(B) East Midlands Champs - Grimsthorpe Castle Start List

Sunday 08 December 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=184, Online=100%) East Midland Championships - To be eligible for the East Midland Championships you must be a current member of the EMOA and enter by Age Class (either your real age class or by running up). Other entrants can enter by age class or by colour course. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
M10 (0)

M12 (2)
150TF HireDaniel Glover M12 LEIGBR 11:42
183223346Alex Darwin M10 WAOCGBR 10:51

M14 (5)
68032006Oliver Prince M14 SOSENG 11:46
598061006Jake O'Donnell M14 DVOGBR 12:13
818110206Sam Todd M14 SYOGBR 11:58
1028260306Conrad Reuber M14 SYOGBR 11:52
1498083012Ben Glover M14 LEIGBR 11:50

M16 (12)
58290404Max Mobus M16 SYOGBR 12:24
23TF HireAdam Methven M14 BKOGBR 12:10
279101946Ben Mather M16 LOGGBR open
488170804William Garnett M16 SYOENG 11:46
738261104Euan Tryner M16 SYOGBR 12:04
958420888Sam Crawshaw M16 SYOGBR 11:54
1088645265Herbie Ashworth M16 WCOCGBR 12:13
1122072500Liam Green M14 CLOKGBR 11:59
1258050918Ben Gostick M14 HHGBR 11:37
1378130804Benjamin Squire M16 NOCGBR 12:18
1768051104Matthew Morris M16 SYOGBR 12:00
1791002768Ben Hardy M16 LEIENG 12:07

M18 (2)
1117300295Dominic Green M16 CLOKGBR 12:00
1701311002Samuel Doyle M18 SYOGBR 12:06

M20 (1)
1618401576Thomas Jarvis M20 RAFOGBR 11:00

M21 (7)
18020588Liam Harrington M21 LOGGBR open
48066697Craig Lucas M21 LOGGBR open
348668901James Rogers M21 LEIGBR 11:11
388190581Richard Robinson M35 NOCENG 11:52
568272727Alistair Thornton M21 LUOCENG 11:59
77TF HireNerijus Rozkovas M21 DVOENG 11:29
1368260877Anthony Squire M40 NOCGBR 12:14

M35 (2)
108668914Andrew Stuart M35 DVOENG 11:10
938268888Peter Hao M35 NOCGBR 11:30

M40 (3)
548110176Roger Phillips M40 LEIGBR 11:22
1528657470Andy Glover M40 LEIGBR 11:53
1608003054Ian Crowe M40 LOGGBR open

M45 (10)
168339991Philip Johnston-Davis M45 RAFONI open
21TF HireJohn Methven M45 BKOGBR 12:15
268131070John Mather M45 LOGGBR open
521425759Andrew Elliott M45 SUFFOCGBR 12:01
728310374Peter Tryner M45 SYOGBR 11:56
1132072493John Green M45 CLOKGBR 12:10
1537197391David Sissons M45 NOCENG 11:28
1668401726Gary Kelsall M45 DVOGBR 10:33
1678281170James Prince M45 DVOGBR 10:35
180333868Kevin Swinbourne M45 LOGENG open

M50 (10)
2887389Paul Murgatroyd M50 LOGENG open
118300165Richard Naish M50 DVOGBR 10:43
508015269Phil Slingsby M50 SNENG 11:42
618090567Stephen Chafer M50 LEIGBR 10:53
828024766David Todd M50 SYOGBR 11:58
928280367Alastair Paterson M50 LEIGBR 11:14
977040865Paul Taylor M50 SYOGBR 11:52
1048090151Edward de Salis Young M50 LEIGBR 10:58
1208657497Dai Bedwell M50 DVOGBR 11:31
1738483820Richard Parkin M50 DVOGBR 11:49

M55 (10)
318111963Dave Chaffey M55 DVOGBR 11:41
5112582Chris Penny M55 AIREGBR 11:12
578680565Steve Schofield M55 NOCGBR 12:02
1168160962Andrew Ridgway M55 NOCENG 11:26
117TF HireAndy Furnell M55 LOGGBR open
123223312Neil Gostick M55 HHGBR 11:28
126895476Paul Goodhead M55 DVOGBR 10:54
1398180414Philip Caswell M55 LEIENG 10:38
1408001122David Vincent M55 DVOENG 11:49
154517721Paul Hudson M55 NOCGBR 11:23

