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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Men Open (M18-M35) (8)
20HireIan Ankers M70 POTOCENG tba (h)
388657496Robert Holdway M35 POTOCGBR tba (h)
528060187Mark Burley M21 MDOCENG tba
538383000Graham Pigott M35 POTOCGBR tba (h)
635278Tom Disney M35 DEEGBR tba
848657599Ingwahang Jabegu M35 RSOCENG tba
881952247Thomas Lewis M21 WREGBR tba
958670017Kin Wai Lee M21 ODGBR tba

Men Veteran (M40+) (4)
58033136David Pal M50 WRECYM tba
71345619Paul Watson M45 MDOCGBR tba
728091170Liam Corner M45 MDOCENG tba
868250166David Cladingboel M50 LEIENG tba

Men Super Veteran (M55+) (18)
38669958David Riches M55 CLOKGBR tba
88632165Adrian Harris M50 MDOCENG tba
128371616Jim Cooke M55 POTOCGBR tba (h)
13300587Dave Bales M60 POTOCGBR tba (h)
16331865Gerry Riley M60 POTOCENG tba (h)
282049784Duncan Innes M55 SWOCGBR tba
338337739Jonathan Lee M55 LEIENG tba
458115252Andrew Selby M40 DVOGBR tba
46221476Simon Gale M45 DVOGBR tba
48221665William Gale M21 DVOGBR tba
572029072Peter Hayes M60 MDOCGBR tba
608180414Philip Caswell M55 LEIENG tba
618432184Graham Johnson M60 DVOGBR tba
67895476Paul Goodhead M55 DVOGBR tba
798581223Stephen Kimberley M60 DVOGBR tba
908209900Andrew Wallace M60 NOCGBR tba
91517721Paul Hudson M55 NOCGBR tba
98HireMark Clews M35 POTOCGBR tba

Men Ultra Veteran (M65+) (26)
48270154Henry Morgan M65 POTOCGBR tba (h)
1112331Peter Yoxall M70 POTOCENG tba (h)
158657423Paul Graetz M70 POTOCGBR tba (h)
1750035Martin Gibbons M70 WREGBR tba
189000280Mike Hampton M70 ODGBR tba
198130645Doug Dickinson M70 DVOGBR tba
218669931Richard Lewis M65 WREGBR tba
248632884Peter Carey M75 ODENG tba
268651793Philip May M65 ODENG tba
308050148Gerry Symes M70 AIREGBR tba
348105646Peter Dargue M65 LEIENG tba
368010451Jeffrey Baker M65 LOGGBR tba
408657506John Brewer M55 SROCGBR tba
438111049Kevin Gallagher M70 LEIGBR tba
558411118Stephen Nightingale M70 HOCGBR tba
561037072John Pigott M70 POTOCGBR tba (h)
588657528Grahame Crawshaw M70 MDOCENG tba
708651795Paul Johnson M65 SYOGBR tba
748190547Ian Watson M70 MDOCGBR tba
75220310Ian Parfitt M65 DVOGBR tba
768300075Stephen Beresford M70 MDOCGBR tba
788003228Roger Edwards M65 LEIGBR tba
817300097Andrew Payne M65 DEEGBR tba
83345622Richard Gibbs M70 MDOCGBR tba
858220247Chris Rostron M70 MDOCGBR tba
928657510Robert Scott M70 HOCGBR tba

Men Hyper Veteran (M75+) (6)
111198Austin Farr M75 POTOCGBR tba (h)
318001888Guy Goodair M80 EPOCGBR tba
508263499Derek Gale M75 DVOGBR tba
688181041David Mawdsley M75 MDOCGBR tba
778070642Ernie Williams M75 LEIGBR tba
938250362Brian Ward M55 HALOGBR tba

Men Junior (M16-) (2)
7442945Alexander Evans M16 POTOCGBR tba (h)
878121801Adam Cladingboel M18 LEIENG tba

Men Young Junior (M12-) (2)
51263468George Selby M10 DVOGBR tba
541426930Daniel Pigott M10 POTOCGBR tba

Women Open (W18-W35) (2)
8939968Katie Lewis W35 WREGBR tba
968670130Ka Man Leung W21 ODGBR tba

Women Veteran (W40+) (6)
641312Ianka Evans W50 POTOCGBR tba (h)
29342253Christine Farr W40 SWOCGBR tba
358201070Tanya Taylor W45 LOGGBR tba
418032891Delia Kingsbury W50 WREGBR tba
448060391Claire Selby W45 DVOGBR tba
65220101Alison Corbett W50 POTOCGBR tba (h)

Women Super Veteran (W55+) (9)
148657431Elizabeth Bales W55 POTOCGBR tba (h)
398628593Jane Anthony W60 SROCGBR tba
6284070859Val Johnson W60 DVOGBR tba
648251056Sue Hartley W60 WAOCGBR tba
737207798Marie Roberts W60 MDOCGBR tba
808260760Anne Kimberley W55 DVOGBR tba
828220712Pat Moody W60 DEEGBR tba
948040363Amanda Ward W55 HALOGBR tba
978070605Claire Bushnell W55 WCHGBR tba

Women Ultra Veteran (W65+) (9)
9436239Marian Denham W70 POTOCGBR tba (h)
258632885Sheila Carey W70 ODENG tba
278651794Hilary May W65 ODNI tba
378287136Tricia Neal W70 NOCGBR tba
428203137Maureen Webb W65 LEIGBR tba
47221669Lisa Gale W45 DVOGBR tba
498263494Jen Gale W70 DVOGBR tba
6611150Alison Doyle W70 MDOCENG tba
698195100Judy Johnson W65 SYOGBR tba

Women Hyper Veteran (W75+) (4)
211199Barbara Farr W75 POTOCGBR tba (h)
108252235Jean Rostron W75 POTOCENG tba (h)
328640444Judith Goodair W75 EPOCGBR tba
598657529Irene Crawshaw W75 MDOCENG tba

Women Junior (W16-) (0)

Women Young Junior (W12-) (2)
22221680Grace Allinson W10 WREGBR tba
232142082Harriet Allinson W10 WREGBR tba

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