The Dick Whittington 4 Start List

Thursday 20 May 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=99, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
The Dick Whittington 4 (78)
19Karen Apted W60 Newent RunnersGBR
25Julie Averiss W50 Almost AthletesGBR
18Chris Barber M60 Newent RunnersGBR
88Ian Beddis M40 GBR
44Janine Bennett W55 Almost AthletesGBR
91Emma Bevan W40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
16Rachel Black W40 Newent RunnersGBR
22Shaun Carr M45 Almost AthletesGBR
17Kerry Cawkwell W45 Newent RunnersGBR
15Alan Constant M50 Newent RunnersGBR
1Katie Cook W40 Kilcot FlyersGBR
14Rachael Cooper-Davies WSEN Newent RunnersGBR
13Sadie Cooper-Davies WSEN Newent RunnersGBR
70Chris Cox M50 Kingsway RunnersGBR
55Rita Crane W65 Almost AthletesGBR
64Angela Dale WSEN GBR
99Phoebe Davis WSEN GBR
3Karen Dore W45 Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
2Russell Dyer M40 Kilcot FlyersGBR
37Jane Edwards W45 GBR
75Kate Elkington W50 Ledbury & District HarriersGBR
32Dave Elliott M65 Almost AthletesGBR
65Lynette Engel WSEN DSRAGBR
71Tracey Fairless W55 Kingsway RunnersGBR
78Kay Fearn W45 Kidderminster and StourportGBR
79Oliver Fearn MU17 Kidderminster and StourportGBR
77Robin Fearn M45 Kidderminster and StourportGBR
92Tanya Feasey W40 GBR
90Leyton Fleet M50 Forest of Dean ACGBR
63Julia Frearson W40 Hucclecote harriersGBR
5Helen Gabriel W55 GBR
7Chris Germaine M45 Newent RunnersGBR
47Glenda Gill W50 Almost AthletesGBR
74Rufaro Martha Goremucheche WSEN GBR
35Courtney Gough WSEN GBR
36Robert Gough M65 GBR
58Laura-Jane Greenman WSEN GBR
6Dianne Haines W55 Newent RunnersGBR
31Vicky Hale WSEN GBR
34Anthea Hamilton W50 GBR
43Claire Hawes W65 Almost AthletesGBR
66Clare Holford WSEN Lonely goatGBR
50Alison Hume W55 Almost AthletesGBR
4Helen Kelly W50 Newent RunnersGBR
72Graham Kibble M70 GBR
29Helen Knowles W55 Newent RunnersGBR
12Carol Loade W50 Newent RunnersGBR
76Mark Marshall M45 Ledbury & District HarriersGBR
52Catherine Mason W50 Almost AthletesGBR
59Sarah Matthews-Brain W50 GBR
23Sue Monaghan W60 Almost AthletesGBR
54Edward Munro M65 Almost AthletesGBR
80James Nelmes MSEN Forest of Dean ACGBR
26Francine Payne W40 GBR
73Coralie Pearson W40 Almost AthletesGBR
69Helen Pemberton W55 Angels RCGBR
87Raymond Perry M55 Hucclecote HarriersGBR
24Maggie Pettit W65 Newent RunnersGBR
33Mark Phillips M40 GBR
9Claire Price W50 Newent RunnersGBR
51Sarah Roberts W50 Almost AthletesGBR
61Jason Ross-Collins M50 Forest of Dean ACGBR
40Mandy Smith W50 GBR
30Sharon Smith W50 Newent runnersGBR
27Bob Spawton M60 Almost AthletesGBR
84James Stephens M40 GBR
48Lorraine Taylor W50 Almost AthletesGBR
89Paul Taylor M65 Hereford Triathlon ClubGBR
8Emily Trenwith WSEN Newent RunnersGBR
49Neil Tring M60 Almost AthletesGBR
39Gail Voyle W50 Tewkesbury AllrunnersGBR
53Steven Wallbridge M55 Almost AthletesGBR
10Gemma White WSEN Run2HelpGBR
11Lesley White W70 Run2HelpGBR
67Marie Williford WSEN Longhope Running ClubGBR
81Callan Woolham MSEN GBR
21Rhian Wyman WSEN Forest of Dean ACGBR
68Trish Yeadon W50 GBR

The Dick Whittington 4 Canicross (21)
102Ashleigh Bailey WSEN GBR
93Sophie Ball WSEN Forest of Dean CanicrossGBR
86Carlo Balugani M50 GBR
28Emma Blewitt WSEN Newent RunnersGBR
97Lucy Boseley W40 GBR
98Rae Boseley WU19 GBR
60Jo Browne WSEN Rather Be CanicrossingGBR
103Sarah Bucknall W40 Forest of Dean ACGBR
56Karen Gomm W55 Almost AthletesGBR
101Dan Gray MSEN MonRoss TrailblazersGBR
100Luke Gray MSEN MonRoss TrailblazersGBR
104Laurence Humphries MSEN GBR
62Richard Knickenberg MSEN GBR
96Sophie Liggat WSEN GBR
85Megan Long WSEN Kilcot FlyersGBR
42Barb Morris W55 Forest Wild Boars CanicrossGBR
41Briar Morris M45 Forest Wild Boars CanicrossGBR
94Andrew Paterson M45 TrailcrowsGBR
82Michelle Price WSEN Lonely goats rcGBR
83Hannah Reynolds WSEN GBR
95Melanie Sheehan W45 GBR

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