M60 (9)
88003112John Hurley M60 DVOGBR 11:30
358432184Graham Johnson M60 DVOENG 11:24
558003058Andy Portsmouth M60 LEIENG 11:32
838640496Mick Lucking M60 NOCENG 12:21
90780004Simon Elliott M60 NOCGBR 11:27
998209900Andrew Wallace M60 NOCGBR 11:05
1188629999Robert Parkinson M60 NOCGBR 10:51
1291876123Peter Cholerton M60 NOCGBR 11:34
1488385971Peter Harris M60 HALOGBR 11:16

M65 (11)
172120477Philip Brown M65 NORENG 11:11
20HireAndrew McRae M65 LOGGBR open
251420637Neil Bricknell M50 SAXENG 11:26
58TF HireStuart Swalwell M65 DVOGBR 10:56
698003228Roger Edwards M65 LEIGBR 11:14
898105646Peter Dargue M65 LEIENG 11:02
1148639643Martin Wheeler M65 LOGGBR open
1158171791Michael Napier M65 NOCGBR 11:48
1428010451Jeffrey Baker M65 LOGGBR open
1438200451Robert Haskins M65 LEIGBR 11:16
1468640453Peter Hornsby M65 LEIGBR 11:34

M70 (9)
148168556Simon Brister M70 DVOGBR 11:30
188030249Mike Godfree M70 DVOGBR 11:23
409000280Mike Hampton M70 ODGBR 11:33
708645292Brian Slater M70 HALOENG 11:48
858111049Kevin Gallagher M70 LEIGBR 11:14
942049823Laurie Fluck M70 LEIGBR 11:31
1018210347Chris Bosley M70 LEIGBR 11:28
105260158George Normand M70 LEIGBR 10:55
122401171Andy Hawkins M70 DVOGBR 11:18

M75 (6)
138421665Rex Bleakman M75 DVOGBR 11:16
392089671Peter Chick M75 LEIENG 11:37
468263499Derek Gale M75 DVOGBR 11:59
1318160843Simon Ford M75 LEIGBR 11:20
133261848Roger Keeling M75 DVOGBR 11:26
1458070642Ernie Williams M75 LEIGBR 11:23

M80 (3)
2937896David Anderson M80 LEIENG 11:19
412049900John Woodall M80 NOCGBR 11:34
1448010739Peter Leake M80 LEIGBR 11:27

M85 (0)

M90 (0)

W10 (1)
151HireCerys Glover W10 LEIGBR 11:46

W12 (0)

W14 (6)
288161006Hannah Mather W14 LOGGBR 11:14
498280706Alexandra Garnett W14 SYOENG 11:56
748130307Freya Tryner W12 SYOGBR 12:04
808210808Anna Todd W12 SYOGBR 11:49
841311006Ciara Keen W14 SYOGBR 11:41
182300460Hebe Darwin W12 WAOCGBR 10:51

W16 (4)
24TF HireFfion Bricknell W16 SAXENG 11:13
628630401Emily Turner W16 LOCGBR 12:20
961112604Alexandra Crawshaw W14 SYOGBR 11:57
1032043364Libby Barber W16 LEIGBR 11:20

W18 (1)
1567060714Rachel Duckworth W16 DVOGBR 12:12

W20 (1)
1068005043Jessica Dring-Morris W20 LEIGBR 11:24

W21 (2)
91313133Jenn Gaskell W21 DVOGBR 11:10
442105233Esther Revell W21 LEIGBR 11:17

W35 (1)
988160770Amanda Crawshaw W45 SYOGBR 11:56

W40 (1)
158168555Nicola Hart W55 DVOGBR 11:10

W45 (4)
38210174Hayley Fox W45 LOGGBR open
718199072Pauline Tryner W45 SYOGBR 12:00
128401506Julie Mendes W45 LOGGBR open
1418201070Tanya Taylor W45 LOGGBR open

