 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaCeri Caswell W40 Parc Bryn Bach Running ClubGBR
tbaClair Charalambous W40 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaClaire Charlton W40 GBR
tbaVictoria Coles W40 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaKelly Collins W40 ParcGBR
tbaJillan Cooke W40 GBR
tbaLaura Coombes W40 Les Croupiers Running ClubGBR
tbaTracy Cooper W40 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaSarah Cosgrove W40 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaBec Croft W40 GBR
tbaHelen Davies W40 GBR
tbaSarah Dodd W40 GBR
tbaLisa Erickson W40 PontypoolGBR
tbaClare Harris W40 GBR
tbaSamantha Harris W40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaCaroline Hellard W40 Pontyclun road runnersGBR
tbaDonna Hewitt W40 Pontypool Phoenix runnersGBR
tbaMichelle Hodge W40 GBR
tbaDawn Hopkins W40 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaRebecca James WSEN Seriously mad runners BarryGBR
tbaAnna Jones W40 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaDebbie Jones W40 Merthyr running clubGBR
tbaLaura Jones W40 GBR
tbaNadia Jones W40 GBR
tbaCharlotte Leigh W40 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaRachel Lewis W40 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaKaty Luff W40 Caldicot running clubGBR
tbaColeen Manuel W40 She Runs: CardiffGBR
tbaJenny Martin W40 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaSarah Moore W40 Cr@p TriGBR
tbaCharlotte Moran W40 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaSara Morgan W40 Village vipersGBR
tbaDelyth Murray-Lines W40 CDF RunnersGBR
tbaGemma Nelson W40 Celtic Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaRhian Osborne W40 Cardiff Amateur ACGBR
tbaEmma Pakes W40 Les CroupiersGBR
tbaAngharad Parry-Jones W40 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaClare Patterson W40 Torfaen runnersGBR
tbaAli Phillips W40 Spirit of MonmouthGBR
tbaBethan Phillips W40 GBR
tbaDonna Phillips W40 GBR
tbaLouise Phillips W40 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaRachel Phillips W40 Village VipersGBR
tbaNatalie Richards WSEN Cardiff Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaLeonie Roberts W40 Fairwater runners CwmbranGBR
tbaDeanne Rogers W40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaJude Russell W40 GBR
tbaLisa Smedley W40 GBR
tbaEmma Spuffard W40 Caldicot running clubGBR
tbaVicky Stroud W40 Roberttown Road RunnersGBR
tbaKaren Tudor W40 GBR
tbaJanneke van Beijnum W40 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaYangi Vundamina W40 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaBethan Webb W40 Undy and Redwick RoadrunnersGBR
tbaAlison Williams W40 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaNia Williams W40 She Runs CardiffGBR
tbaSara Williams W40 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaMarina Wright W40 Spirit of MonmouthGBR

Female Vet 45 (77)
tbaEmma Addis W45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaSally Austin W45 GBR
tbaJoanne Biddiscombe W45 GBR
tbaTricia Broadway W45 GBR
tbaArabella Calder W45 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaSamantha Carpenter W45 Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
tbaKirsty Carr W45 Women Running penarthGBR
tbaEmma Charles W45 GBR
tbaAngela Coles W45 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaKatie Cook W40 Kilcot FlyersGBR
tbaClaire Costello W45 GBR
tbaCaroline Cotterell W45 Cheltenham & County HarriersGBR
tbaBernadette Davies W45 Caerleon running clubGBR
tbaJo Daviss W45 CaerleonGBR
tbaRachel Demellweek W45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaJoanne Dunscombe W45 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaZoe Elver W45 Torfaen runnersGBR
tbaCatrin Evans W45 Les CroupiersGBR
tbaClare Evans W45 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaStephanie Foulkes W45 GBR
tbaLeigh Francis W45 Ogmore Phoenix runnersGBR
tbaAnna Freeman W45 Forest of Dean AcGBR
tbaAndrea Gale W45 Undy and Redwick Road RunnersGBR
tbaAlison Graham W45 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaDebbie Griffin W45 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaTina Griffiths W45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaNikki Hancox W45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaEmma Healy W45 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaJoanne Henshall W45 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaHelen Higgs W45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaAisling Hirons W45 Gloucester TriclubGBR
tbaAlison Howells-Smith W45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaHelen Hubback W45 Les Croupiers RCGBR
tbaElizabeth Hunter W45 Village VipersGBR
tbaAlison Jenkins W45 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaSarah Jeremiah W45 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaBev Jones W45 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaClare Jones W45 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaDonna Jones W45 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaRachel Jones W45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaNicola Jukes W45 Parv Bryn BachGBR
tbaCatherine Kelleher W45 GBR
tbaSarah Kielthy W45 Undy & Redwick RoadrunnersGBR
tbaMandy Knott W45 Forest of Dean athleticsGBR
tbaSarah Lees W45 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaSarah Lewis W45 GBR
tbaBarbie Llewellyn W45 Run4All NeathGBR
tbaCarol Loade W45 Newent RunnersGBR
tbaCaroline Matthews W45 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaClare Moriaty W45 Outdoor FitnessGBR
tbaMargaret Ogden W45 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaClaire Orford W45 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaJulie Parry W45 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaJo Powell W45 AT RunGBR
tbaSamantha Powell W45 Undy and Redwick road runnersGBR
tbaHayley Pugh W45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaJulie Ransom W45 Ogmore Phoenix runnersGBR
tbaDebbie Richards W45 Women running penarthGBR
tbaLouisa Rimmer W45 Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
tbaJo Rowling W45 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaMelinda Ruck W45 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaJoanne Ryan W45 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
tbaJo Sanderson W45 Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
tbaCeri Satchell W45 Undy and redwick road runnersGBR
tbaSally Seignot W45 Caerleon Running ClubGBR
tbaSharon Smith W45 NewentGBR
tbaElizabeth Stokes W45 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaJosephine Sulman W45 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaKathryn Sweetman W45 Fetch EveryoneGBR
tbaSuzie Tew W45 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaLouise Tuson W45 RunnewportGBR
tbaJayne Walters W45 Torfaen runnersGBR
tbaKate Warlow M45 Sole SistersGBR
tbaHelen Welch W45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaLisa Williams W45 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaEmily Wood W45 RunnewportGBR
tbaRhian Yeo W45 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR

