South Wales Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk Start List

Saturday 28 March 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=488 + 28 on the waiting list, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. All entrants must bring a signed Kit Declaration Form (opens new window) and the following kit:

Map* - 1:25,000 or 1:50,000, Compass*, Torch, Whistle, Emergency Rations, simple First Aid Kit - including plasters and a blister kit, Waterproofs - including overtrousers, Sensible footwear - boots with ankle support and good tread; experienced runners should have appropriate footwear.

For contact in an emergency it would also be useful if walkers carried a mobile phone.

* For entrants walking as groups for the entire route, one map and compass for each three entrants is acceptable.
See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Platinum (92)
tbaMark Allen GBR
tbaAndrew Allison GBR
tbaWatson Anna GBR
tbaAndrew Ashton GBR
tbaJeremiah Autumn GBR
tbaKevin Barker GBR
tbaAlex Bateman GBR
tbaRichard Bedford GBR
tbaEmma Bishop GBR
tbaTom Bramley GBR
tbaJohn Brooks GBR
tbaChris Bryant GBR
tbaKaren Bryant GBR
tbaSusan Butler GBR
tbaMaysie Bye WURNUGBR
tbaPeter Carlick GBR
tbaEmma Clewarth GBR
tbaLaura Collins GBR
tbaStephen Collins GBR
tbaGareth Davies GBR
tbaHal Dewhurst WURNUGBR
tbaKim Dufty GBR
tbaRebecca Eardley GBR
tbaEdward Farrell GBR
tbaMatthew Foulds GBR
tbaSarah Giblett GBR
tbaAlexis Girardet GBR
tbaAlexis Girardet GBR
tbaMatthew Groves GBR
tbaPaul Hems GBR
tbaMarie Hill GBR
tbaPhilip Hill GBR
tbaMatthew Hoskins GBR
tbaPatrick Isaac GBR
tbaToni Jardine WURNUGBR
tbaMarc Jenkins GBR
tbaMartin Jenkins GBR
tbaWilliam Jury-Simpson WURNUGBR
tbaBrad Kilshaw GBR
tbaSally Latto GBR
tbaMike Leeson GBR
tbaAndrew Letchford GBR
tbaJulie Letchford GBR
tbaDavid Lewis COGGBR
tbaEdryd Lewis COGGBR
tbaAlistair Mansfield WURNUGBR
tbaTracey Mapp GBR
tbaJo Marsh GBR
tbaPaddy Martin GBR
tbaJoseph Matten WURNUGBR
tbaDavid Moreno GBR
tbaNick Mott GBR
tbaSam Murkin WURNUGBR
tbaKevin Neil GBR
tbaJeremy Olds GBR
tbaBen Parham GBR
tbaJo Parham GBR
tbaDion-Rees Phillips WURNUGBR
tbaBethan Pritchard GBR
tbaDai Prosser GBR
tbaSimon Reay-Jones GBR
tbaLaura Redding GBR
tbaMark Redding GBR
tbaJames Rudall GBR
tbaCatherine Salen GBR
tbaJack Salen GBR
tbaSamantha Sanghera GBR
tbaMichael Sewell WURNUGBR
tbaAled Singleton GBR
tbaRichard Siviter GBR
tbaAndrew Smart GBR
tbaGareth Steggles GBR
tbaRuth Steggles GBR
tbaThomas Stoneman GBR
tbaJames Taylor GBR
tbaKate Taylor GBR
tbaOliver Taylor GBR
tbaArron Thomas GBR
tbaDean Thomas GBR
tbaTed Thompson WURNUGBR
tbaJane Turner GBR
tbaGregory Waring GBR
tbaSteve Waring GBR
tbaLeith Watson GBR
tbaAlan Wilde GBR
tbaLizzie Wilkinson GBR
tbaAngela Williams GBR
tbaChris Williams GBR
tbaDavid Williams GBR
tbaMegan Williams WURNUGBR
tbaTerry Williams GBR
tbaEdward Winter GBR