W50 (10)
22TF HireLisa Methven W50 BKOGBR 12:17
328111965Sal Chaffey W50 DVOGBR 11:53
378301268Jane Dring-Morris W50 LEIGBR 11:21
798280366Robyn Stanyon W50 SYOGBR 11:46
1198629998Helen Parkinson W50 NOCGBR 11:00
155204571Ann-Marie Duckworth W50 DVOGBR 12:22
1691120767Bronwen Doyle W50 SYOGBR 11:55
1728640445Clare Hanna W50 LOGGBR open
178434731Alison Hardy W50 LEIENG 12:01
1841410810Camilla Darwin W50 WAOCGBR 10:51

W55 (4)
732838Ursula Williamson W55 LEIGBR 11:11
127517702Cathryn Goodhead W55 DVOGBR 11:00
1638130464Joanne Nell W55 RAFOGBR open
1758120412Liz Phillips W55 ODGBR 12:00

W60 (3)
368070859Val Johnson W60 DVOENG 11:26
91221194Christine Elliott W60 NOCGBR 11:29
1302036797Elaine Smith W60 NOCGBR 11:10

W65 (5)
308632899Judith Holt W65 DVOENG 11:31
438050369Viv Macdonald W65 DVOGBR 11:54
1007771302Jill Smith W65 EBORGBR 11:43
13532833Lindsey Freeman W65 LOGGBR open
1588280951Ruth Ellis W65 DVOGBR 11:24

W70 (6)
12HireDiane Blount W70 DVOGBR 11:17
198491807Liz Godfree W70 DVOGBR 11:22
458263494Jen Gale W70 DVOGBR 12:06
768628580Hilary Palmer W70 NOCGBR 12:02
132261813Diane Ford W70 LEIGBR 11:21
134261846Margaret Keeling W70 DVOGBR 11:14

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

W85 (0)

W90 (0)

Black (1)
165HireMathew Charles M21 INDENG 11:21

Brown (0)

Short Brown (1)
1688632881Tom Hartland M40 DVOGBR 10:38

Blue (3)
478170668James Garnett M50 SYOENG 11:51
1078669942Scott Ashworth M40 WCOCGBR 12:20
1108191055Mike Capper M60 WAOCGBR 11:00

Short Blue (3)
164HireCatherine Walker W21 INDENG 11:28
1748120411Bruce Bryant M60 ODGBR 12:05
181HireClaire Sapwell W45 BAOCGBR 11:33

Green (9)
608050468Chris O'Donnell M50 DVOGBR 12:13
648484431Anne Gibbs W75 LOGGBR open
658220777Geoff Gibbs M75 LOGGBR open
878000730Matt White M50 LEIGBR 11:45
109220290Clare Bense W60 WAOCGBR 10:50
1472057669Dave Radmore M60 NOCGBR 11:17
1578639645Iain Phillips M50 LEIGBR 11:35
1629130950Michael Nell M65 RAFOGBR open
1778000350Karen Cook W50 HALOGBR 11:05

Short Green (7)
428230552Ranald Macdonald M65 DVOGBR 11:48
538260647Chris Phillips M70 LEIGBR 11:11
758628620John Palmer M70 NOCGBR 11:56
78400484David Cooke M70 NOCGBR 11:41
12150500Karen Bedwell W50 DVOGBR 11:32
12450449Jenny Gostick W50 HHGBR 11:36
1598270946Dave Skidmore M70 DVOGBR 11:29

Very Short Green (2)
338668902Zara Rogers W21 LEIGBR 11:14
868203137Maureen Webb W65 LEIGBR 11:16

Light Green (2)
668032006Oliver Prince M14 SOSENG open
1711220507John Doyle M12 SYOGBR 11:55

Orange (5)
638668940Sandy Turner W50 LOCGBR 12:10
678287136Tricia Neal W70 NOCENG 11:00
6850259Sam Jones M14 NOCENG 10:56
88436455Karen Matthias W50 LEIGBR 11:50
138236338Charlotte Squire W14 NOCGBR 12:14

Yellow (0)

White (0)

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