Female Vet 50 (60)
tbaAnne Beard M50 Torfaen RunnersGBR
tbaJulie Broughton W50 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaAmanda Burrell W50 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaRebecca Comins W50 Caldicot Running ClubGBR
tbaPauline Crooke W50 Seriously Mad RunnersGBR
tbaClaire Cross W50 Pont-y-pwl & district RunnersGBR
tbaMelinda Daley W50 PontypoolGBR
tbaLyndell Davies W50 Undy and Redwick Roadrunners.GBR
tbaTeresa Davies W50 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaAlison Davis W50 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaPincott Dawn W50 GBR
tbaPeggy Edwards W40 GBR
tbaSarah Evans M50 GBR
tbaJan Frost W50 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaCara Gates W50 GBR
tbaClaire Ghuman W50 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaRhian Gibson W50 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
tbaMichelle Gooch W50 PontypoolGBR
tbaAndrea Goodfellow W50 Penarth and dinas runnersGBR
tbaHelen Griffiths W50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaLouise Harris W50 Roberttown Road RunnersGBR
tbaGail Havard W50 San Domenico Road RCGBR
tbaKam Hayer W50 Les CroupiersGBR
tbaJo Hayward W50 GBR
tbaAllison Hughes W50 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaSian Jenkins W50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaCharlotte Johns W50 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaSara Johns W50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaAlison Jones W50 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaHelen Jones W50 Port Talbot HarriersGBR
tbaPaula Kennedy W50 ATRunGBR
tbaSusan Lazarus W50 Women running penarthGBR
tbaJane Lewis W50 Fairwater RunnersGBR
tbaTina Lloyd W50 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaTracy Lord W50 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaSalli Millward W50 Vegan Runners UKGBR
tbaSharon Newell W50 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaArlene Osman W50 Parc Bryn Bach RCGBR
tbaKate Owen W50 GBR
tbaDawn Parker W50 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaJoanne Peacock W50 GBR
tbaKathryn Petersen W50 Penarth and DinasGBR
tbaSharon Pritchard W50 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaCerian Pugh W50 Pontypool PhoenixGBR
tbaJo Radford W50 Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
tbaCatherine Reen W50 Roberttown Road RunnersGBR
tbaAnne-Marie Ryland W50 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaJanet Smith W50 Les CroupiersGBR
tbaHelen Speirs W50 Undy & Redwick RoadrunnersGBR
tbaJulie Spurway W50 Cowbridge MooversGBR
tbaJennifer Stone W45 CDF RunnersGBR
tbaLou Summers W50 Torfaen runnersGBR
tbaJacqueline Talbot W50 Newent RunnersGBR
tbaSonia Unsted W50 Undy and Redwick RoadrunnersGBR
tbaKaren Warlow W50 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaChristine Williams W50 Port Talbot HarriersGBR
tbaEmma Williams W50 RUNNewportGBR
tbaHeather Williams W50 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaPaula Williams W50 Caerleon RCGBR
tbaJoanne Wood W50 GBR

Female Vet 55 (24)
tbaClaire Bell W55 Les CroupiersGBR
tbaDebbie Bennion W55 Ogmore Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaDeb Clarke W55 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaLisa Cleary W55 Penarth and Dinas RunnersGBR
tbaAlison Dacey W55 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaLynne Ellis W55 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaPenny Greenwood W55 Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
tbaSally Groves W55 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaDianne Haines W55 Newent RunnersGBR
tbaJill Hancock W55 White RockGBR
tbaJane Hawkins W50 GBR
tbaSarah Hunt W55 CraptriGBR
tbaJeanette Jenkins W55 Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
tbaJulia Jones W55 Port talbot harriersGBR
tbaCathetine Llewellyn W55 Merthyr Running ClubGBR
tbaKaren O’Brien W55 Sospan Road RunnersGBR
tbaJane Ogilvie W55 Brackla HarriersGBR
tbaNicola Phillips W55 Sole Sisters North BristolGBR
tbaSarah Pope W55 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaDebbie Rees W55 Penarth and Dinas RunnersCYM
tbaWendy Rees W55 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
tbaMo Smith W55 Pegasus RCGBR
tbaJeanette Ward W55 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaElaine Wharmby W55 Brackla HarriersGBR

Female Vet 60 (12)
tbaJan Baker W60 Pontypool Phoenix RunnersGBR
tbaKaren Binfield W60 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaRachel Davies W60 Women Running PenarthGBR
tbaHilary Forster W60 GBR
tbaMaggie Gibbs W60 Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
tbaJulie Haigh W60 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaAnn James W60 RUNNewportGBR
tbaBeverly we James W60 Forest of Dean ACGBR
tbaKay Lawless W60 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
tbaJill Osborne W60 Undy and redwickGBR
tbaCatherine Roberts W60 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
tbaRuth Smith W60 Women Running PenarthGBR

Female Vet 65 (2)
tbaBrenda Avery W65 Chepstow HarriersGBR
tbaBrenda Evans W65 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR

Female Vet 70 (2)
tbaHelen Lloyd Jones W70 PegasusGBR
tbaSandra Stevens W70 Merthyr Running ClubGBR

Female Vet 75 (0)

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