Gold (285)
tbaMaria Abell GBR
tbaJohn Ainsley GBR
tbaAlex Anderson GBR
tbaCara Anderson GBR
tbaJane Anderson GBR
tbaJulie Andrews GBR
tbaAnnabel Atkins GBR
tbaPaul Bailey GBR
tbaShane Baker GBR
tbaJenny Barber GBR
tbaEllie Barnes GOLDGBR
tbaPaul Barnes GBR
tbaRichard Barnes GBR
tbaJulian Bashir GBR
tbaOwain Bass GBR
tbaChris Bayliss GBR
tbaOliver Beaman GBR
tbaPhil Beaman GBR
tbaKeith Beauchamp GBR
tbaIain Bell GBR
tbaMichael Berry GBR
tbaAlan Blake GBR
tbaRobert Blake GBR
tbaStephen Blake GBR
tbaCatriona Blamire GBR
tbaChristy Bolderson GBR
tbaHannah Booth GBR
tbaDavid Bowring GBR
tbaFraser Boyd GBR
tbaDavid Brooker GBR
tbaSimon Brooker GBR
tbaAlex Brown GBR
tbaCharlotte Brunsdon GBR
tbaCharlotte Brunsdon GBR
tbaSheralyn Bullen-Cutting GBR
tbaHelen Byrne GBR
tbaMike Byrne GBR
tbaClaire Carden GBR
tbaHelen Carey GBR
tbaMartyn Carney GBR
tbaDurwyn Cashell GBR
tbaJulie Chapman GBR
tbaDaniel Clarke GBR
tbaRebecah Cleblad-Earl GBR
tbaThomas Code GBR
tbaAbigail Coe GBR
tbaTim Coe GBR
tbaMark Conway GBR
tbaBethan Covill GBR
tbaBen Davies GBR
tbaBeth Davies GBR
tbaCatrin Davies GBR
tbaDavid Davies GBR
tbaJared Davies GBR
tbaJossi Davies GBR
tbaMatthew Davies GBR
tbaMikey Davies GBR
tbaPeter Davies Gwent Mountaineering ClubGBR
tbaStephen Davies GBR
tbaStephen Davies GBR
tbaTeslin Davies GBR
tbaColin Dixon South Wales LDWAGBR
tbaHannah Dolman LDWAGBR
tbaMark Dolman LDWAGBR
tbaAndrew Dorman GBR
tbaLucie Doyle GBR
tbaAlexandra Eddy GBR
tbaBenjamin Eddy GBR
tbaGareth Egarr Shrewsbury Mountaineering ClubGBR
tbaDoug Eltham GBR
tbaMegan Evans GBR
tbaSara Evans GBR
tbaStuart Evans GBR
tbaKay Evans Johns GBR
tbaSarah Field GBR
tbaCraig Fillier GBR
tbaAmanda Fleming-Jones GBR
tbaBrett Fleming-Jones GBR
tbaLinzi Flower-Davies GBR
tbaAmelia Francis GBR
tbaSarah Francis GBR
tbaTesni Francis-Parker GBR
tbaLouis Freeman GBR
tbaPaula Furnival PotocGBR
tbaLorna Fyfe GBR
tbaAlex Gallop GBR
tbaDavid Gaskell GBR
tbaMatthew Gatehouse GBR
tbaViv Gelder GBR
tbaTomas Generalovic GBR
tbaAndrew Glennon GBR
tbaLaura Glennon GBR
tbaChristianne Glossop GBR
tbaLisa Grant GBR
tbaHayley Grey GBR
tbaGareth Griffin GBR
tbaRebecca Haines GBR
tbaMartina Harding GBR
tbaDave Harris GBR
tbaJustin Harris GBR
tbaLisa Harris GBR
tbaTracey Harry GBR
tbaMurray Harvey GBR
tbaCharlie Haywood Smith GBR
tbaPriscilla Heard GBR
tbaHelen Helliwell GBR
tbaTim Helliwell GBR
tbaRebekah Hepburn GBR
tbaSian Hill GBR
tbaDavid Hobbs GBR
tbaDave Hodson GBR
tbaJon Howells GBR
tbaLaura Howells GBR
tbaNicolas Hughes GBR
tbaRachel Hughes GBR
tbaHelena Hunt ‘P.A.T. 2019’GBR
tbaJonathan Hurford GBR
tbaMathew Hustwayte GBR
tbaDylan James GBR
tbaGareth James GBR
tbaJulie James GBR
tbaKeri James Mynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)GBR
tbaPauline James Mynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)GBR
tbaLeigh Jeffreys GBR
tbaStephen Jenkins Bridgend Ford Walking ClubGBR
tbaBen Jones GBR
tbaDavid Jones GBR
tbaKirsteen Jones GBR
tbaRuth Jones GBR
tbaSamantha Jones GBR
tbaAbigail Keane GBR
tbaKathryn Kiely GBR
tbaPhilip Kindred GBR
tbaDavid Kinge GBR
tbaCalum Kinloch GBR
tbaBrett Korshaven GBR
tbaWilliam Lancashire GBR
tbaMark Langley GBR
tbaNigel Laughton GBR
tbaRollo Lewis GBR
tbaJo Light GBR
tbaBurnett Louise GBR
