(D) Adams Avery & BOK Junior Relays - Blaise Castle Start List

Saturday 29 June 2019 Competitor Statistics (Total=69, Online=100%) Bristol Orienteering Klub looks forward to your joining us. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Team Name Start Time
Adams Avery (27)
12043497Neil Connelly M75 BOKGBR Con Boy 3tba
HireGuy Connelly M40 BOFGBR tba
HireRichard Connelly M40 BOFGBR tba
224823Michelle Barrows W45 BOKGBR Molly’s teamtba
24822David Pilling M50 BOKGBR tba
2079947Molly Pilling W16 BOKGBR tba
9HireMargaret Warlow W35 BOKGBR BOK Lost catstba
760821Sara Currie W35 BOKGBR tba
8210876Tommi Grover M40 BOKGBR tba
101221047Pat MacLeod M70 NGOCGBR NGUNItba
40227Robert Teed M80 NGOCGBR tba
261207Alan Richards M70 NGOCGBR tba
118668910Ian Phillips M60 NGOCGBR Never Go Off Coursetba
8657540Doug Wilson M50 NGOCGBR tba
39912Tom Mills M70 NGOCGBR tba
12347599Kim Liggett W55 NGOCGBR Nifty Girls on the Runtba
2089679Rose Taylor W14 NGOCGBR tba
202102Judith Taylor W50 NGOCGBR tba
138670602Vanessa Lawson W45 NGOCGBR Wye Oh Wye?tba
2058328Jeremy Cowen M45 NGOCENG tba
2058329Nick Thompson M50 INDENG tba
22Paul Craddy M35 INDGBR BOK Troikatba
812753Amy Curtis W45 BOKGBR tba
8645239David Faulkner M55 BOKGBR tba
239200024Jeremy Tonge M45 BOKGBR TeamTongetba
9102795Louise Tonge W50 BOKGBR tba
8669932Oliver Tonge M16 BOKGBR tba

ASO Primary Schools (27)
3HireMegan Wareing W10 BOKGBR Crocodile RHOCtba
HireFreya Beynon W10 BOKGBR tba
HireSophie Jarrett W10 BOKGBR tba
4HireLouisa Halsey W12 BOKGBR RHOCstarstba
HireLeni Hagen W12 BOKGBR tba
HireOlivia Andrews W12 BOKGBR tba
5HireHonor Lien W12 BOKGBR RHOC'n'Rolltba
HireTara Chauhan W12 BOKGBR tba
HireIsabel Nyaruwa W12 BOKGBR tba
6HireMatilda McDougall W10 BOKGBR Hard RHOC Cafetba
HireIsabelle Davies W12 BOKGBR tba
HireEllie Mosey W10 BOKGBR tba
17HireJames Ardus M10 BOKGBR KPSO Refresherstba
HireAlex Lowe M10 BOKGBR tba
HireCharlotte Marke W10 BOKGBR tba
18HireFreddie Marke M10 BOKGBR KPSO Milk Shakestba
HireTom Narbett M10 BOKGBR tba
HireBen Lowe M10 BOKGBR tba
19HireSam Milborrow M10 BOKGBR KPSO Allsortstba
HireThomas Mills M10 BOKGBR tba
HireElspeth Marke W10 BOKGBR tba
20HireJames Marke M10 BOKGBR KPSO Gemstba
HireEli Drayton M10 BOKGBR tba
HireFreya Hyslop W10 BOKGBR tba
21HireIsabelle Tonge W10 BOKGBR Dolly Mixturestba
HireAn Other M10 BOKGBR tba
HireAn Other W10 BOKGBR tba

ASO Intermediate Schools (15)
78667384Amy Lee-Jones W14 BOKGBR We will RHOC you!tba
HireMatilda Knox Cartwright W12 BOKGBR tba
HireEmily Elms W14 BOKGBR tba
8HireEmma Johnson W14 BOKGBR School of RHOCtba
HireAnnie Leese W12 BOKGBR tba
HireIsabelle Halsey W14 BOKGBR tba
148038707Reuben Lawson M14 NGOCCYM Wye Not Run?tba
HireEleri Cowen W14 NGOCCYM tba
HireEwan Thompson M14 INDCYM tba
158037174Seth Lawson M12 NGOCCYM Tut Tut Tuttba
HireHarry Randall M12 INDGBR tba
HireWilliam Tett M12 INDGBR tba
162089654Sebastian Crow M16 BOKGBR Kingswood Fizzerstba
HireGeorge Horsewell M12 BOKGBR tba
HireCharlie Whishaw M12 BOKGBR tba

ASO Open Schools (0)

Ad Hoc (0)

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