(C) Welsh League - King's Wood (nr Monmouth) Start List

Sunday 08 December 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=88, Online=86%) Entry on the day is available. We have plenty of spare maps. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (13)
12*8657538Rhys Manning M35 SWOCGBR open (h)
178000047Ben Mitchell M21 SBOCCYM open
188256763Megan Carter-Davies W21 MWOCCYM open
22*8680940James Clemence M55 SWOCCYM open (h)
24630506Clive Hallett M55 BOKGBR open
29729788Aaron Madeley M21 ODGBR open
307746016Tom Dobra M21 BOKGBR open
43*8662184Mark Saunders M60 BOKGBR open (h)
488401461Peter Ward M45 NGOCGBR open
518630846Andy Rimes M55 QOGBR open
602020447Jeff Pakes M45 QOGBR open
658680937Peter Dobra M20 UBOCGBR open
738307029Marc Escolar Garcia M21 SLOWGBR open

Blue (37)
17401200Nick Ashby M45 SWOCGBR open
32049784Duncan Innes M55 SWOCGBR open
4342253Christine Farr W40 SWOCGBR open
58328138Paul Taunton M65 NGOCENG open
7*1008512Adrian Moir M55 SWOCCYM open (h)
81978730Kerina Lake W40 SBOCCYM open
98032505William Lake M14 SBOCCYM open
148670602Vanessa Lawson W45 NGOCGBR open
211396122Philip Eeles M60 SOCENG open
23*2049797Jeremy Parr M50 SWOCCYM open (h)
25572303Jackie Hallett W60 BOKGBR open
321961227Niall Reynolds M55 SBOCCYM open
34400402David Mitchell M60 SBOCGBR open
3537204Trevor Griffiths M70 BOKCYM open
36345611Alan Pucill M60 NGOCGBR open
38401386 (H)David Underhill M21 SWOCCYM open (h)
44*503485Alice Bedwell W55 BOKGBR open (h)
457300240Steve Robertson M65 QOGBR open
461150655Alison Simmons W60 BOKGBR open
471081051John Simmons M65 BOKGBR open
498220870Michelle Ward W45 NGOCGBR open
508030927Rosie Wych W60 QOGBR open
528667906Anthony Raven M45 SWOCCYM open (h)
548680544Christopher Raven M16 SWOCCYM open (h)
551783408Christopher Moon M65 BOKGBR open
568004314Sandy Burgon M60 BOKGBR open
578628657Kevin Bush M60 SWOCCYM open
59430416Haydn Griffiths M60 SWOCCYM open (h)
69401390 (H)Nick Foley M21 BOKENG open
70401391 (H)Caroline Emslie W21 INDSCO open
71401392 (H)Richard Carey M21 INDGBR open
722120480Phil Warry M65 BOKGBR open
747212201Natalia de Martin Garrido W21 SLOWGBR open
77919293Andy Creber M60 NGOCGBR open
808270781Sarah Pascall W35 QOGBR open
858051968Martin Lewis M50 QOGBR open
87414094Tessa Lewis W50 SWOCGBR open

Green (22)
232527Mark Adams M55 HHGBR open
68328268Rosalind Taunton W65 NGOCENG open
108211006Freddie Lake M14 SBOCCYM open
11*8657539Jill Manning W70 SWOCGBR open (h)
158038707Reuben Lawson M14 NGOCCYM open
19*221046Ian Kennett M55 SwocGBR open (h)
20*400406Nigel Ferrand M60 SWOCCYM open (h)
26261207Alan Richards M70 NGOCCYM open
27*8641854Peter Ribbans M60 SWOCGBR open (h)
28202158Dave Andrews M70 NGOCGBR open
3150240Diana McClure W65 SBOCCYM open
33*37858Graham Tough M75 SWOCGBR open (h)
37401385 (H)Eira Jepson W21 SWOCCYM open (h)
392061399Frank Ince M75 SWOCGBR open
408070550John Mills M65 SWOCCYM open
538680543Andrew Raven M14 SWOCCYM open
588628568Jane Bush W60 SWOCCYM open
618180264Eunice Carter W55 MWOCGBR open
6239952Philip Fawkner-Corbett M65 BOKGBR open
668194900Christine King W70 BOKENG open
758019928Howard Thomas M70 BOKGBR open
868011966Karen Lewis W50 QOGBR open

Light Green (8)
13*8180192Debbie Lamb W21 SWOCGBR open (h)
168037174Seth Lawson M12 NGOCCYM open
418670621Tim Sands M70 BOKGBR open
428242318Carol Sands W65 BOKGBR open
6339917Daniele Fawkner-Corbett M65 BOKGBR open
68261860Richard Raynsford M70 BOKENG open
768019934Sally Thomas W70 BOKGBR open
88424357Wayne Lewis M50 SWOCGBR open

Orange (5)
6737567Joseph Morris M12 BOKENG open
78401394 (H)Luke Moseley M40 INDGBR open
79401395 (H)Charlie Moseley M10 INDGBR open
83401398 (H)Annabelle Lewis W12 QOGBR open
84401399 (H)Oliver Lewis M12 QOGBR open

Yellow (3)
64401389 (H)Tony Paulson M50 INDGBR open
81401396 (H)Al Hemmings W10 QOGBR open
82401397 (H)Sebastian Hemmings M10 QOGBR open

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