tbaChris Lovering GBR
tbaHarry Loxton GBR
tbaToni Loxton GBR
tbaKate Lyle GBR
tbaGeorgie Maddox GBR
tbaChris Markham GBR
tbaBen Marlog GBR
tbaCeri Marlog GBR
tbaSharon Maxwell GBR
tbaLaura Maybury GBR
tbaStephen Mayne Dorset LDWAGBR
tbaWendy Mayne Dorset LDWAGBR
tbaPaul McCullough GBR
tbaTom McGlaughlin GBR
tbaTom McGlaughlin GBR
tbaAndrew McKay GBR
tbaStephanie McKay GBR
tbaWill McLean GBR
tbaSimon McLoughlin GBR
tbaThomas Edward Meredith GBR
tbaJoanne Moore GBR
tbaDaisy Morgan GBR
tbaDavid Morgan GBR
tbaStephen Morgan GBR
tbaSusan Morgan GBR
tbaIan Morris GBR
tbaAlex Muir GBR
tbaHannah Neil GBR
tbaLaura Nel GBR
tbaJonathan Nettleton GBR
tbaCorinne Neville 'P.A.T. 2019'GBR
tbaEileen Neville ‘P.A.T. 2019’GBR
tbaKieran Neville ‘P.A.T. 2019’GBR
tbaSean Neville 'P.A.T. 2019'GBR
tbaAnne Nicholls GBR
tbaLaura Nicholson GBR
tbaWilliam Nicholson GBR
tbaAndrew Nightingale GBR
tbaRia O'Reilly GBR
tbaPeter Orford GBR
tbaRoger Parish GBR
tbaGary Parker GBR
tbaJonathan Parker GBR
tbaDavid Parry NMITEGBR
tbaMike Parsons GBR
tbaRachal Paske GBR
tbaKaren Passariello ‘P.A.T. 2019’GBR
tbaDavid Payton GBR
tbaAlfie Pearson GBR
tbaEmily Pearson GBR
tbaMichael Pearson GBR
tbaMichelle Pearson GBR
tbaPaul Perkin GBR
tbaKyle Peter GBR
tbaMelanie Phillips GBR
tbaMark Picton GBR
tbaAnna Pike GBR
tbaSandi Powell GOLDGBR
tbaWilliam Powell GBR
tbaAlice Poyner GBR
tbaHollie Poyner GBR
tbaJonathon Poyner GBR
tbaJanis Prescott GBR
tbaAndrew Price GBR
tbaJackie Price GBR
tbaAndrew Pritchard GBR
tbaSally Pritchard GBR
tbaStephen Purse GBR
tbaAnthony Read GBR
tbaLisa Reed GBR
tbaLuan Reed GBR
tbaSteven Reed GBR
tbaAlice Rees GBR
tbaBen Rees GBR
tbaMichael Richardson Lliswerry RunnersGBR
tbaPat Richardson South Wales LDWAGBR
tbaColin Richings GBR
tbaJulie Richings GBR
tbaLouise Robling GBR
tbaPaul Robling GBR
tbaAmy Roffey GBR
tbaKarl Roffey GBR
tbaKeith Rogers GBR
tbaLynne Rogers GBR
tbaWilliam Rutter GBR
tbaThelma Salvage GBR
tbaAdrian Schmieder GBR
tbaLindsay Searle GBR
tbaClodagh Shackleton GBR
tbaTim Shattock Tewkesbury Triathlon ClubGBR
tbaClara Shea GOLDGBR
tbaJames Shea GBR
tbaCatherine Shearer GBR
tbaHelen Skelton GBR
tbaDavid Slater GBR
tbaJane Spivey GBR
tbaLewis Stacey GBR
tbaNathan Starr GBR
tbaPaul Stone GBR
tbaSteve Stradling GBR
tbaHarris Stuart GBR
tbaJonathan Swithinbank GBR
tbaHoward Tann GBR
tbaDebbie Taylor GBR
tbaLee Taylor GBR
tbaRachel Taylor GBR
tbaCarol Thomas GBR
tbaGareth Thomas GBR
tbaHuw Thomas GBR
tbaJamie Thomas GBR
tbaMaria Tortoriello GBR
tbaBruan Treharne GBR
tbaIan Trussler Chippenham HarriersGBR
tbaNerys Vizard GBR
tbaVincenzo Volpe GBR
tbaRyland Wallace GBR
tbaEmma Wallace-Carlsen GBR
tbaMichael Warrick Rhayader ACGBR
tbaStephanie Warrick Rhayader ACGBR
tbaDavid Watson GBR
tbaSimon Wells GBR
tbaLydia Wesolowski GBR
tbaFaye Westing GBR
tbaJonathan Whilock PotocGBR
tbaPaul White GBR
tbaFiona Wilcock GBR
tbaRob Wilcock GBR
tbaSarah Wilde GBR
tbaClaire Louise Williams GBR
tbaLee Williams GBR
tbaMichelle Williams GBR
tbaRoss Williams GBR
tbaStephen Williams GBR
tbaCarly Wilson GBR
tbaDai Wilson RAFOCYM
tbaPaul Wood GBR
tbaThomas Wood GBR
tbaEric Woodward GBR
tbaPaul Wyatt Cancer ResearchGBR
tbaAndrew Wylie Rugby & Northampton ACGBR
tbaElen Wylie GBR
tbaMireille Young GBR
tbaRobert Young GBR

