King of the Castle 2020 Start List

Sunday 05 January 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=80, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Senior Men (31)
40Matthew Atkinson MSEN Keswick ACGBR
42Andy Blackett MSEN GBR
43Harry Bolton MU23 Keswick ACGBR
48Declan Bulmer MSEN Wharfedale HarriersGBR
49Edward Catmur MSEN Thames Hare & HoundsGBR
54Callum Coldwell-Storry MSEN GBR
58William Cox MSEN Netherhall ACGBR
63Daniel Downman MSEN GBR
64Chris Edis MSEN Keswick ACGBR
65Bob Feeney MSEN GBR
66Will Feeney MSEN GBR
69Wayne Fox MSEN St. Bees TriersGBR
70Adam Frankham MSEN Netherhall ACGBR
72Iain Glendinning MSEN Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
73James Gray MSEN Bowland Fell RunnersGBR
81Sam Holding MSEN Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
82Jonny Hopkins MSEN GBR
86Dave Kirby MSEN DH RunnersGBR
87Adam Malloy MSEN Northumberland Fell RunnersGBR
88Craig Marsh MSEN Keswick AACGBR
91Alex Money MSEN GBR
100Mark Prescott MSEN GBR
115Boris Psodorov MSEN Keswick AACGBR
116Robin Regan MU17 Eden RunnersGBR
117Alex Roberts MSEN Ellenborough ACGBR
118Chris Roberts MSEN York Knavesmire HarriersGBR
119Lukasz Ryszka MSEN GBR
122Zachary Smith MSEN GBR
125Keith Swainson MSEN GBR
128Jacob Tonkin MSEN Keswick ACGBR
131Mario Yeomans MSEN Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

M40 (9)
53Nick Clayton M40 GBR
71Mark Fussell M40 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
76James Haworth M45 Keswick acGBR
78Andrew Hewitt M40 GBR
92Paul Mordue M40 GBR
93Jon Morgan M40 Keswick AACGBR
95Rob Oliver M45 CFRGBR
120Aled Sage M40 GBR
123Breeze Steven M45 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

M50 (11)
44Tony Bolton M55 GBR
45Ian Brockbank M50 GBR
56Paul Cornforth M55 Ambleside ACGBR
67John Ferris-Worth M50 Northern Fells Running ClubGBR
74Leighton Harker M50 GBR
83Guy Illingworth M50 GBR
84Paul Jennings M50 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
97Darren Parker M50 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
121Steve Seddon M50 Dallam RCGBR
127Brian Thompson M55 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
130Graham Watson M55 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

M60 (7)
39Mike Allison M60 Eden RunnersGBR
41Andy Beaty M60 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
59Peter Crompton M60 CFRGBR
75Philip Hawley M65 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
80Mike Hind M65 Borrowdale Fell RunnersGBR
85Andy Johnson M60 Netherhall ACGBR
99Philip Pearson M60 Northern Fells Running ClubGBR

M70 (1)
51Chris Clark M70 Keswick AACGBR

Senior Women (10)
38Scout Adkin WSEN Ambleside ACGBR
57Bethany Cowley WSEN GBR
61Victoria Cunningham WSEN Derwent Valley Trail RunnersGBR
62Lara Dickinson WSEN GBR
77Phillipa Haworth WSEN GBR
79Georgie Hill WSEN Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
90Louise Mercer WSEN Ambleside ACGBR
94Charlotte Murray WSEN GBR
98Caitlin Pearson WSEN GBR
124Lucy Stobbart WSEN Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

W40 (5)
46Helen Buchan W40 Ribble Valley HarriersGBR
55Kerry Cornforth W45 Keswick AACGBR
96Lou Osborn W45 Ambleside ACGBR
126Lisa Tallon WSEN GBR
129Debbie Walker W45 Derwent AC CockermouthGBR

W50 (4)
47Lindsay Buck W55 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
50Jennie Chatterley W50 CFRGBR
68Julie Ferris-Worth W50 Northern Fells Running ClubGBR
89Sandra Mason W55 CFRGBR

W60 (2)
52Kim Clark W60 Keswick AACGBR
60Ann Cummings W60 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

W70 (0)

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