Ras Pedol Peris Horseshoe Start List

Saturday 28 September 2019 - Sunday 29 September 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=84, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. The Full Peris Early Start race starts at 10:30, at the same time as the Half Peris. The main Full Peris race starts at 11:00. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Full Peris (40)
1John Allan MSEN Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
2Charles Allington MSEN GBR
3Richard Anthony M40 Aberystwyth ACGBR
5Tobias Barthelmes MU23 Keswick ACGBR
6Joanna Boyd WSEN GBR
7Jez Brown M45 Buckley RunnersGBR
8Tim Budd MSEN Glossopdale HarriersGBR
9Mike Clayton MSEN Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
10Martin Cliffe M45 South Cheshire HarriersGBR
13Paul Cotton M55 Todmorden HarriersGBR
14Jonny Croston M40 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
15Mark Davies M40 NWRRCGBR
16Peter Eccleston MSEN Coventry Godiva HarriersGBR
17Guto Edwards M50 Eryri HarriersGBR
19Simon Fisher M45 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
21Joel Gomes MSEN Wrexham A A CGBR
22Paul Haigh M40 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
23Neal Hockley M40 Eryri HarriersGBR
24Pez Holda M40 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
27Hughes Lenny M60 Maldwyn HarriersGBR
29Adam McDonnell M45 Denbigh Harriers RCGBR
31Mark Midgley M50 Bowland Fell RunnersGBR
33David Norris M55 Eryri Orienteers (ERYRI)GBR
34Sam Orton M45 Eryri HarriersGBR
35Chris Palmer MSEN Run Free Fell RunnersGBR
36Jim Paxman M60 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
37Arthur Raffle MU23 Altrincham & District ACGBR
38Warren Renkel MSEN Run Free Fell RunnersGBR
39Sue Richmond W40 Pennine Fell RunnersGBR
41Andrea Rowlands W45 Eryri HarriersGBR
42Rory Shaw MSEN GBR
43John Simpson M50 Prestatyn Running ClubGBR
45Nicky Spinks W50 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
46Dan Taylor M40 Todmorden HarriersGBR
47Hannah Toberman WSEN GBR
49Mark Wharton M50 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
50Gwion Williams M45 Eryri HarriersGBR
51Owain Hunt Williams MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
53Kate Worthington W40 Eryri HarriersGBR
54Douglas Zinis MSEN Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR

Half Peris (30)
201Lewis Ashton M50 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
202Tim Brooks M45 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
203Arthur Connell MSEN EryriGBR
204Catherine Connell WSEN EryriGBR
205Andy Creber M60 Mynydd DuGBR
206Elina Eady W40 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
207Ben Fletcher M40 Helsby RCGBR
208Neil Gooding M45 Pensby RunnersGBR
209Robin Gray M50 Todmorden HarriersGBR
210Carwyn Henson MSEN GBR
211Sean Hughes MU23 Eryri HarriersGBR
212Levente Incze MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
213Frederick Maier MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
214Dan Marsden MSEN Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
215Rebecca Massey W45 GBR
216Eileen McDonach W45 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
217Ursula Moore WSEN Pensby RunnersGBR
218Lucy Odonnell WSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
219Tim Raffle M55 Altrincham & District ACGBR
220Rob Rawlinson M45 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
221James Rigby MU23 Bangor University Athletics ClubGBR
222Gavin Roberts MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR
223Phillip Roberts M40 GBR
224Toby Sydes M50 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
225Dave Tait M70 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
226Neil Vicars-Harris M50 GOG TriathlonGBR
227Greg Wasinski M40 Meirionnydd RCGBR
228Phil Wells M45 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
229Charlotte Wetton WSEN Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
230Andy Wright M40 Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR

Full Peris (early start) (14)
4Nick Ashbee MSEN GBR
11Stephani Coe WSEN Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
12James Cooke MSEN Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBR
18Vincent Edwards M45 GBR
20Peat Fitzpatrick M55 Todmorden HarriersGBR
25Megan Hughes W40 Eryri HarriersGBR
26Sarah Jones-morris W45 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
28Edward Lesniak M60 Achille Ratti Climbing ClubGBR
30Richard Mead M45 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
32Adam Mitchell M40 GBR
40Michael Robinson M60 Notts ACGBR
44Frederick Smith MSEN Clwydian Range RunnersGBR
48Dominic Watts M50 Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
52Tim Woodier MSEN Mynydd DuGBR

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