Silver (78)
tbaMoira Ashton GBR
tbaMark Balch GBR
tbaClaire Branchflower GBR
tbaMike Branchflower GBR
tbaThomas Branchflower GBR
tbaHolly Brown GBR
tbaLiam Brown GBR
tbaGeorgina Bryant GBR
tbaSian Burnard GBR
tbaJoseph Child GBR
tbaNatalie Collett GBR
tbaSteve Collett GBR
tbaDavid Cullen GBR
tbaRossana Da Costa Rocas GBR
tbaGareth Davies GBR
tbaMathew Davies GBR
tbaMark Drew GBR
tbaAdelaide Dunn GBR
tbaTeresa Elliot GBR
tbaStephanie Evans GBR
tbaSiobhan Fagan GBR
tbaJens Gburrek GBR
tbaDan Geoghegan GBR
tbaGemma Geoghegan GBR
tbaAmy George GBR
tbaBecky George GBR
tbaFiona Gibbs Avon Valley RunnersGBR
tbaRebecca Gilchrist GBR
tbaCeri Goring GBR
tbaVicky Grinnell GBR
tbaCameron Grinnell-Wright GBR
tbaMatthew Guttridge GBR
tbaLyndon Gwillym GBR
tbaIsabel Harper GBR
tbaRichard Harries GBR
tbaLucy Harttrup GBR
tbaNathan Hutchins GBR
tbaClare Jess GBR
tbaCatherine Jones GBR
tbaEleanor Jones GBR
tbaTony Kromrei GBR
tbaPeter Larkin FACC OFFGBR
tbaLisa Lee GBR
tbaDavid Lloyd GBR
tbaTu Chi Luong NoneGBR
tbaJames McCardel GBR
tbaPaul McCartney GBR
tbaAnushka Mirando GBR
tbaKirsty Moss GBR
tbaLois Noble FACC OFFGBR
tbaAsha North GBR
tbaAlison O'Doherty GBR
tbaNeil O'doherty GBR
tbaAlex Pay GBR
tbaClaire Pennell GBR
tbaIan Pennell GBR
tbaAndrew Powell GBR
tbaFiona Powell GBR
tbaNick Powell GBR
tbaGavin Reynolds GBR
tbaLee Reynolds GBR
tbaScott Reynolds GBR
tbaSarah Richardson Pipsticks WalksGBR
tbaJack Rose GBR
tbaNicky Rowbottom Pipstrick walkGBR
tbaClare Rudall GBR
tbaKay Ruffell GBR
tbaPhilippa Sanders Pipsticks WalksGBR
tbaBen Shooter GBR
tbaJoanna Shooter GBR
tbaJones Simon GBR
tbaAmanda Thomas GBR
tbaShelley Tokar GBR
tbaAlbert Verrall GBR
tbaPetra Williams GBR
tbaIan Wilson GBR
tbaJames Wright GBR

