(C) Middle Distance Regional - Bowden Housteads Start List

Sunday 17 November 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=96, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Black (19)
28667584Andrew Quickfall M60 SROCGBR tba
22HireSteve Yeoman M35 SYOGBR tba
241418846Kristian Groom M40 SYOGBR tba
28HireMark Anderson M40 SYOGBR tba
32541068Richard Baxter M50 SYOGBR tba
548347438Heather Roome W35 SROCGBR tba
558404390David Roome M35 SROCGBR tba
598110747Peter Gorvett M70 SYOGBR tba (h)
608908110Catherine Taylor W21 SYOGBR tba
661410807James Meredith M40 EBORGBR tba
708668914Andrew Stuart M35 DVOENG tba
748641852Paul Addison M60 DVOGBR tba
768130007Matthew Tinker M40 EPOCGBR tba
778290466Nigel Owens M50 SYOGBR tba
878643417David Dunn M40 WCHENG tba
898066697Craig Lucas M21 LOGGBR tba
918339991Philip Johnston-Davis M45 RAFONI tba
938315110Sandesh Gurung M21 EBORENG tba
967779500David Jolly M45 RAFOGBR tba

Brown (3)
198432184Graham Johnson M60 DVOENG tba
611401880Colin Lynch M50 SYOGBR tba (h)
728091170Liam Corner M45 MDOCENG tba

Blue (26)
18210174Hayley Fox W45 LOGGBR tba
38667588Karen Quickfall W55 SROCGBR tba
4436255Michael Hood M60 SELOCGBR tba
57111963Dean Field M55 HALOGBR tba
1015138Ian Cooper M70 SYOENG tba
308070250Richard Payne M65 EPOCGBR tba
31220403David Dann M60 MDOCGBR tba
358168556Simon Brister M70 DVOGBR tba
368168555Nicola Hart W55 DVOGBR tba
3932539Eddie Speak M65 MDOCGBR tba
427205309Anne Murgatroyd W35 AIREGBR tba
438175028Paul Norman M55 SYOGBR tba (h)
448280366Robyn Stanyon W50 SYOGBR tba (h)
458110206Sam Todd M14 SYOGBR tba (h)
468024766David Todd M50 SYOGBR tba (h)
50400069Neil Croasdell M70 EPOCGBR tba
51220237Linda Hayles W65 EPOCGBR tba
651401876Peter Jones M60 AIREGBR tba
678021946Richard Spendlove M70 EPOCENG tba
688194753Colin Drury M70 SYOGBR tba
788260503Joe Owens M16 SYOGBR tba
792800491Keith MacDermott M70 EBORGBR tba
831160772Emma Harrison W45 EPOCGBR tba
841270997David Harrison M45 EPOCGBR tba
861220791Megan Harrison W20 EPOCGBR tba
921120767Bronwen Doyle W50 SYOGBR tba (h)

Green (25)
61964145Roseanne Field W55 HALOGBR tba
148651786Andrew Middleton M70 DVOGBR tba
1650014Fred Ross M70 EPOCGBR tba
208070859Val Johnson W60 DVOENG tba
237771957Marcia Bradbury W60 SYOGBR tba (h)
2750405Henry Marston M70 SYOGBR tba (h)
29780011Chris Kirkham M70 MDOCENG tba
338639643Martin Wheeler M65 LOGGBR tba
378221147Peter Ross M70 MDOCGBR tba
4032963Kath Speak W60 MDOCGBR tba
478231150Graham Todd M65 EBORGBR tba
491980315Vicky Todd W35 EBORGBR tba
568080246Richard Clark M70 EBORGBR tba
578171255Karen Clark W60 EBORGBR tba
588632899Judith Holt W65 DVOENG tba
642029072Peter Hayes M60 MDOCGBR tba
719112448Tony Davies M70 BOFGBR tba
738182830Roy Lindsell M75 EPOCGBR tba
75260458Stuart Swalwell M65 DVOGBR tba
818263499Derek Gale M75 DVOGBR tba
82423592Paul Jackson M75 EPOCGBR tba
851110601Laura Harrison W18 SHUOCGBR tba
888630892Stephen Round M65 SELOCGBR tba
94HireRavi Thapa M21 INDENG tba
95HireStephen Warner M60 EPOCGBR tba

Short Green (17)
737597Sheila Smith W70 EBORENG tba
1115139Monika Cooper W70 SYOENG tba
128181041David Mawdsley M75 MDOCGBR tba
138221148Jan Ellis W70 MDOCGBR tba
158645221Christine Middleton W70 DVOGBR tba
171160248Gill Ross W70 EPOCGBR tba
188300076John Butler M75 HALOCYM tba
21580214Linda Cairns W60 SYOGBR tba
348657609Jean Lochhead W70 EPOCCYM tba
388010851Jillyan Dobby W65 MDOCGBR tba
4133121Julie Brook W70 MDOCGBR tba
488040451Janet Todd W65 EBORGBR tba
628005444Jackie Page W65 EPOCENG tba
63221513Robert Page M70 EPOCENG tba
6911150Alison Doyle W70 MDOCENG tba
808263494Jen Gale W70 DVOGBR tba
908632171Sue Birkinshaw W80 MDOCGBR tba

Light Green (2)
261120307Isabelle Groom W12 SYOGBR tba
52HireBecky Ball W35 SYOGBR tba

Orange (1)
531046Oliver Craggs M12 SYOGBR tba

Yellow (3)
8HireFreddie Holdsworth M10 SYOGBR tba
9HireMilo Holdsworth M10 SYOGBR tba
251042010Maxwell Groom M10 SYOGBR tba

White (0)

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