Calday Pool Kids Aquathon Start List

Monday 26 August 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=33, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Start with
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Co. Start Time
8-10 years old on/before 31/12/2019 (14)
1Annabelle Rogan WU10 Hoylake ASCGBR tba
5Mabel Wood WU9 GBR tba
6Max Roberts MU9 GBR tba
7Isaac Roberts MU9 GBR tba
9Harry Foster MU11 GBR tba
10Oliver Foster MU10 GBR tba
11Megan Templeton WU10 Everton SAGBR tba
13Abbie Roscoe WU11 HoylakeGBR tba
17Freddy Ball MU9 Mersey TriGBR tba
18May Leeson WU10 GBR tba
26Jack Wakefield MU10 Hoylake Amateur Swimming ClubGBR tba
28Max Granton MU11 GBR tba
29Joshua Goodwin MU10 GBR tba
31Emma Grantham WU11 Wirral ACGBR tba

11-13 years old on/before 31/12/2019 (17)
2Isabelle Taylor WU11 Hoylake AscGBR tba
3Megumi Hoshiko WU12 Wirral ACGBR tba
4Simon Henderson MU11 GBR tba
8Ben Cronshaw MU12 Wirral ACGBR tba
12Noah Leeson MU12 GBR tba
14Josie Ryan WU13 Hoylake scGBR tba
15Aaron Ryan MU11 GBR tba
19Emma Clark WU11 Hoylake Amateur Swimming ClubGBR tba
20Charlotte Clark WU13 Hoylake Amateur Swimming ClubGBR tba
22Liam Smart MU12 GBR tba
23Joseph Walker MU13 GBR tba
24Felicity Walker WU12 GBR tba
25Prarthana Vinoth WU13 HASCGBR tba
27Evie Eyers WU13 Hoylake (HASC)GBR tba
30Ben Grantham MU13 Wirral ACGBR tba
32Lucy Ashcroft WU13 GBR tba
33Oliver Yorke MU12 GBR tba

14-16 years old on/before 31/12/2019 (2)
16Jacob Ryan MU15 GBR tba
21Sean Smart MU15 GBR tba

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