Bronze (33)
tbaMark Abrahams GBR
tbaHelen Arthur GBR
tbaMichaela Bartzsch GBR
tbaPhilip Butler GBR
tbaSally Fanning GBR
tbaDawn French GBR
tbaEmma Hacking GBR
tbaWenda Hall GBR
tbaMaria Hopkins GBR
tbaJessica Jacoby GBR
tbaElizabeth James GBR
tbaLydia Jenkins GBR
tbaRebecca Jenkins GBR
tbaRuth Jenkins GBR
tbaBryn Lloyd-Markvart GBR
tbaSophie Maddock GBR
tbaJane Markvart GBR
tbaMirek Markvart GBR
tbaAmy Martin GBR
tbaCharles Martin GBR
tbaKate Martin GBR
tbaLucy Martin GBR
tbaDouglas Murray GBR
tbaDon Newman LDWA KentGBR
tbaCaroline Radula-Scott GBR
tbaPeter Radula-Scott GBR
tbaPeter Richards GBR
tbaMichelle Roderick GBR
tbaKate Russell GBR
tbaTom Skailes GBR
tbaTalia Stokes GBR
tbaJohn Torres GBR
tbaJennifer Woodward GBR

Platinum waiting list (2)
tbaAndy Creber GBR
tbaAnthony Davies GBR

Gold waiting list (18)
tbaClaire Hickman GBR
tbaNia Thomas GBR
tbaRebecca Joy GBR
tbaJames John Caplin GBR
tbaBenjamin Griffiths GBR
tbaPaul Jeffery GBR
tbaSteven Rose GBR
tbaDeclan Doran GBR
tbaIan Habisrittinger GBR
tbaMatthew Price GBR
tbaHelen McCarthy GBR
tbaGeorge McCarthy Allen GBR
tbaVanessa Russell GBR
tbaJasmine Collins GBR
tbaMeleri Roberts-hicks GBR
tbaColin Baker GBR
tbaGabrielle Yates GBR
tbaDaniel Everitt GBR

Silver waiting list (8)
tbaVicky Perrin GBR
tbaGinny Perrin GBR
tbaSheena Carlisle Cardiff Outdoor Group GBR
tbaZoe Charder GBR
tbaAbi Davey GBR
tbaSally Willavise GBR
tbaGrace Willavise GBR
tbaRichard Lewis N/A GBR

Bronze waiting list (0)

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