Newborough 5K / 2K 2019 Start List

Sunday 10 November 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=135, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
5K Female 15-39 (31)
5Laura Robinson Pennine CanicrossGBR tba
7Melissa Lamb Peterborough Paws CanicrossGBR tba
16Hannah Casbon Eye Community RunnersGBR tba
24Ceri Stewart Canicross Anglesey GBR tba
26Kate Nicholas GBR tba
27Cathrine Svendsen Canicross SomersetGBR tba
35Justine Naz GBR tba
36Saika Naz GBR tba
44Jasmine Sharp Canicross AngleseyGBR tba (h)
49Ashleigh Bailey Wye Valley DogsportsGBR tba
54Lynsey Coan Canicross ClwydGBR tba
63Kerry Hughson Cheshire Canicross GBR tba
68Laura Jones Canicross AngleseyGBR tba (h)
78Rachel Williams Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
79Emily Thomas K9 Trail TimeGBR tba
88Natasha Susnik GBR tba
90Louise Owen Canicross AngleseyGBR tba (h)
96Toria Seaton K9 Trail Time GBR tba
99Sabina Dunking Canicross angleseyGBR tba
101Abbi Storer Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
104Sarah-Jane Garside GBR tba
107Laura Fennell Defence Sport and RecreationGBR tba
114Lucy Matthews GBR tba
115Emily Best South Wales CanicrossGBR tba
122Lowri Gwynne Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
124Emily Hampton Canicross AngleseyGBR tba (h)
126Jenny Williamson Canicross Ynys MonGBR tba (h)
132Sam Hambleton-Wood GBR tba
133Katie Owen Anglesey CanixGBR tba (h)
134Hazel Shackleton GBR tba
137Sara Sawicz Cybi StridersGBR tba

5K Female 40-49 (20)
6Claire Rank Brighton & Hove ACGBR tba
11Irma MacLachlan GBR tba
21Helen Bisdee Canicross TrailrunnersGBR tba
41Lisa Chapman Tewkesbury happy dog runnersGBR tba
45Emily Sullivan Canicross Clwyd GBR tba
46Elaine Sherwin Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
50Michelle Williams GBR tba
64Suzy Harrison Canicross ClwydGBR tba
66Liz Dennett Canicross CLwydGBR tba
77Naomi Shaylor GBR tba
80Tamsin Walford Staffordshire cannicrossGBR tba
85Amy Baron-Hall Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
91Catrin Macey Canicross Anglesey GBR tba (h)
93Llinos Davies West Glamorgan Canicross Gorllewin MorgannwgGBR tba
102Cara Blockley Cheshire CanicrossGBR tba
110Dawn Crook-Richards GBR tba
113Lorraine Minors GBR tba
117Angharad Rhisiart Cybi StridersGBR tba
127Hilary Robinson Canisports Fife GBR tba
135Sarah Popplewell Beaumaris Town Road RunnersGBR tba

5K Female 50+ (20)
1Christine Yearsley Anglesey Canicross GBR tba (h)
8Kim Gilbert West Lothian CanicrossGBR tba
14Becky Jeffery GBR tba
15Helen Casbon Eye Community RunnersGBR tba
17Jacky Roberts Canicross AngleseyGBR tba (h)
18Rachel Storey Newport & District RCGBR tba
20Fiona Vaughan Cobra Running & Triathlon ClubGBR tba
30Susan Round Staffordshire Canicross GBR tba
39Tina Smith Forest MonstersGBR tba
40Teresa Roberts Tewkesbury ACGBR tba
42Islay McEwan Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
52Lynne Young GBR tba
53Pamela Gray GBR tba
62Alison Barrett GBR tba
73Judi Jennings Canicross Trailrunners CheshireGBR tba
81Ingrid Meredith GBR tba
84Lynne Smith GBR tba
89Nikki Cullis-Wilding Cheshire CanicrossGBR tba
92Andrea Corbet Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
131Dawn Priestley Staffordshire canicross GBR tba

5K Female 2 Dog (15)
2Michelle Rigby GBR tba (h)
3Sharon Edwards GBR tba
9Kirsty Taggart Canicross ClwydGBR tba
29Katie Hayward Staffordshire CanicrossGBR tba
43Angela Jones Canicross ClwydGBR tba
56Helen Dempsey Canicross Midlands GBR tba
58Vicki Blackshaw Peterborough PawsGBR tba
83Rowenna Darlington Canicross ClwydGBR tba
86Melanie Prangnell Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
94Lucy Brook Let Me Jog Your DogGBR tba
95Amy Whiteside Let Me Jog Your DogGBR tba
97Claire Spencer K9 Trail TimeGBR tba
121Heather Jenner K9 Trail TimeGBR tba
123Rebecca Grant GBR tba
125Andrea Reynolds Canicross clywdGBR tba

5K Male 15-39 (4)
4Mike Sowerbutts Pennine CanicrossGBR tba
19Ben Marston Staffordshire CanicrossGBR tba
67Ross Hemmings GBR tba
129Murdo Robinson Canisports Fife GBR tba

5K Male 40-49 (6)
10Dougie MacLachlan GBR tba
32Vince Hay Staffordshire Canicross GBR tba
48Andrew Paterson Wye Valley Dog SportsGBR tba
55Andrew Williams GBR tba
71John Kennedy Canicross Anglesey GBR tba
109Huw Owen GBR tba

5K Male 50+ (10)
22Trevor Bisdee Canicross TrailrunnersGBR tba
25Steve Barnett North of Tyne Canicross GBR tba
31Paul Walker Canicross ClwyddGBR tba
37Steve Lewis Canicross SomersetGBR tba
38Pete Smith Forest MonstersGBR tba
61Alan Yearsley Anglesey Canicross GBR tba (h)
74Mike Jennings GBR tba
75Ian Snailham Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
128Steve Robinson Canisports Fife GBR tba
136Owen Humphreys Beaumaris Town Road RunnersGBR tba

5K Male 2 Dog (7)
12Paul Kalinauckas Shropshire CanicrossGBR tba
13Maurice Reid Newport and District RCGBR tba
57Neal Dempsey Canicross Midlands GBR tba
60Michael Ellis Canicross ClwydGBR tba
103Eadon Rob Anglesey CanicrossGBR tba (h)
111Dave Crook GBR tba
116Jonathan Toft GBR tba

2K Junior 10-14 (5)
47Jonathan Ingram Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
82Eva Darlington Canicross ClwydGBR tba
98Elsie Instone K9 Trail TimeGBR tba
112Gethin Crook GBR tba
130Archie Robinson Canisports Fife GBR tba

2K Cubs 6 to 10 yrs (10)
51Alex Young MerseytriGBR tba
59Will Warwick Peterborough PawsGBR tba
65Olivia Harrison Canicross ClwydGBR tba
69Osian Jones Canicross AngleseyGBR tba (h)
100Gruff Redvers Jones GBR tba
105Ollie Warland GBR tba
108Mika Stubbs GBR tba
118Anian Osmont Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
119Eben Osmont Canicross Anglesey GBR tba
120Cadi Owen GBR tba

2K Mini Cubs under 6 yrs (5)
23Henry Bisdee Canicross TrailrunnersGBR tba
33Amber Hay Staffordshire Canicross GBR tba
34Joshua Marston Staffordshire CanicrossGBR tba
70Calan Jones Canicross AngleseyGBR tba (h)
106Will Warland GBR tba

2K Have a Go (2)
76Jim Brace Staffordshire canicross GBR tba
87Ali Le Carpentier N/AGBR tba

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